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Kasam 12 May 2016 Written Episode

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Kasam 9 April 2016 Written Episode
Kasam 12 May 2016 Written Episode

Bani and family talk about in the space to keep something in move down. Bani requests that Neha stay in touch with Sandy, atleast he can drive her in costly autos.

Saloni addressed somebody on telephone that she can just trust Pavan. There is a ring on entryway, she goes anticipating Pavan. Saloni perceives Tannu and Rishi, and slaps the entryway close. She was concerned inside, Rishi requests that her open the entryway. Tannu asks for her, however Rishi says she won’t concur along these lines. Rish makes alarm saying Pavan had a mishap and necessities her.

Ahna calls Manpreet from behind, he was stunned she called him by name. Ahna expresses gratitude toward him that he spared Tannu’s life. Manpreet requests that her demonstrate it, would she call him and his sibling Lafantar. She turns away and says no. Manpreet teases her, she calls him names and leaves calling him Lafantar. Manpreet snickers that she looks typical now, she can never trap him as he enjoys hot young ladies as it were.

Saloni opens the entryway without a moment’s delay, Rishi requests that her get in the auto on the double. She goes inside to get her scarf, Rishi tells Tannu there is something incorrectly as Saloni had closed the entryway watching them. He cheers when Saloni comes to run with them.

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Rano comes to Raaj in the room, she speaks to him sweetly suggesting about something. She tells Raaj she doubts Rishi, there is secret in whatever he says. She tells Raaj that Rishi loves Tanvi. Raaj is shocked. Rano catches Raaj at once that she was shocked the same way. Raaj says Rishi may have an eye on thousands of girls, but the only girl in his heart is his friends’ daughter. Rano was annoyed that she already know about it, Raaj tells Rano he is already tensed about Tanvi’s future. Ahna comes in the room, she calls Raaj as Bauji then apologizes. Raaj assure she likes that. Ahna says only her Bauji could have done what he has done for them. Raaj assures he will take care of her and her sister from now on. Ahna recalls her father promised Raaj would take care of them if he isn’t around. He had promised to live in his daughter’s hearts always. Ahna cries. Raaj calls her crazy and wipes her tears, he hugs Ahna. Bani overhears this, she was curt that today Raaj kept a hand of father on Tannu and Ahna’s head. Today she is unaware what will happen the next moment, Pavan is going to make her lose.
Pavan was thoughtful in the room. Neha comes to him and complains why he hid about Saloni from her mother, she could have taken care about it. Pavan asks her to keep away from this matter. Neha shares if Pavan is proven wrong, her relation with Rishi is also in trouble. Pavan says this means his doubts were right, Rishi loves Tannu. Swati comes to inform Rishi and Tannu have come with Saloni.
Shamsher thinks they will all be lost when Pavan plays his sixer. Bani whispers to Guljeet that nothing can be done now. Everyone gather in the hall. Saloni asks Rishi about Pavan. Pavan comes in the hall, Saloni runs to him concerned, and asks what happened to him, they made up he had an accident and he wanted to meet her. She demands what is happening. Pavan was speechless. He says nothing happened to him. Rishi tells Saloni he is fine, but a lot happened because of him. Rishi asks Saloni what is her relation to Pavan. He explains Pavan got engaged to Tanvi and they are soon getting married. Saloni looks towards Pavan quizzically, she questions Pavan why he broke her trust. Pavan explains he was going to tell her. Rishi interferes, and demands Saloni the truth. Raaj advices Saloni not to lie, and be afraid of anyone. Rishi urges her to tell the truth, else it will spoil a life and only she would be responsible. Saloni looks at Pavan, Rishi demands why she met Pavan hidden and if caught she used to run away. Those who runs are called betrayers. Saloni agrees to tell the truth, what relation they have with her and what they have done to her………..

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