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Kaala Teeka 23 June 2016 Written Episode

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Vishwaveer force Kaali Aaryan wedding Zee TVs Kaala Teeka
Kaala Teeka 23 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Manjiri says to gauri what are you looking in the room? Gauri says my wrist is dying. Manjiri says goodness God. Stay here I will bring prescription. Manjiri goes to take med.

gauri looks in room. Kali is conversing with Yug. She says why are you not prepared? What’s going on with you? He says sitting tight for you to be mine, wake and rest to see your face. Kali says you adore me to such an extent? He says yes that I can’t control. Kali says meaning? He says to kiss? Kali says no everybody will be there. Sharmila comes there.. Gauri covers up. She says sharmila demolished everything. At any rate despite everything I have time. Sharmila says gives up Kali.

Manjiri accompanies med however sees that lady is not there.

Leela says everything is destroyed. We are going to bring the young lady I loathed. Chulbul says maa ji gives up baraat is prepared yug is fretful.

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Vishwa says to Manjiri your adoration made kali such a decent young lady and my affection made gauri narrow minded. She can’t see anything other than herself. She says no adoration and appreciation for anybody. Not by any means me.

Manjiri says I think baraat has arrived….
Yug arrives with the baraat. Kali comes downstairs. Yug stands up. Sharmila says calm down my brother. She is your bride she will come to you anyway. The girls bring Kali downstairs.
Gauri dances with other women. Yug holds Kali’s hand. He comes close to kiss her. Kali smiles.
Yug says consider no one is here, no music no people. Just you and me. I love you Kali. He kisses her cheek and says I promised you. Kali smiles. Gauri stands next to Kali. She takes out and injection. Leela sees her. She is about to inject it into Kali. Someone collides with her and the injection breaks.
Gauri says on call, I need another injection it broke. Leela comes to gauri and says you could be seen. gauri says I can open my mouth. Leela says dont threaten me. Gauri says I will manage alone I don’t need you. I have orderd other injection. Go enjoy. Leela says okay.

The wedding is done. Kali does the bidai rituals. Kali says to Vishwa if I ask you something would you give it? He says of course, Kali says forgive Gauri. Kali says please. Vishwa says you could ask anything for yourself. Kali says she is ours too. Kali hugs Vishwa. Sharmila says Kali I will miss you. Kali says I will miss you too. Sharmila says my brother won’t let you. Kali meets everyone. Manjiri makes her sit in the doli, Manjiri says as a mother I request you yug take care of my kali. Be forgiving to her. Yug says I promise. Leela says pick this up. Yug texts her you are my kali nothing can part us now…….

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