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Kasam 22 June 2016 Written Episode

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Kasam upcoming twists Rishi Tanu dream sequence romance
Kasam 22 June 2016 Written Episode

Outside the house, Pandit demands Bani that Rishi’s birthchart doesn’t coordinate with Tannu. She isn’t the right young lady. In the event that Rishi’s live joins with Tanvi just he would be sheltered. Furthermore, that Pavan isn’t the right person for both young ladies, his introduction to the world diagram demonstrates two relational unions that with selling out. Additionally he is going to murder somebody soon. Bani dissuades the Pandit of destroying his appreciation. Guljeet turns out, Bani requests that he bring some insatiable Pandit this time.

Raaj was concerned and tells Rano Rishi is in an awesome issue, now they should wed him to the young lady who is in her destiny before her 23rd birthday. Rishi comes there. Raaj inquires as to whether he loved the dress he went to attempt yesterday. Rishi says he loved one, however why he is inquiring. He denies indicating it to Raaj else he would discover a few issues with it. Bani comes there. Raaj tells Rishi that the condemnation in his introduction to the world graph is demonstrating its belongings, they have now chosen to wed him with Tannu the day Tanvi will wed Pavan. Rishi denies wedding Tannu. Raaj asks why? Rishi stammers, on the grounds that… in light of the fact that the arrangements of wedding aren’t finished. It must be a Punjabi wedding. Raaj guarantees he will make every one of the game plans for his wedding. Rishi contends, Raaj guarantees nothing will be cleared out. Rano sees Rishi wo be disturbed as he leave the room. Rano supposes he had taboo her divide him and Tanvi, however now Raaj himself is the greatest adversary.

Tanvi watch a road seller offering red strips while she was going with Pavan’s mom. She grins looking outside. Savitri inquires as to whether she was grinning viewing the road youngsters play. Savitri guarantees Tanvi soon she will likewise have a tyke, it will be the best satisfaction for her in life.

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Rishi tells Raaj he won’t wed Tannu. Raaj guarantees Rishi to commend his wedding completely. They have sent solicitations and present to every one of his companions from anyplace around the globe. After all it’s about the appreciation of Bedi Family. He asks why Rishi is so befuddled about this proposition, on the off chance that he ever considered what Tannu must feel. Rishi says Tannu. Neha pivots while going into the room. Swati additionally race to the entryway. Raaj asks how Tannu can be an issue. Rishi stammers… Rano requests that what he has tell Raaj, be clear. Rishi asks how he can wed Tannu, they don’t have any acquaintance with each other. Four days aren’t sufficient to wed somebody, he can’t wed so soon. Raaj demands he needs to wed, they live under one rooftop. They can know each other even after marriage. Raaj requests that Rishi change his condemnation from his introduction to the world diagram else. Bani comes to portray her story to Rishi, she didn’t know Guljeet before marriage however she saw his photograph and called him a tan individual. Rishi goes to make them understand Guljeet is only a manikin in hands of Bani. Raaj admonishes Rishi about getting out of hand. Bani apologizes Rishi for being disturbed nowadays, however she will now address Guljeet painstakingly. Bani and Guljeet demands in Rishi to take Neha out for lunch to know her well, Raaj demonstrates his skepticism towards Rishi in matter of young ladies. There Rishi was concerned where he got, in the event that he invests energy with Tannu he will never have the capacity to stop Tanvi’s wedding….
Pavan was in his room, smiling at his Amritsar flight receipt of Rishi. He says he hasn’t torn it yet, but he will tear Rishi away from his life. He says he has to marry Tanvi at any cost, Rishi won’t let this happen; he is well aware how to get rid of that Rishi. He dials a number of a goon, he demands how has to be killed this time. Pavan tells him to shoot Rishi out of his world and his life, he must do it as soon as possible. The goon assures his work is done, just send him a photo. Pavan forwards the photo saying Rishi Singh Bedi, your time is over.
Bani joins her daughter in their dance. She was excited for Neha’s lunch. Swati asks if there is really a curse in Rishi’s birth chart, Bani tells them she doesn’t care of this. Neha gets Sandy’s call, she offers Swati to fill the vacancy. Swati tells them Manpreet was winking at her.
Pavan was looking for their engagement album to find Rishi’s photo. Saloni comes in and says she has one and forwards it to Pavan. She asks Pavan why he needed it. Pavan reminds her of Champu, Saloni was worried if that shooter? Pavan focuses Rishi’s photo……

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