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Kaala Teeka 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Sindoor Daan drama Zee TV Kaala Teeka
Kaala Teeka 1 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Chubul sprinkles water all over. She opens her eyes. Chulbuli brings her home.

Bijli educates Kali regarding leela. Leela comes in. Bijli says I am sad, I committed an error.

Kali tells Yug.

Yug says to Leela please gives up to doctor’s facility. Lela says this is on account of Kali didn’t lit the light in sanctuary and left. Yug says I called her and requesting that her come. Too bad. Leela embraces him and says I can’t stay distraught at you. Be that as it may, I wont go to clinic.

Kali says to yug we need to get her tried. She is not well. Yug says I will converse with specialist.

Bijli says to leela I found in motion picture there was a phantom on a lady like you. We know a baba he hits.. Leela says quiets down. On the off chance that you have some other arrangement then let me know. Bijli says my uncle can help me. My cousin had an apparition of

a stallion on her. Uncle settled her. Leela says does he hit? Bijli says no. leela says then alright.

Leela and Bijli go to a dull spot. Leela says this is so alarming, gives up back. Bijli says I told uncle he has arranged everything. He will be frantic on the off chance that we do retreat now. Gives up in. Leela and Bijli come in they hear irregular clamors. A man is there.

There are crows inside. Baba says there is an apparition coming to you old lady. Bijli says mamaji kindly accomplish something. Advise her an answer. He gives her something and says on the off chance that it turns red till morning then it implies you are alright. Leela says imagine a scenario in which it doesn’t. He says then you are gone old lady.

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Leela is snoozing in her room. Kali is thinking about floor. Kali awakens and says i neglected to place water in Yug’s room. Kali comes to room. Yug is hacking. Kali switches off the AC. She covers Yug with sheet. kali says I am sad Yug I can’t deal with you legitimately nowadays.

Leela sees crows in her room. She gets terrified. Leela shouts. Everybody comes in. Leela says there were crows here. Yug says there is nothing here. Leela says they were here they assaulted me. Leela says it may have been a bad dream. Leela says I am not insane. Every one of the crows were here, they were about 100. Raghu says it more likely than not been a fantasy. Where would they be able to go?

Bijli says let me clear everything. Leela says yes its under the pad. Bijli takes out what baba gave and yells. She says gracious God. Leela reviews what baba said. Its not red. Yug says what was the deal? Kali says don’t stress let us know what is it? Bijli says baba ji gave this powder to ammaji. In the event that it has turned dark that implies.. Leela says implies there is some shadow on me. Yug says what are you saying dadi. You do pooja and implore. Presently you are listening to that doltish baba. Bijli says he is my uncle. Yug says you have done this. Absolutely never take my dadi anyplace or I will get you and that baba captured. Kali says dadi have faith in great strengths. At whatever point you are frightened call Ram ji. Raghu says Kali is correct. Kali will be here with you. Kali says please rest dadi. Leela says on the off chance that you mind so much then why you cleared out? Kali says I won’t go now. Too bad………
Next day, Leela hears crows and wakes up with shout. Kali says no one is there. Leela says I know. Kali says let me go take shower. Leela says you can take shower here. Kali says but room is there clothes are there too. Leela says every room belongs to everyone here. you will stay here in my room. Kali says okay.
Leela says to Chulbul and Bijli the more they come close the more shadow is on me. they should stay away from me. Chulbul says but whats the connection? Leela says you don’t have a mind. Don’t ask questions. So better not think. Do as I ask.
Yug sees Leela asking bijli to take Kali’s clothes in her room. yug says what are you doing dadi? She says Kali will live there. Yug says dadi she is already living there. Whats the need to taking clothes. Kali says dadi needs me. She is scared. If she feels secured with me then I will stay in her room and I will take care of her. i won’t let anything happen to you dadi……..

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