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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27 April 2016 Written Episode

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed Spoilers Viplav tells marriage truth court Viplav Dhani unite Holi
Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27 April 2016 Written Episode

Dashrath gives all his rights to Sati Rani (Dadi Bua). Everybody in the house was stunned at the news, while the ceremonies of force exchange performed by Pandit ji. Dadi Bua addresses everybody, she had named Dashrath on this seat two decades back, yet now he needs to spend his life gently. She regards his yearnings and is grateful to all of them.

Dadi Bua goes to her room when Dhaani and Viplav come in, for something imperative. He apologizes Dadi Bua as older folks excuse their youngsters, she had guaranteed to be with him generally. Dhaani was prepared for any discipline, Dadi Bua holds a stick hindering to beat him now. Viplav and Dhaani were prepared for this discipline, Dadi Bua breaks into crying and discards the stick. Viplav heads to leave, Dadi Bua stops him, then requests that he go, he takes advantage as she is frail on a fundamental level. Dhaani guarantees they will never hurt her appreciation again. Dadu Bua embraces Viplav. Dhaani takes endowments, Dashrath and Kanak were chafed at this outside. Viplav requests that Dashrath apologize also, Dadi Bua is in a decent state of mind. He sends Dhaani to bring sweet for festivity. He examine his arrangement around a two day excursion with Dhaani, Dashrath permits. Viplav here’s to you.

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Dashrath and Kanak come inside, he tells Dadi Bua that Dhaani is a cunning girl. Dadi Bua asks the reason of this accusation. Dashrath tells her of Dhaani being a widow.
There, Viplav says he is no relaxed. She offers him sweet, he bites her hand instead and discuss about going on an outing.
Dashrath informs Dadi Bua there is no witness if Viplav even married that girl or not. Dhaani laughs while suggesting to go on roof for picnic. Viplav holds her close promising to take her where she wouldn’t imagine.
Dashrath accuses Dhaani about dancing, drunk in parties. Kanak shows the video to Dadi Bua who shouts at them to shut it all out. She calls Viplav, Kanak tells her Viplav has gone out.
Dadi Bua calls the Ashram ladies home, she complains about Dhaani wondering what kind of a brought up they have given Dhaani. Kamini tells Dadi Bua Dhaani is a girl who keeps family joint, she kept respect of Dadi ji’s words. Dadi Bua was determined not to let Dhaani spoil Viplav’s life. Kamini argues Viplav loves Dhani, but Dadi Bua goes inside.
Dhaani’s mother asks about Viplav and Dhaani, Kamini informs her they have gone out for a pinic, it was a sudden plan. Dhaani’s mother was worried why Dadi Bua is angry at Dhaani, Kamini tells them she was unaware of Dhaani being a widow. She assures them not to worry.
Kamini gets a call from some guy Prince who teases her.
She comes out in kitchen asking what Dhaani is doing, Dhaani was preparing for picnic. She asks about Viplav. Dhaani informs her they will live in camp there, so they are preparing. Kamini informs Dhaani her mother had come. Dhaani wonders why she couldn’t meet her………….

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