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Ishqbaaz 30 June 2016 Written Episode

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Dahleez Tamanna end 26 June Jana Na Dil Se Door Ishqbaaz replace time slot
Ishqbaaz 30 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Rudra inquiring as to why is Shivaye not making this young lady clear out. Dadi says its his shortcoming. He calls Shivaye and says Dadi is stating she knows our shortcoming, does she have xray. Om says experience. Shivaye says shortcoming and me? Dadi says yes, Shivaye’s shortcoming is to be glad for family, he doesn’t battle with that young lady, as disdain is likewise a connection, Shivaye has ill will by first checking the individual’s family foundation.

Anika meets Pinku and gets some information about the gathering, they would mislead be rich, there is no genius here. She asks Pinku how would you know them. Pinku says this is my family and my home’s puja. Anika says it implies he is your sibling. Omkara and Rudra tell about Shivaye and Anika, they had despise science. Shivaye says it won’t happen. Dadi says love has procedure to

break control, love vehicle does not see red sign. Rudra says when Dadi was challenging, we will likewise be Ishqbaaz.

Shivaye says why is Shivaye’s aarti happening, tell Omkara’s shortcoming. Om says I m autonomous, I m craftsman, I trust in truth, there is no quality than truth. Dadi says there is no shortcoming than truth, my father has gold production line, gold does not shape without blending, life needs some falsehood blended with truth. Om says I can’t lie. She says your life accomplice will include lies. Rudra says I have everything and Maa as well, whats my shortcoming. Dadi says your shortcoming is you don’t see anything, why do you pursue young ladies, what do you find in them. Rudra says in what capacity would I be able to let you know what I see. She requests that he see goodness. He says paratha eating young lady can’t come in my life. She says all of you won’t know when will love enter your life.

Pinku/Priyanka acquaints Anika with Dadi. Dadi reviews the video. Priyanka acclaims Anika and says she has much regard, she does three occupations. Dadi says your folks raised you well with great qualities. Anika gets passionate seeing Dadi cherishing Priyanka and says Priyanka is fortunate to get such adoring family….
Minister comes to meet Tej and indirectly taunts of doing favor on him. Tej gets miffed. His GF calms him. Rudra says this girl is brave and asks Om to come. He calls her brave. She says its nothing like that, you can do this too, and assumes he is saying about making rotis. He says I can’t, how did you do this. She says you will get habitual if done daily, its my profession. They recall the video and ask what, are you not scared. They see Shivaye. Anika says no. Rudra asks do you do this yourself. She says yes, then shall I keep assistance, once I get belan, I don’t see anyone, have this from my hand, you will have fun. Rudra says no thanks, and they leave.

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Pandit tells Tej about giving food, clothes and money as Dakshina before maha aarti. Tej does big charity. He throws gold coins. Everyone pick it. Minister too picks the coins. Tej throws more. He asks his GF to see carefully, who is bending infront of whom. His secretary/GF is called Tej’s wife by some guest. She clears out that she is Tej’s secretary. Jhanvi looks on. They have an argument. Lady asks Jhanvi about Tej’s car obsession. Jhanvi taunts the secretary for just being Tej’s toy, he dump her in few days. His secretary goes to him and sticks. Jhanvi gets sad.

Pandit says like I said the one who does maha aarti will be the hair, who will do it, Shivaye or Omkara. Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra come together. Om Shanti om….plays……………. Dadi smiles seeing them. Pinky and Tej worry. The media stops Priyanka and asks who will do maha aarti, tell me. She gets nervous. Anika sees this and helps her.

Pinky asks Shivaye to do maha aarti. Tej asks Omkara to go ahead, come on. Anika consoles Priyanka and says why is media dying to know who will do maha aarti. Priyanka says world wants to know the business heir of our family, even small thing gets in media, all three brothers stay together, whoever does maha aarti will become the heir, our house will break today. Anika pacifies her. Dadi comes and asks what happened. Anika says don’t worry, Priyanka is fine, media got after her.

Pandit says aarti time is passing, who will do aarti. The brothers look on. Shivaye goes ahead and his mum smiles. Tej says I told Omkara to do maha aarti alone, but he does not listen.

Shivaye forwards his hands to Omkara and Rudra. The brothers smile and hold hands. Shakti, Jhanvi and Dadi smile. Pinky hits her head. Dadi says my grandsons are united. The brothers hold the aarti diya together, and do the maha aarti united. Deva shri ganesha…….plays……………Everyone smile. Dadi wishes they always stay united. Tej’s GF informs him about Ashok/man present here.

A man comes there with kerosene container. He calls out Tej and pours kerosene on himself. The brothers continue doing aarti, as they don’t see that man. Everyone in the party get shocked seeing the man lighting himself. The man uses the lighter and gets shocked seeing the flame, instead dull spark as per his plan. He drops the lighter and catches fire. Shivaye, Om and Rudra turn and get shocked seeing the man burning……….

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