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Kaala Teeka 24 June 2016 Written Episode

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Vishwaveer force Kaali Aaryan wedding Zee TVs Kaala Teeka
Kaala Teeka 24 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Manjiri appeals to God for Kali.

Kali and Yug get back home. Yug takes her out of Doli. Chulbul does their arti. Chulbul says why not look glad maa ji.

Chulbul says go into the house. Yug lifts her up. Kali says what’s going on with you. He says this is my privilege. Leela says come to sanctuary and touch your temple there. Kali is not feeling great. Leela says yug request that Kali come to sanctuary too. Kali is all of a sudden blacking out. She tries to keep control on herself. Kali blacks out.. yug says Kali.. What transpired. Everybody is concerned. Leela says call the specialist. Yug says Kali open your eyes. I won’t let anything transpire. Specialist comes in and checks her. Yug sayswhat happened? Specialist says I am sad.. I am sad she is no more in this world. Everybody is bewildered. yug says this can’t happen. Specialist says she is dead. Yug says she was doing pooja this is impractical. Raghu says Yug quiet down.

Yug sits by her and says Kali get up we sat tight for this minute, You can’t abandon me like this. If it’s not too much trouble get up. Leela says in heart what has gauri done. I didn’t know she will do this. Chulbul says let me call Manjiri.

Manjiri gets the news. she drops the telephone and shouts. Everybody shouts. Manjiri begins crying.. Vishwa says what happened. Neel says who was it. Manjiri continues crying.

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Vishwa comes and embraces Yug. He says please control yug. Yug can’t quit crying. Manjiri strokes Kali’s appearances. Sharmila says to Yug has Gauri done this?

Yug reviews that lady at the wedding. He says yes Gauri has done this. I won’t abandon her alive. Sharmila says Yug stop yet he doesn’t. Leela says stop her go….
Scene 2
Yug comes to Gauri. He slaps her hard. He says I know you did all that. Because of you Kali is no more in this world. You murdered my wife. Gauri is dazed. She says but.. Yug drags her out.
Yug brings Gauri home and says she has killed Gauri. Gauri says I have not done anything. Kali please open your eyes.
Yug says don’t touch her. Gauri says papa at least you trust me. Gauri says in heart thank God everything happened on right time.
Gauri says if you people don’t trust me I will place burning kapoor on my hands. Till Kali’s breaths are back. Yug says stop this drama. Gauri says I have a heart too. I will do this for Kali’s life. Gauri places burning kapoor on her hands. Gauri says I applied chemical on my hands, that is why they are not burning. But what happened ko kali? Why is she not getting up? The medicine had to affect for an hour only. Suddenly Kali starts coughing. Yug picks her up. Leela says this has all happened because of Gauri.
Gauri says Kali will always be my sister. Vishwa says thank you gauri. Are your hands okay. Manjiri says thank you Gauri. Kali says what happened to me? I can’t recall anything. Chulbul tells her everything. Chulbul says there is so much power in your prayer Gauri. Gauri says no it was kali’s. Ram ji sent me as a medium to save Kali. Leela says gauri proved her innocence. Gauri says Kali’s life is saved what is more important than that. I should go now. Stay happy you all.Kali says thank you Gauri. Vishwa says stop. He says this means my up bringing wasn’t wrong. The mistakes you did for you anger but you are soft inside. Your morals are strong. I am proud of you. gauri says I don’t deserve your pardon. My punishment is left. Gauri leaves…….

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