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Kasam 23 June 2016 Written Episode

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Rishi and Tanu enjoy romantic dance Colors Kasam
Kasam 23 June 2016 Written Episode

Saloni was stunned to catch wind of Champu, the shooter. Pavan advances the photograph saying Rishi is gone, this time full and last. Saloni snatches the telephone and says she can’t give him a chance. When somebody murders he will get got somehow, what she will do then. Pavan yells what he should do then, Rishi has been searching for evidences against him. Saloni requests that he abandon it to her, Rishi will bite the dust however it must appear to be a mischance.

In the room, Rishi curses himself for being dependable of getting got. He considers calling Tannu to apologize. Rishi gets the call, Savitri requests that her go to it while they were getting down the auto. She gets at long last, Savitri goes inside the shop. Rishi apologizes Tannu and says he is glad she regard him and society both. Tannu advises Rishi she can’t address him, she came to adornments shop with Pavan’s mom and gives him location of the shop. She hangs up. Rishi thinks on the off chance that she can’t talk he can, and heads towards the shop.

Pavan conveys Saloni blindfolded to the corridor, it had been finished with cake and roses wishing her commemoration. Saloni was vexed imagine a scenario in which they get got, consider the possibility that Tannu and Rishi see them together. She guarantees she need to praise this commemoration however not frightfully, she requests to go outside. Pavan says this is the last time, from one year from now Tanvi and his tyke to be will commend it together.

Mamta, Neha’s companion touch base outside the house. Swati cheers watching her and sends her inside. She then frenzies without a moment’s delay that she neglected to advise Mumta not to call her Neha but rather Tannu. She goes inside. Mamta welcomes Rishi who was in a rush and leave. Swati had come to there advising her he is Neha’s significant other to be. Honey bee ji comes getting some information about Tannu, her sister. Mamta redresses its Neha not Tannu. Honey bee ji was confounded.

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Savitri gets some information about picking a jewelry. She keeps a jewelry in her neck and looks in the mirror to stun herself. Rishi was obvious behind her drawing nearer toward her. Tannu denies her methodology them, the sales representative takes them to another counter for some present day outlines. Rishi conceals himself, then giggles watching Tannu alarm. She precludes him come ever closer towards Savitri….
Bee ji confirms Swati if her sister’s name is Tannu or Neha. Swati explains this Mamta sometimes call Tannu as Neha. Bee ji goes inside asking for ginger tea. Swati tells Mamta there is a ritual in their family about changing names after wedding, she must remember calling Neha as Tannu else all the curses in her birth charts would come to her friend’s. Mamta was fearful.
Rishi comes behind Tannu, Savitri was selecting necklaces. Tannu excuses herself and comes to Rishi, complaining why he is being insane. Rishi says he wants to speak to her for so long. Rishi was afraid and turns to leave. Rishi pins her at the wall, he shares with Tannu that Pandit ji told Raaj that he is about to die if he doesn’t get married to Tannu. Now he and Tannu would get married the day she will marry Pavan. Rishi was tensed. Rishi calms her down, he says he doesn’t want to hide anything from her. She confirms from Rishi, Rishi says Pandit ji said there is a curse in his birth chart. Tannu remembers asking her Bauji about it, Veeru told her till she is with Rishi nothing will happen to her. Her birth chart would cover him, she will always save him as a shield. It seems she has been made to save Rishi. Tannu demands how she would do it, they are so far away. Veeru told her that it will only come in effect when he turns 23, till then she will be married. If she stays around him, nothing will harm him. He had advised her to stay with him, and not leave his side ever. Tannu had promised Veer about it. Rishi notices Tannu was lost and tensed, she remembers about their childhood, how she saved him from falling in water. Rishi demands how she know about this curse, he never mentioned it to her.
Bani comes looking for earrings for Neha. Neha was afraid what if Rishi really die, how would she do the makeup. Bani tells Neha that times have changed, even if Rishi dies all what belongs him will come to her. Bani says alright she must go to get ready, now Rishi must go to get ready for dinner. Mamta comes to greet Neha, Bani asks them to let Neha get ready. Mamta was sure Rishi won’t return, but Bani was sure he would.
Rishi demands Tannu how she came to know. Tannu asks Rishi not to get away from him, she also promises to stay around him……..

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