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Kasam 4 May 2016 Written Episode

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DDLJ track Colors drama Kasam
Kasam 4 May 2016 Written Episode

Bani advises Bee ji Tanvi herself needs to do this engagement, she hustles everybody to the venue and goes to make up Ranvi. Rishi asks why she is doing this when she guaranteed him not to get drew in to Pavan. Tanvi thinks in answer she is doing this for her folks.

Neha goes mumbling to Swati that this fever was a result of Ahna. Ahna swings to eye Rishi. She turns out to the young men and inquiries them about onion, she tells Rishi she discovered this on Tanvi’s bed. She cautions them to get many such onions to them. Rishi tells Ahna he is her brother by marriage to be, Ahna wasn’t prepared to make him one. Rishi challenges Ahna to wed Tanvi and turn into her Jeeja. Ahna makes them flee in her resentment.

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Pavan and family respects Tanvi’s family. They get some information about Tanvi, Raaj clarifies Tanvi was not well. Rano guarantee them not to stress, they will bring her after she has taken some rest. They all notification Pavan to be concerned. Rishi, Manpreet and UV comes in, abrupt at Rishi. Shamsher arrives, Rishi heads towards him tersely. Shamsher asks what is going on. Rishi lets him know he is going to murder Pavan. Shamsher denies him, and gloats himself to be truly hot. Swati and Neha enter the venue, Shamsher fell in her arms. Swati tells Neha Shamsher’s bones would have broken had she held him somewhat tight. They spot Rishi in the capacity. Pavan’s mom requests that Rano call Tanvi once, they detect her arrive. Bani sends Ahna to get Aarti thaal. Rishi gazes at Tannu, supposing he can’t let her getting connected with to Pavan, he cherishes her. Pavan comes towards Tanvi before Rishi could reach. He touches her brow in concern, and inquires as to whether she is fine. Tannu asks why she detested Pavan’s touch, she generally likes Rishi’s. Rishi had cleared out. Pavan holds her hand to take her towards his folks.
Pandit ji comes in, Rishi gets an idea. Pandit was worried as Rishi and Manpreet encircles him like goons in a corner. Rishi asks how many times he married. He swears for once. They ask how much he charge for getting a wedding done. Pandit says he might only get 30,000 from Bani for a wedding. Rishi and Manpreet promise to give him 1 lac, if he breaks this engagement. He heads towards Bani, Ahna gets them there and warns Pandit about sending him to jail. Pandit explains her about their warning. Rishi assures Ahna Pavan isnt the right guy, Ahna asks if he is, who always stare at girls. Rishi says yes she is right, but the way he saw her sister was different. Tanvi is his life, he feels if they have lifelong relation with each other but she never understands. Ahna assures the day she trusts him, she will be on his side but till then she won’t let him play with her sister’s life.
Manpreet spots a girl and heads behind her.
Rano tries to spy Rishi and Tannu. Rishi notices Rano standing beside the wall, she poses as if counting the arrangement and wonders what she upto is? Rano says it’s about his father’s respect, explaining it’s only a matter of decoration. He eyes her suspected. Rano wonders what Rishi had been doing with Ahna. She heads behind Rishi.
Shamsher meets Tanvi and asks if he was her first love, but maybe he wasn’t in her fate. Pavan eyes Shamsher smiling. His mother brings a friend to introduce to Tannu. Shamsher tells Pavan Swati hit him at the doorway today and forbids him come Swati near to him. Pavan laughs keeping a hand at Tannu’s shoulder, he holds her hand to introduce her to his school friend. Raaj comes there to take Tannu aside and asks how she feels. He tells Tannu he has no daughter, he wants to do her Kaniadaan as he feels they have some past relation. Tannu recalls her father’s words about Raaj, then Bani’s. Raaj asks Tannu if she is happy with this proposal, he can see pain in her eyes. Rishi comes there taking his permission to talk to Tannu. Raaj says Tanvi is his. Rishi takes Tannu’s hand dragging her inside.
In the room, Rishi asks Tannu if she doesn’t understand or she doesn’t want to. How she let him hold her hand, if she let him hold her hand again then… Tannu says today is her engagement with him. Tannu accuses Rishi to be responsible for all this, he chose her sister over her; though she awaited him. Rishi insists she is only his. Tannu says they have nothing between them, today she will be connected to Pavan like Rishi is connected to Tannu(Neha) already. She leaves………….

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