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Kasam 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Kasam latest news Rishi kidnap Tanu wedding day and more twists
Kasam 1 July 2016 Written Episode

Manpreet comes to apologize Rishi for declaring his name simply because of Bee ji’s extorting. Rishi expresses gratitude toward him for getting him a couple of minutes satisfaction. They go to the corridor to watch blade move. Pavan abruptly watch Rishi and miracles If Rishi is still alive, why couldn’t Diler murder him. Tannu comes to stand other than Ahna, Rishi searches for Diler, then spots him on the other side. Rishi tells Manpreet that artist was truly bizarre, his arrogance was worth increasing in value. He indicates towards Diler show him to Manpreet. Tannu notification Diler’s ungainly gaze at Rishi, she supposes him to be harmful for Rishi. Rishi and Tannu offer a glance at each other, Tannu leaves the lobby as Rishi moves towards her.

Neha hits Tannu in the way, Neha asks why is she so anxious. Tannu says she is truly stressed observing

a blade artist, it appears he is a liar. She apprehensions there is some inconvenience over Rishi’s life.

UV reports about point taking execution and cautions every one of them to be watchful. He comes to Rishi and Manpreet agonized over group. Honey bee ji comes to call him a quitter. Rano takes Raaj aside, she asks Raaj on the off chance that he addressed Rishi? Interestingly today, both were leaving from each other. Raaj says he advised Tanvi to avoid Rishi. Rano feels triumphant this is the thing that she needed him to get it. Raaj takes a leave.

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Neha was concerned that there is certainly a birth outline thing, this Tanvi dependably come to know at whatever point something awful is going to happen to Rishi. Indeed, even on that mishap day, Tanvi felt something incorrectly. She was concerned what she ought to do, Raaj digs out from a deficit. Neha enlightens Raaj she feels truly stressed concerning Rishi, as though something incorrectly is going to transpire.

The round of blade was at last reported, the entertainers were going to toss the blade while blindfolded. Diler is called first in front of an audience, Pavan trusts this blade kills Rishi this time. Tannu watches the action precisely, Diler can see the point from under the blindfold, and he takes a gander at Rishi. Tannu watch him toss the blade at Rishi’s mid-section, and runs towards him. The blade gets in the face of her good faith. Pavan watch Diler fleeing then rushes towards Tannu. Rishi watch Diler running and tails him outside, Raaj stops Manpreet and UV. Rishi gets Diler outside, beating him seriously with his kicks and punches. He gets some information about who sent him…..
Everyone was in the room where Tannu lay on the bed, the doctor provides with first aid. Neha prayed if something really happens to Tanvi she would be a heroine of Bee ji. She thinks that before anyone come to get the birth charts reviewed, she must take the credits. Rano comes there, Neha tells Rano she asked Tanvi to stay around Rishi as she felt something bad about Rishi. Rano was worried why that dancer wanted to kill Rishi.
Saloni whispers to Pavan if Tanvi suspects them, why hasn’t Rishi come back, what if he caught Diler. She sends Pavan behind him. Raaj prays for his daughter, nothing should happen to his daughter today.
Rishi beats Diler, Diler confesses he is a professional killer and was paid to kill him. He came to meet him in the morning, Rishi holds him up again and beats him even harder. Pavan watch this from behind a car, Rishi asks Diler who sent him here. Diler points behind him, Pavan was shocked. Rishi looks behind but there was no one. Diler picks a knife and attacks Rishi, successful in fleeing. Diler successfully run away. Rishi loves towards the back of the cars, Pavan hide himself. Rishi looks around carefully, but was stopped by an artificial plant. Pavan gets a chance to run away. Rishi thinks it seemed there was someone here, but who………

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