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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2 July 2016 Written Episode

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Love triangle Colors Ishq Ka Rang Safed
Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Atharva asking Kamini where is his Papa? Kamini says he is not here, your Papa likes to play with Vidha more than with you. She requests that he go and play. He gets pitiful and calls Viplav. He inquires as to whether you are playing with Vidha. Viplav says no, and says he turned out for some imperative work. He asks what my rockstar is doing? Atharva grins and says he is missing him. Viplav says he is likewise missing him, and requests that he have sustenance. He says I will come soon and says bye. Atharva holds the telephone down. Dhaani comes and sees Viplav gone, and asks Dulaari, where is Viplav? Dulaari says he got a call and have left while talking. Parshiya tells Dhaani that you said he won’t go. Dhaani says it is great that he exited, I don’t need any dramatization to happen infront of Vidha. She says she won’t

twist down infront of him and is not old Dhaani. Dulaari inquires as to whether you are furious with yourself or Viplav and requests that her sit tranquilly. She requests that Parshiya get the request and tells Dulaari that she will bring Vidha home as her transport may have come. Parshiya says I will drop you there. Viplav is remaining outside the house and sees Dhaani running with Parshiya on his bicycle. He gets steamed and aggravated.

Dhaani is getting back home with Vidha and asks what happened in school today. Vidha says did you know my instructor said great to me for English homework. Dhaani gets glad. Vidha requests that her take her in her lap. Dhaani says she is unwell, and will take her once she is fine. Viplav comes and takes Vidha in his lap. Vidha gets cheerful. Dhaani says I thought you have gone. Viplav says I thought you know me. Dhaani looks on. Dulaari says in some cases I feel they are comfortable place and is confounded. Dhaani requests that Vidha get down. Dulaari takes Vidha inside.

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Dhaani sees Viplav sitting in her home says still you are here, I requesting that you go. Dulaari requests that them not demonstrate their displeasure infront of Vidha as she will be influenced. Dhaani requests that Dulaari instruct him to go. Viplav requests that Dulaari advise Dhaani to answer him and he will take off. Dhaani requests that Dulaari make Vidha have nourishment and make her rest. She says in the event that he won’t go,then I will clear out. She chooses bunch and goes to sit. She feels torment. A neighbor inquires as to whether she is fine. Dhaani says yes. Vidha inquires as to whether he came to play with her. Viplav says yes. He requests that Dulaari call Dhaani inside. Dulaari says you both are resolute and requests that he converse with her. She brings Vidha with her. Viplav turns out and says climate is awful, your injury is not recuperated up ’til now and requests that her come inside. Dhaani says I would prefer not to come and requests that him not stress. Viplav says on the off chance that you begin looking after yourself then I don’t have to care you. He requests that her come inside right now and not to do any show. Dhaani goes inside and shuts the entryway all over. Viplav says I won’t go from here…..
Vidha calls Viplav standing at the window, and says you might be hungry naa….She asks him to have chocolate and gives. Viplav takes it and gives a kiss on her cheek. He thanks her. Dhaani makes Vidha sleep. Viplav is standing out and gets drenched in rain. She opens the window and looks at him emotionally. Chandariya song plays…………….She gets teary eyes. Viplav continues to stand outside in rain and sneezes. Dhaani sits to make bouquet. Dulaari comes and asks her to have food. Dhaani is about to eat, and thinks about Viplav. She looks at him through the window and gets emotional. Viplav sneezes as he is fully drenched. She takes Umbrella and goes to Viplav. She asks him to take Umbrella. Viplav says I don’t need it, but need your answer. He says you was sitting inside, but heard my sneezes. He says I understand your silence even now. I can clearly understand that you still loves me. He asks her to stop acting to be married. He says God has made us meet after 5 years. He says nothing has changed. I will make everything fine, and asks her to talk to him. Just then few men comes there and asks who are you?

Dhaani goes inside. Viplav says I didn’t come here to trouble anyone. He says I have some work with her, I will go after it is completed. One of them says that they have to put the banner of cycle race there and asks him to move. Viplav moves. They tie the banner. Someone knocks on Dhaani’s door. Dhaani opens the door and finds Parshiya standing. She asks him to come inside. Parshiya says florist is coming with order. Dhaani says okay, and tells Dulaari that she will return in sometime. Dhaani sits on his bike and they leave. Viplav is still there. Dhaani couldn’t see him. Parshiya tells Dhaani that it was raining heavily yesterday. Dhaani says mad Viplav got drenched in rain and stood there all night. She says Viplav gets cold easily, I told him many times, but he doesn’t listen. Parshiya stops the bike and says shop is here. Dhaani opens the shop and says they have to clean the shop now. While Dhaani is talking to florist. Viplav comes there. Dhaani asks him to come. Viplav says I will leave after getting answers……..

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