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Kaala Teeka 25 June 2016 Written Episode

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Kaali’s truth come fore Zee TV's Kaala Teeka
Kaala Teeka 25 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Kali says see bady dad nobody could do this for me. I know Gauri since adolescence. Yug says I am thankful to God for sparing Kali. I can’t trust Gauri spared her. Kali says yet.. Yug says this day is exceptional for us and I need to make it huge. Gauri says outside I know you will require some investment. I can liquefy everybody I will make your day as well. The amusement has quite recently begun. Gauri jha will make your hers.

Yug conveys Kali to their room. Its all adorned. Kali says you did this for me? He says yes. Yug says did you like it? Kali says I like everything identified with you. Yug says I need to make this night so exceptional that it makes us overlook everything. Kali gets bashful and strolls somewhat far from him. Yug says what was the deal? Kali says the entryway is open. Yug close the entryway. Yug approaches her. The melody ‘boldo naa’ plays in foundation. Yug holds her. Yug approaches somebody thumps, Kali opens the entryway. Its chulbuli. She says I brought milk you will require it today evening time. Yug says definitely alright. Chulbul says all the best. She takes off.

Yug says Kali sit please. Kali sits in the bed. Yug demonstrates her photos and says this is our educational time. Kali says why you look so dismal? He says I didn’t care for going to class. I was so adored in the house. Presently I know critical training is. Kali says I cherished concentrate constantly used to be.. to begin with. She stops. Kali says I mean Gauri used to be first. kali says I never worn uniform dependably wore a dark dress. Yug says you are little girl in law of this house and nobody can take this personality from you.

Leela says what an oversight I did when I went into jha house. His little girls have made my life hellfire. She gets a call.

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Gauri calls Leela and says in the event that you dont wanna talk would it be a good idea for me to get back home? Leela says don’t undermine me. gauri says don’t yell at me. I will get back home. Leela disengages. Gauri says she is demonstrating me disposition? I am gauri jha. i will advise her what would I be able to do.

Gauri says to supervisor why would that be no water in washroom. He says cleaning is doing. gauri says I can’t live in this dustbin like room….
Next morning, Yug sprinkles patels on Kali’s face. He says good morning. Kali says when you woke up. I don’t know when I slept last night. He says I just woke up. Kali’s chunri is stuck is his button. Yug takes it out.
Kali comes after shower.
Yug fills Kali’s hairline. The song ‘tujh mein rab dikhta’ plays in background. Yug kisses her forehead. He says I will fill your hairline every morning, but you will have to give something too. Kali says yes what.. Yug comes close to her. Yug comes close to kiss her.
Leela says haven’t you gotten up Kali.. Kali says leave me. dadi is coming. Leela comes in. She says why are you both so silent. Kali says there was something in her eyes, I was cleaning it. Leela says come downstairs, its your first meal. You know everything but we have to do rituals. Chulbul says maa ji how could you forget before meal you have to take her to temple. She says I have brought arti as well. Leela says in heart where did this chulbuli came from. I was taking her to do work of servants. I can’t say anything in front of yug. I have to tell this Kali to stay in her limits.
Kali does the arti and pooja. She touches leela’s feet. Leela steps back. Kali is dazed.
Leela says I am forced to accept you. He loves you and I love him that is why you are here in this house. Kali says what have I done? Why you hate me so much. Why can’t you accept me? Leela says you have shattered my ego. You became daughter in law on this house and stained us. It will take ages to remove this. Kali says what are you saying. Leela says this is truth. We always have daughter in laws from upper class. She takes arti from Kali and leaves. kali says i know that humans are not small and big because of classes, it is because of deeds. You’re an elder. I will win your heart…….

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