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Kaala Teeka 4 July 2016 Written Episode

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Sindoor Daan drama Zee TV Kaala Teeka
Kaala Teeka 4 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Yug takes a gander at Kali, the melody ‘sanam re’ plays in foundation. Yug holds her hand, Kali feels timid. Yug says you look so wonderful. Kali says much obliged. Leela and Chulbul get back home. Chulbul says maa ji you don’t look well. Give me a chance to bring you tea. Yug approaches Kali. Leela is coming upstairs. Kali holds Yug’s hand. Leela is coming towards their room. Leela opens a room. Kali and Yug are not there. Bijli says they are not here either. Give me a chance to see in other room. Leela sees Yug’s keys. She says you have turned into your better half’s slave Yug. I brought you up, gave you cherish all my life and abruptly spouse came and you overlooked me.

Yug says on the off chance that you like these dresses you can wear them I have no issue. You convey them nimbly. Kali says I wore them for you,

else I like basic garments. Yug says so you will stay hot for me? Kali grins. Kali says a spouse’s sprucing up is for husband. Yug says what, say it once more. Kali says why? He says I cherished listening to that. Leela is coming towards their room. Yug is going to kiss Kali. Leela says why are there lights on in gallery.

She sees Yug there taking selfies. Leela says would he say he is distraught why is he taking pictures? Kali is covered up. She says say thanks to God I saw auto and covered up before she came. Dadi would have been frantic in the event that she had seen Yug with me.

Leela comes to Yug. Yug says you terrified me. Leela says why you came here before? Yug says goodness my browned Kalu’s better half had conveyance. Kalu didn’t have cash so I returned home. Leela says you returned home why? Yug says on the grounds that cash is home. I sent Kali with the cash since its ladies’ matter. Leela says great. What is this improvement? yug says this embellishment is of wedding time. I saw this and thought lets take pictures. Leela all of a sudden stops. she says come down the stairs with me. Kali says thank you Ram ji.

Scene 2

Next morning, Gauri says what is this room. It is loaded with water. Chief says on the off chance that you have so much issue, get room elsewhere. Gauri says I paid here. I will live here. Gauri says this is all due to Kali. I detest you Kali.

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Gauri is strolling in the boulevards. She sniffles. Gauri sees an auto coming towards her. She says this is dadi’s auto. Its her sanctuary time. this is the right risk. Gauri comes before her auto and imagines like she has been hit. Leela leaves auto and is stunned. Gauri says dadi ji you.. She says to individuals she is my relative. She showed me out of house. A lady says she is so underhanded. A man says amma ji she is so sick. Take her home. Gauri says I will do whatever you need, you resemble a mother to me. On the off chance that you say that I ought to stroll ablaze, I will.

Kali gives yug lunch. He says will you give lunch just or something else as well? Leela comes in with Gauri. kali says what happened gauri.. How you got this wound? Leela says she was meandering on streets.. she got hit by my auto. Kali says goodness God. Come change first. At that point I will dress your injury. Yug says stop. She has no room in this house. She can’t stay here for a minute. Leela says your indignation is legitimized yet where will she go in this condition. Yug says concede her to healing center i will pay however she won’t live in this house. Kali says Yug she is my sister, I can’t abandon her like this. Yug says to Gauri, get out. Kali says Gauri stop you won’t go anyplace. Yug says I won’t go out on a limb of keeping her in this house. Yug says to Kali on the off chance that you need her to stay here then alright. Be that as it may, I won’t impart a space to her. Gauri says abandon it Kali. Yug is correct. This is discipline for my wrongdoings. I didn’t wanna come here, Dadi constrained me to come. I ought to go. Kali says Gauri..

Yug says she won’t live here. Gauri goes out. She says in heart you can’t stop me. Nothing can stop Gauri Jha. I have thought of him as mine and nothing can prevent me from coming here.

Yug says I am getting late for office. Kali says hold up a moment. Your lunch box, he leaves without it. Kali says in heart I trust Gauri stays safe….
Scene 3
Sharmila asks Vishwa how is Gauri now? Vishwa says she must be fine. Sharmila says you don’t know? Vishwa says what happened? Sharmila says Kali called Pishima. Gauri went to my house, she was sick and injured. Yug asked her to get out. Vishwa says why didn’t manjiri tell me till now. Sharmila says I thought she would have told you. Manjiri says I wanted to tell you something. Vishwa says my daughter was insulted there and you are telling me this now? Vishwa says you are telling me now and this happened in morning. Why would you feel anything you are not her mother. Manjiri says I talked to Kali. Kali said she would tell me when she gets to know about gauri. Vishwa says I don’t need your and Kali’s help. I will find her.
Sharmila says in heart I played on time.

Yug says I don’t wanna talk about Gauri. Kali says I know she did wrong. Yug says what she did was unforgivable. Kali says she is paying for her sins. We should give her a chance. She is regretting over her sins. She needs us. At least you should have let us go with her to hospital. Yug says because of you I arranged everything in hospital for her. Try to understand its not good for us to get close to her. Kali says she is my sister. Yug says I know her, she doesn’t consider you her sister.
Leela says in heart if she comes in this house it would be great……….

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