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Kasam 14 April 2016 Written Episode

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Kasam Colors Live Tv Upcoming Serial Story and Review Plot Line
Kasam 14 April 2016 Written Episode

Rishi says she is the reason of his life. He adores her beyond all doubt, only the way she does. Tannu inquires as to whether it’s the way he adores all the area young ladies. He approaches on the off chance that she supposes this for him, he needs to make her envious and has madly been after her. Tannu says she is for the one she will wed. Rishi stoops down and requests that acknowledge him please. Tannu says it is late at this point. Rishi inquires as to whether he hadn’t got drawn in to her sister. Tannu cries. He says he knows she likewise adores him, say once on the off chance that she cherishes him or not. Swati comes to get Tannu out.

Raaj and Rano come to welcome Pandit ji. Guljeet says he has accompanied proposition for Tanvi. Honey bee ji says they have best recommendations in America, Raaj will fine one for Tanvi. She requests that Pandit ji take off. Manpreet inquires as to why she is stating this all. Honey bee ji says Tanvi will just wed Rishi. Pandit ji offers some remote proposition. Bani requests that Pandit ji demonstrate to them a decent proposition of some place close. Rano requests that Bani have found a comparative proposition for Tannu also. Raaj eats the Paratha and says this is like Sharda’s taste. Bani says Tannu made them and Tanvi is serving. Neha shies, Tannu serves tea. Raaj whispers to Rano that this young lady is like Sharda. Raaj requests that Tannu pick the proposition and in the event that she detests it she should let him know. Raaj and family set out toward breakfast.

Bani requests that Tanvi pick a person. Rishi comes there. Tannu says she will wed anybody Bani choses. Bani takes Rishi’s proposals. He apologizes saying he can’t do it. Neha says he simply need to choose. Swati gives him the photos. He clears out.

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In the kitchen, Tannu was disturbed considering Rishi’s words. Bani’s statement reverberation in her psyche, about satisfying her dad’s last wish. She says once her dad more likely than not advised her that he had lost trust, he more likely than not asked what she feels and considers. This fantasy, obligation over Bani and… . She cries… then says she will satisfy this desire on the off chance that it was his last wish. She will wed whoever Bani conveys to him.
Rishi tells Manpreet that Bani and Tanvi are together. Manpreet says they are greedy people, they only love his money. Rishi asks to burn all the photos. Manpreet skims the photos and selects one. He says this is Shamsher Singh, Rishi looks at the photo and asks who will marry him? Manpreet says exactly, who will. Both laugh.
Raaj asks Rishi if he really likes this guy. Rano asks what happened to his choice, here he likes this guy and there… Raaj asks Guljeet to choose a sensible man. Manpreet and Rishi side Shamsher Singh. Guljeet and Swati reject. Rishi says Bee ji always say if a girl is beautiful and boy isnt, they life a happy life. Rishi watches Tannu passing by and asks Bani to show Tannu the photo. Bani calls Tannu, then sends her to get the clothes from roof. Bani finalizes Shamsher Singh. Pandit ji says he will bring him in the evening. Bani and Guljeet head to prepare for guests. UC asks Manpreet what it is about, Manpreet says it is his and his brother’s thing. Rishi thinks Tannu will say yes to him, after meeting that Shamsher Singh. Neha say he wanted to make Tannu jealous, and how he is curt himself. Rishi leaves asking her to think about herself.
Rishi comes to Tannu on roof. He insists on Tannu to say yes, he will fight the whole world. Tannu says no, no no. Rishi asks her to meet Shamsher Singh, he is a cartoon. Tannu says he would be better than him. Rishi smiles it will be fun.
Ahna comes to Tannu and asks if she has seen him. Tannu says it isn’t needed. Rishi and Manpreet mocks Shamsher singh. Ahna mocks Shamsheer ask well. Tannu wasn’t interested. Ahna says she won’t accept him, her image would be spoilt. She can’t fell off her level. Tannu asks if she thinks she cares the guy is handsome? For her it doesn’t matter, for her only wish of father matters. Ahna says this is Bani’s trick, she will first break this chashmish’s glasses then Bani’s face.
Swati come to the room and calls the boys to meet Shamsher. The boys still laugh. Ahna says people will make fun of them, how much faces she will break. Tannu thinks she can’t break the last wish of her parents, no matter how the guy is……

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