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Kasam 29 June 2016 Written Episode

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Time for some love games Colors Kasam
Kasam 29 June 2016 Written Episode

Raaj expresses gratitude toward Sukhval and Savitri to acknowledge his choice about pre-ponement of wedding. He needs the capacity to be a paramount one. Guljeet lets them know around a group of artist who will demonstrate their show with the assistance of blades. Honey bee ji comes there mumbling against Rano. Diler touches base in the capacity, glancing around for Rishi. Honey bee ji watches Rishi lost in his considerations and asks about what happened. He leaves, she watch him stressed. Rishi takes a beverage from a server, Diler had recently come to behind him, yet couldn’t discover Rishi. A few companions welcome Pavan. Neha brings Mumta while he remembers her.

Pavan hits Diler and reproves him to look painstakingly, then perceives Diler. He advises Saloni that Diler is her falsehood

blade artist. They were glad that today nobody will come to know who killed Rishi.

The woman in the sanctuary of Kaali Maa gazes toward the sky. She imparts to a woman that something incorrectly is going to occur, she requires a Havan. She needs to call Kaali Maa today to spare her kid. Else his blood would shed simply like the shading in the sky.

Manpreet perceives Diler as blade artist and sends him towards Guljeet.

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Savitri comes to Bani getting some information about Tannu. She was anxious to take Tanvi along her. Bani guarantees her that exclusive the henna they have conveyed will be utilized to compose Pavan’s name on her hand. Tannu takes a gander at her hand, and consider henna occurrence with Rishi. Ahna tells Tannu she watched Rishi crying in his room, he cried as though heart broken. She has dependably seen his underhanded, yet she felt truly awful for him watching him cry. She asks if Tanvi said something to him, he pays consideration on her little words. Generally nothing influences him. Tannu advises Ahna she advised Rishi not to come behind her, why she should battle her destiny when he isn’t in it. Ahna guarantees to be with her generally, if Rishi is in her heart even today then she should not wed Pavan. Neha comes up to call Tannu as her in laws have been holding up. Tannu tells Ahna it’s late and goes ground floor….
Raaj discuss with Sukhval and Guljeet its better not to be women, else they would also have to spend a lot to get ready only.
Rishi watches Tannu come downstairs.
Savitri insists on putting the right henna onto Tanvi’s hand.
Tannu comes downstairs, noticing Rishi’s piercing stare over her. Pavan also notice this. Diler comes behind Rishi thinking if he comes away from people for single minute, he will lose his life.
Neha demands henna designer to write full name of Rishi, while Tannu asks for first letter only. Rishi thinks how she would erase his name from her heart.
They all come to see Tannu’s henna. Savitri was sure her henna would be fast in color as Pavan dearly loves her. Ahna was upset that Tannu doesn’t like being called Pavan’s fiancé, how she will marry him. Tannu comes to temple, as she light agar stick her henna is ruined, and P is turned to R instead…….

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