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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17 May 2016 Written Episode

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed latest news Kamini defames family name get Viplav
Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Viplav taking Dhaani inside the room while keeping hand on her eyes. Dhaani requests that he say what is it? Viplav says in the event that I needed to let you know, then I wouldn’t have kept hand on your eyes. He requests that her see. Dhaani takes a gander at slate, chalk pieces and books. Viplav says I thought when my better half couldn’t go to class then I should bring it at home. Dhaani gets happy and requests that he show her. Viplav says I don’t need you to stop your studies. Dhaani requests that he instruct. Viplav requests that her record something on the board which she has learnt. Dhaani says alright. Viplav says I need you to get instructed and get to be legal advisor, then we will battle case together and have some good times. Dhaani ponders Kanak’s words, and says I need to learn and need individuals not to consider ladies powerless. Dhaani composes his name in hindi. Viplav composes Dhaani in english and composes Shakti. Dhaani asks what is this? Viplav says this is your name Dhaani… implies shakti. He says no one will think ladies feeble from now onwards. Dhaani embraces him joyfully. Viplav says your fantasies will work out as expected and requests that her not pick up the pace and concentrate well. He says everybody will be pleased with you.

Dasharath supposes where did that sacks go? He kicks the worker who is kneading his feet and says your nails have penetrated into my skin. Dhaani comes and helps worker to get up. Dasharath apologizes to Dhaani and says he is vexed due to yesterday’s occurrence and is furious. Dhaani thinks Dasharath may be furious as they didn’t step against Asthana. Dasharath approaches her to allow him to sit unbothered for quite a while. Dhaani thinks to accomplish something and goes.

Kanak comes and inquires as to whether his state of mind is bad. Dasharath asks how would you know? What’s more, says it implies you have stolen the things. Kanak is stunned. Dasharath says two sacks is missing and asks where did you keep those packs. Kanak says you are stating incorrectly, why will I get the things stolen. Dadi Bua comes and asks what was the deal? Dasharath says I am irate and stressed over yesterday’s occurrence. Phool Chand comes and calls Dasharath. Dadi Bua requests that Kanak come….

Dhaani comes to the Police station and says she was silent as she thought of family’s respect, but her family is hurt. She says I thought Asthana should be punished for his doings and he is using his powers wrongly. Inspector says we need a witness. Dhaani says my family will support me and become witness.

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Dasharath asks Phool Chand what is the matter? Phool Chand tells Dadi Bua that he will build Sita temple and trust and is taking everything from Dasharath’s hands. Dasharath says it was my plan and mission. Viplav says it was Dada ji’s decision to build temple and trust for widows, and he has worked hard and get charity. He says how can you say that he can’t work any longer. Phool Chand says we have decided to take up the responsibility. Viplav says you have never thought about widows’ betterment. Dasharath says I doesn’t know why you people are snatching my responsibility. Viplav says they are greedy and wants gold. He asks him to give gold to Phool Chand and announces that he will build temple on his own. He calls Ram deen. Dasharath asks Viplav not to get involved in this. Viplav asks Ram deen to get the bags. He asks Phool Chand to take the gold and says I am giving it back as you people are doubting on us and have insulted my dada ji. Phool Chand talks ill about Dhaani’s character. Viplav gets angry and grabs his collar.

He says I don’t care who is Pandit and who is judge, I will bury you right here. Dadi Bua asks Viplav to leave him. She says if prostitutes study in school then why our family name is ruined. Viplav says just because of their thinking. Dasharath asks them to pick the suitcase and leaves. Phool Chand says there is two more bags. Viplav asks Ram deen to bring the bags. Ram deen says there is no bag there. Dasharath says I have this much stuff only. Phool Chand threatens to call Police. He informs Asthana. Asthana gets happy and says he will get him rotten in jail. Kamini comes there. Asthana points gun at her. He says wah Kamini, you have played such a game with Tripathi family, that they will fall on my feet all their life. Kamini says I have played a big game. Asthana praises her and says I wish I would have love you. Kamini asks him to stop the crap and concentrate on Dhaani. Door bell rings. Asthana says may be Dhaani have come. Inspector Aarti Shukla comes inside with constables and says Dhaani Tripathi has filed against you, and asks constable to arrest him. Asthana says she is a liar. Kamini is hidden in the room and thinks what Dhaani has done.

Dhaani comes home and says she has filed police complaint against Asthana. Dasharath is shocked. Other Inspector comes there and asks what is missing in this. Phool Chand says something. Inspector asks where did you hide it? Dasharath says someone has stolen it, why I will lie. Phool Chand smirks. Inspector says arrest him. Kanak says you can’t arrest him. Sushma says he had kept things in the almari and can never steal. Inspector arrests Dasharath and takes him. Viplav asks Sushma not to worry and promises to bring Dasharath back home. Dhaani asks Sushma not to cry. Viplav comes out and asks someone to move the car. He sits on the bike. Kamini comes and asks where you are going? Viplav says Dasharath is arrested. Kamini says I will also come with you and sits on his bike happily. Sushma tells Dadi Bua, don’t know what happened wrong? Dhaani asks her to drink water and says Viplav will bring him.

Kanak scolds Dhaani. Dadi Bua scolds Dhaani and for wearing backless blouse in the party. She says Viplav has insulted Asthana for you, and now he is taking revenge. Kanak says Asthana will not leave us, and asks Dhaani why did you do this? Dhaani says Asthana should be punished. She says Dada ji will get justice. Kanak scolds her for wearing revealing saree in the party. Sushma asks them to stop it and her condition worsens. Kanak asks Dhaani to call doctor. Dhaani couldn’t read anything and worries…………..

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