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Kasam 19 April 2016 Written Episode

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Colors Kasam A unique love saga
Kasam 19 April 2016 Written Episode

Hi folks this s me jenny with the tenth scene of my ff pyaar ki intehaan … .folks thank u sooooo much for ur support and also ur remarks … ..as these remarks give me quality to compose and folks I am composing this ff for u… continue remarking


Yuvani enormous battle where suhani requests that yuvi go from her home


Yuvi and tanu and their guardians go out suhani races to the porch to see yuvi for one final time rishi is remaining down seeing the auto leave tanu opens the window and takes a gander at rishi tears tumble from her eyes

Rajesh:yes yuvi I will book the tickets throughout today itself as me and vir have business in US we will go there

Yuvi:papa I would prefer not to stay here notwithstanding for one moment

Rajesh: I comprehend beta… however for one final time I am asking would it be a good idea for us to go???

Yuvi:haan father I realize that u would prefer not to go going out neither vir chacha however suhanis words hurted me a great deal daddy… today

Rajesh:teek hai beta

Yuvi leaves from that point…

Pankaj comes to rajesh

Pankaj:bhaisab bachone aise vaise kehdiya toh is it essential to go

Rajesh:I know pankaj suhani just told like that when she got to be furious and she truly wish that we shouldnot leave yet her words truly hurted yuvis heart …

Pankaj:mein suhani ki taraf se maafi maangtha hoon… … I am truly sad

Rajesh:nahi pankaj tum negligible bhai ho never … ..whtever suhani told is correct yuvi is childish and suhani is correct… ..she wont not be right she is not just ur little girl she is additionally my girl pankaj

Pankaj: then why u r leaving bhaisaab

Rajesh:from adolescence suhani and yuvi used to battle … pankaj they require some time when they live in two better places and when grow up there character will change as well as they will turn out to be great friends..like how suhani and rishi are and yuvi and tanu are… .

Pankaj:maybe u r right bhaisaab key additionally said this same thing… when they pick up development they will feel by battling with each other they did a major oversight

Rajesh:that is wht I am removing yuvi from here give them time pankaj them two did botches however first before doing anyother botch they need to figure out how to appologise… … iskelia waqt lagega..
Pankaj:bhaisaab why r u taking tanu let her stay here
Rajesh:pankaj u know it is really difficult for yuvi to stay there without tanu uski bachpan ki dosth he..he will surely have the pain when he have to leave everyone this house only tannu can solve this pain if tannu is also not there dono bacho ko bohot bura lagega not only that she also need some time…

Pankaj:u r right….
Pankaj and rajesh leave after a hug…….
Suhani is sitting in her room……she is crying so badly in her room….rishi comes to her
Rishi:u r really happy right suhani ab vo jaara hain to khushi toh hona hai haina…..then why r u crying ……kisliye
Suhani:rish I don’t want to talk to u know pls leave me alone….
Rishi:u have to talk to me suhani tere ek baat ke vaja se tumne iss ghar ke bhatvara kardi and u r happy…
Suhani:rishi….u really think I wish chacha and chachi should go do u think I really yuvi should go from here never rishi I wish he always stay here with me I also don’t want tanu to go……in anger I just told like that …….i didn’t know that they will really get ready to go I am sorry I am sorry(crying)
Rishi hugs suhani ……….
Rishi:its ok suhani tum rona bandh karo pls

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Yuvi comes and opens the door he sees rishi hugging suhani he slowly closes the door
Yuvi(to himself):where I was going to meet suhani rishi is there with her right then why would she needs me she will really wish that I should go from here so that they can live happily ever after
He leaves from there teary eyed he goes to his room he pushes his chair down on frustration…tanu hears the sound and comes and she sees yuvi crying
Tanu:kya hua yuvi wht happened????tu ro kyun rahahain
Yuvi:I cant leave this house and go I cant leave this sheher and go ….bohot yaadein jud chucki hain yahan par …but we have to go

Tanu:khud pe apne frustruation kyun nikal rahe ho tum??chodke jana nahi chahthi hona usse??
Tanu:u know about whom I am talking suhani…I know that she is der in ur heart tu usse dost manthi hain yuvi..

Yuvi:haan par vo mujhe kabhi dost nahi manega for her everything is just rishi…and let it be…go and get ready our flight is at 3:00 we have to go by an hour
Tanu leaves yuvi packs his bag and get ready he takes his diary suddenly the diary falls down…from that a photo fall down it was the photo of 4 of them sitting together …he sees the photo and tears fall on the photo from his eyes he takes the photo and keeps it in his bag and wipe his tears off……in tannus room she also gets ready rishi comes to tannus room…
Rishi:tanu will u do me a favour give this to yuvi and tell him that suhani gave and ask him to open it

Tanu takes it from him
Tanu:ya I will give him
Rishi:and this for u …u gave me a winners dhaga which will always let me win..and this a ring which has kaali mothers power in it. It will always protect you from evil..and whenever u think about me just look at this u will feel I am there with u …tanu hugs him rishi hug her back tightly …sharada calls her to come..she leaves ..rishi goes to suhanis room he sees suhani holding the Y locket chain with her
Rishi:u didn’t throw it off right??

Suhani:no I cant throw this away…rishi u know wht was inside the box which I asked u to give to tannu to give to yuvi the S locket chain…dadi ne hum dono ko ye locket chains diya tha she asked me to keep Y locket chai and asked yuvi to keep S locket chain but we both didn’t do the exchange….do u know why she told like that if the Y locket chain remains with me and S locket chain remains with yuvi we will always remain near and also friends …I exchanged this locket chains so that after 10 yrs when he come he will be near to me and will be my friend and will be happy with me……(crying)

Rishi:suhani tu na no one can ever understand u……
Yuvi and his parents and tanu and her parents gets ready to leave they go outside every other members of the family come to see off them except suhani and rishi…yuvi was going on looking on the entrance for suhani and tanu for rishi ….rishi comes there tanu feels sad seeing rishi…tanu yuvi rajesh and pratima enter one car in the other car virendar and sharada sit….
Tanu:yuvi this suhani gave me to give to u..

The car moves slowly yuvi opens the box he sees S locket chain with a letter he opened the letter and see happy birthday yuvi written on it he looks at his watch it was 12:00 1st December ….
In the house suhani runs to the terrace to see yuvi for one last time
After seeing the letter yuvi opens the winow and looks back he sees suhani standing on the terrace..she sees him and smiles with tears…yuvi rubs his tears off and smiles at suhani and signs her bye at the same time tanu opens her window and looks at rishi tears fall down from both rishi and tanus eyes they both signs bye…slowly there view was being lost ..yuvi and tanu closes there eyes remembering the times they spend with suhani and rishi the match the masti …..there suhani sits on the terrace and rishi comes to the terrace he sits near suhani ..suhani keeps her head on rishis shoulder they also reminces there time with yuvi and tanu…….the episode freezes on yuvi tanu as well as suhani and rishis faces………..

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