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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28 June 2016 Written Episode

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Eisha Singh quit Ishq Ka Rang Safed Sanjeeda Sheikh replace Dhaani
Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Doctor demonstrating the right medication to everybody. Viplav reprimands Parshiya and says he was going to get it, then why did you bounce to bring it. He races to get the prescription. Parshiya tells Dulaari that he acquired what was composed the remedy. Viplav conveys the pharmaceutical and requests that Doctor hustle just a bit. Specialist gives right drug/infusion to Dhaani. Later Viplav goes to Dhaani’s ward and sits at her bed side. He holds her hand and says I don’t know whether you are listening or not, but rather if anything would have transpired today, I would have kicked the bucket recently like that, once I lost you, yet… not once more. He says you are annoyed with me, would prefer not to converse with me, OK rebuff me, however don’t make me frightened… …

He says you are not letting me know what was that huge misstep which I had done, and everything is changed. He says alright, don’t converse with me and scorn me, yet don’t tell that Vidha is not my girl. All of a sudden he sees removes originating from her eyes… .and a fb is appeared. Viplav reviews Dhaani faking to rest and Viplav says he knows she is acting, and says on the off chance that she keeps on acting then he will tickle her. Dhaani grins and says I got up. Viplav says I know and giggles. Fb closes. Viplav grins and wipes his tears. He says I know you won’t get up, and in the event that you get up then you will keep running from here leaving my hand. He says I would prefer not to upset in your glad life, thought to go from here, however couldn’t go. May be Maayi is correct, your this condition is a direct result of me.

Parshiya is concerned for Dhaani. Kamini comes to him and says meds ought to be checked before purchasing. She says if anything would have happened to Dhaani today, then Viplav would have killed you and afterward he will go to Jail. He says you did this purposefully, let me know. Dulaari comes and inquires as to whether she has gone frantic? She says Parshiya is a legitimate and honest man. She says Parshiya is the person who has spared their life and gave them another life. She requests that her go. Kamini says tune in. Parshiya requests that her go and watch out for Viplav, says he has gone distraught and is wandering around Dhaani. He says Viplav will go to imprison, yet for your homicide. Kamini says you? Parshiya says you can’t think what I could do, once my psyche compounds. Kamini goes. Parshiya tells Dulaari that he had brought the drug which Doctor recommended and says if anything have happened to Dhaani, then… .Kamini takes a gander at them. Dulaari requests that him not feel awful about Kamini’s words and says we know in regards to you. She says we need to take her home once she is fine….
Kamini tells Viplav that thank god, Dhaani is fine and asks Viplav to take rest. She says Dhaani is fine, and her husband and mum are with her to take care of her. She says Atharva needs you and that’s why I was telling we shall go. Viplav ignores her. He goes and sit beside Parshiya. Parshiya says I didn’t bring wrong medicine and brought what was written. Viplav says I know you can’t do this intentionally and can’t think wrong about Dhaani. He says his mind stopped working when Doctor told about the wrong medicine. He says now I don’t have any objection with Dhaani and your relation. Kamini hears them and says shall we go back. Viplav asks her to go. Kamini goes. Parshiya looks at Viplav and thinks how can anyone love someone so much. He says Viplav lost his consciousness for Dhaani even after so many years, and I……

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Kamini sits in the car and goes. She thinks I can’t stay here for a moment, and can’t see Dhaani’s love reflecting in Viplav’s eyes. She says just love, love, love. Can’t he see my love and says it seems like Viplav’s life was in danger and wonders what to do to separate them. Dulaari is lost in thoughts and collides with someone. He says sorry and goes. A neighbor asks Dulaari about Dhaani. Dulaadi says she is fine. The man who had collided with Dulaari opens his wallet and Dulaari’s photo is shown. Dhaani opens his eyes….Viplav comes inside the ward. Khogaya song plays………………Viplav signs her to rest. Chadariya song plays………

Parshiya comes there…and looks at them. Viplav sees him and goes out of ward. He asks Nurse to inform Doctor that Dhaani has gained consciousness. Vidha insists to meet Dhaani. Dulaari says we will go. Viplav tells Vidha that Dhaani is fine as Doctor gave her strength injection and says she took your name after gaining consciousness. Vidha says really. Dulaari looks at him. Viplav says your daughter gained consciousness now. Vidha asks who is Buchiya? Dulaari asks now you will also act like lawyer and asks her to come. Viplav thinks Vidha is his baby although Dhaani refuses.

They go to ward. Dhaani says she is fine and asks Vidha, if they have food? Parshiya says how can we eat and says Dulaari has become slim being hungry. Vidha says you have also not eaten food and slept all day. She says Doctor gave strength injection to you, and says Viplav made you get it. She says you scolds everyone and says should need someone to scold you. Dhaani gets teary eyes. Viplav wipes his tears. Parshiya says you said right. Nurse comes and informs that visiting hours are over, and asks only 1 person to stay. Parshiya asks Dulaari to go with Vidha and take care of her. Dulaari asks him to go. Parshiya says I can’t handle her and asks her to go. Dulaari meets Dhaani. Vidha waves bye to Dhaani.

Parshiya asks Dulaari to call him if needed. Viplav is still standing at door. Nurse asks Parshiya and Viplav, who is staying with Dhaani tonight. Dhaani looks on. Nurse asks Parshiya to give tablets to Dhaani after food. Parshiya says okay. Viplav looks at him. Nurse comes and tells Parshiya that Dhaani is calling him inside. He goes inside. Viplav looks on and sees a couple sitting. He thinks he loved her a lot, but she hate him the most, don’t know why? He thinks she can’t tell Vidha is his daughter infront of everyone. He thinks he can’t leave them…….

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