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Kaala Teeka 2 July 2016 Written Episode

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Kaala Teeka Zee TV Yug find out Kaali his childhood love
Kaala Teeka 2 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Kali is serving breakfast, Yug tries to converse with her. Chulbul comes and says my waist, its sprained. If it’s not too much trouble apply bam. Kali says better believe it beyond any doubt.

Kali is in room. Yug comes and says Kali.. He gives her a catch. She says I will fasten it. Yug holds her hand. They look and grin at each other. Leela comes and says what was the deal? Yug says catch. leela says kali please converse with the laundry. I will line his catch. Yug says dadi I will another shirt. leela says OK.

Kali is in kitchen. Yug comes in. He says you couldn’t care less in regards to me. You are dependably with others. Kali says I am dependably with you. He says you have changed your room as well. Kali says at this moment I with you and we are separated from everyone else as well. Yug approaches her. Bijli comes in. She says let me help you Kali. Yug covers up. When she clears out,

yug turns out and says now she came. Kali giggles. He says you couldn’t care less in regards to me. Presently I won’t meet you either. He takes off. Kali says I get it. I need to invest energy with you as well. I am girl in law as well.

Chulbul says I am so cheerful. After such a large number of days I will get dressed. Leela says Yug come here. My close relative’s girl’s little girl in law’s infant shower it is. Yug says I won’t go. Leela says you need to. Everybody will go. Yug says alright. Bijli says I am here to handle house here. Leela says who will deal with me there? Leela says Kali will deal with the house. Yug and Kali are bewildered. leela says bijli doesn’t know in regards to house.

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Scene 2

Manjiri says to Vishwa why are you so stressed? Our princess has understood her error and she needs to regret. Vishwa says its simple for both of you say since you are not her mother. You generally acted along these lines with her. Kali is everything for you. Nothing else matters. Manjiri says in what manner would you be able to say that. I adore them both similarly. Vishwa says on the off chance that it was genuine you won’t be so effortlessly seeing Gauri along these lines. Gauri was cleaning the sanctuary. In any case why might you give it a second thought. You never adored Gauri. I don’t think you need her to return. Manjiri says by what method would he be able to try and feel that…..
Leela and family reach the function. Gauri is there too in an old woman’s attire. Leela sees her. She says in heart who is this old woman? Why is she staring at me?
Kali is alone at home. She takes out Yug’s shirt and recalls him asking to stitch his button. Kali comes out. Its all dark.
Leela says I have to know who that is.
Someone puts a handkerchief on her house and shoves her on a table. Kali says who are you.. She sees its Yug. Kali says why you did this. You scared me. He turns on the lights. Its all decorated. Kali says I thought you were mad at me. he says I did that mistake once before. I won’t do this again. Kali hugs him and says I am so lucky that God gave me you. Yug says I am always luckier.

Leela is scared. She looks for that old woman. She breaks the tray of glass. Chulbul says what happened maa ji. The host asks what happened dadi? She says nothing. He says Yug has left. His car is not here either. Leela says I have to go home I am not feeling well. Apologize your mother from my side.
Leela is on her way. She says I have to stop Yug from going close to Kali. He is home for sure.
Yug gives Kali gift and says this is for you. Kali opens it, its a dress. Kali says this dress is to mod. I have never worn it before. He says that is why I brought it. You will wear this for yourself not me. Kali wears the dress.
Yug comes close to Kali. A car comes and stops outside………

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