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Kaala Teeka 22 June 2016 Written Episode

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Aaryan tries molest Kaali Kaala Teeka
Kaala Teeka 22 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Manjiri says to Yug this is Kali’s thing that was expected. She offers Sindur to him. yug remoces the Kala teeka from her hairline and fills the sindur. He makes Kali wear mangalsutra. Kali grins in tears. They touch food of seniors. Yug says to vishwa you ought to be glad for Kali. Vishwa says I am pleased with her generally. I am exceptionally upbeat that Kali has a spouse like you. He will dependably keep you upbeat. Yug says you need to bring Kali with you. Everybody is stupified. Vishwa says why? Yug says on the off chance that you don’t take her how I will I come to lift her up? I guaranteed her. Vishwa says I will invest some energy with her.

In the house, Vishwa says to Gauri you have stooped so low. You have harmed me so much that I can’t love. You can stay here however don’t expect anything from me. I appealed to God for all of you the time. Gauri says I am you little girl.. Vishwa says I have no connection with you. Kali says bady dad.. Vishwa says you stay entirely. Gauri says alright when you have chosen, I needn’t bother with your absolution. I don’t live on your givings. Keep your home. I will deal with myself. Gauri tries to go out. Manjiri stops her. Gauri says dont’ talk between us. This is all your issue. You considered this hireling little girl of this house. Vishwa says gauri enough. Mind your tongue. This is your mother and Kali is your sister. Gauri says what you think? No one but you can break relations? I break connection with this house and you. This is my guarantee, I will never return here….
Yug is taking care of the decorations. Leela says in heart why didn’t Gauri take my name? She gets a call. Yug comes and asks Leela is everything prepared? Leela says what? Yug says pooja and all. Chulbul says don’t worry I have taken care of everything. Chulbul says maa ji your phone is ringing. Leela says its just promotional call. Yug says let me block it. Leela says I have to make calls. Yug hugs Leela.
Leela gets a text from Gauri, she says if you don’t call back in 15 minutes I will come there.

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Gauri is in a room. She says this is such an ugly room.
The manager comes in. Gauri says who lives in a room like this. I can’t stay here. He says this is not a 5 star hotel. gauri says get out of here.
leela calls Gauri. Leela says I can;t do anything. your game is over. Gauri says my game can’t be over. It only ends when I win. I wont let Kali reach that house.
Kali is smiling. Yug calls her. He says aren’t you happy? She says yes I am. Yug says tell me you were thinking about me. Kali says yes I was. He says even the moon is smiling today. Yug says I will take you with me tomorrow. Kali says so hasty? He says of course. I will call you every hour. Kali says I will talk to you later its too late. Yug says I will call back again.

Next morning, there are celebrations in Jha house. Sharmila teases Kali. Sharmila says let me help you, I will put the phone on speaker. Yug says Kali why weren’t you picking up. Kali says I was putting mehndi. Yug says do you even know how much I was missing you. I saw your face every time I closed my eyes. Sharmila and girls are teasing her. He says you know where were you? Kali says where? He says in dreams. Kali says don’t.. yug says is someone there? Manjiri says whats happening here? Sharmila says I was helping Kali talk on call. Manjiri says no to have tea. Manjiri gives the phone to kali.
Kali says sharmila put phone on loud speaker. He says this time,no one can take your rights from you this time.
Vishwa comes in. He says setup is so good. Manjiri says neel did all this. Tell him that you liked it. Vishwa says sure I will.
Vishwa says to neel you arranged all this? Neel says yes. Vishwa says this is so good well done.
The doli comes in. Kali smiles. Vishwa says this is so good. Sharmila says yes this si so beautiful. A woman comes in with her face covered. Its gauri. Gauri looks at Kali smiling. She says I won’t let this happen. She has a pink bag.
Gauri comes upstairs, near Kali’s room. She puts hand in her pouch. Manjiri comes and asks who is it? Gauri gets scared.She breaks her bangles. Manjiri says who are you……..

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