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Kaala Teeka 27 June 2016 Written Episode

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Kaala Teeka 27 June 2016 Written Episode

Yug says to Leela we will do pooja later. I need to take Kali to specialist. Kali says yet I am alright. Yug says no I can’t go for broke. Yug takes Kali out. Kali says however I needn’t bother with a specialist. He says sh and takes her towards the auto. Kali says I don’t require docotor. He says you wont require either. Look there. Kali shuts her eyes and looks towards the window. Yug blindfolds her. Kali says what’s going on with you. Yug says you ask such a large number of inquiries. Gives up. Leela sees them and says he said they need to go to specialist. it looks something else. Spouse just came and he began misleading me.

Yug brings Kali some place. Kali says where have brought me. Yug says there are garments in this container. Wear them without

seeing. I am holding up outside.

Leela says she has taken my grandson.

Chulbul says maaji I have requested that all poors come. Yug went,

Kali played this amusement. Leela says go and look where Raghu is. I can deal with what I need to. Kali says however what am I wearing? He opens her blindfold. Kali is in school skirt and shirt. Yug says you generally needed to wear this unifrom right? you contemplated and Gauri was constantly first right? Kali is in tears. She says thank you Yug. He makes her wear school tie and says this was absent.

Leela opens a trunk Gauri leaves it. Leela gets terrified. Leela says go from here. Gauri says why would it be a good idea for me to? I took to such an extent. Leela says what you need? Gauri says your backing.

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Leela says yug is so distraught as of now. I can’t go for broke. Gauri says I will tell everybody that you arranged all that. Leela says nobody will believe you. Gauri says I have proofs. Leela says raghub and chulbuli are coming. Go from here. Gauri says first says that you will bolster me. Leela says affirm now go please. Gauri says guarantee me. Leela says guarantee….
Yug makes Kali wear shoes Kali says no husband can’t touch foot. He says but I am your papa now. Right? kali laughs. He gives her a school ID card. Kali is in tears. Yug says you have to make your own identity now. Kali says thank you so much yug. She hugs him. He says you are getting emotional. Main surprise is left.
Chulbul says maa ji what you look fainted? Leela says my sugar is low. Raghu says let me bring fruits. Leela says to chulbul bring me water. Leela takes out gauri and says go now. Gauri says see you soon. Keep picking phone or I will surprise better than this. Gauri leaves. Leela says what will she do now.

Kali enjoys in the uniform like a child. Yug watches her and smiles. He plays with her like school kids. The song ‘jiya jaye naa’ plays in background.
Gauri tries to kill a spider. Gauri sees that Vishwa and Manjiri are coming in. She says why are they here? They are here to convince me. Gauri pretends and says God please pardon me for my mistakes and keep Kali happy. Vishwa says wee are so happy to see you like this. Manjiri says lets go home. You have paid enough for you sins. Gauri says this is not possible. Vishwa says why? Kali has pardoned you too. Gauri says you all love me but how can I forgive my own self? I don’t need all that. I will punish myself. Vishwa says that is this. Gauri says please don’t call me princess. I have lost that. I will live in asylum like a sadhwi. Manjiri says what are you saying. Gauri says I have made so many mistakes now I know nothing can make me weak.

Yug brings Kali in the hall. Kali says no one is here. yug says I want you all to meet the most genius student of this school, Kali. give her a big hand. He claps for her. Yug says you all must be thinking how can she be part of school when you never saw her? She was always here and topped every class, You couldn’t see. She did all that for someone else. All her prizes were taken by someone else. She kept working hard and studying. She doesn’t have a degree. She is a good human which not a lot of people are. Yug says Kali is my prayer and love. She is my life…….

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