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Indian television lacks original contents Sushant Singh

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Indian television lacks original contents Sushant Singh

Best associated with his parts in movies like The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Jungle and Matrubhhomi, performer Sushant Singh has made his blemish on TV too, with shows like, Viruddh, Gulal and some more. Right now, making the most of his spell as a host in Savdhan India, Sushant likewise holds a post as Honorary Secretary of CINTAA (Cine and Television Artist Association).

As of late, we connected with into a discussion with Sushant as his wrongdoing arrangement Savdhan India is good to go to finish four years. What’s more, the on-screen character talked about Indian TV arrangement, his social obligations and some more.


Congrats Sushant, your show has completed four years now.

Thank you so much. I am overjoyed about the same.

How your experience has been in these four years?

I have enjoyed every single moment of these four years. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that the time has flown and four years have already passed. I am really thankful not only to my audience, but also to the makers as well, who have given me the liberty to work as per my choice. The love an appreciation which I have received is indeed rewarding.

According to you what makes Savdhan a cult series amongst many other crime shows?

Initially when I was asked this question, I used to give usual answers. After completing four years now, I am quite convinced that the show has been able to aware the masses and has encouraged all to fight back. At times, it might look unbelievable, but all the episodes are indeed based on real stories. In fact, I do believe that we have been able to restore the faith of he civilians on law and order by depicting how finally the cops have napped the criminals. Somehow, we have brought the law ensuring authorities and general masses together.

Sushant, there have been news about many offenders deriving the idea of committing crime, after watching show like Savdhan India. Do you think that the concept which started on a noble note of making people aware has gone wrong?

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I always believe that it is very difficult to alter a criminal mind. A criminal mind will look at Ravan’s fault and will think about the ways in which Ravaan could have secured his position in Ramayana, rather than learning moral values. And one out of hundred will turn out to be so. But, that does not imply that the concept of the show has gone wrong.

Why are you not taking up daily soaps?

Daily soaps are simply not my cup of tea. I feel that in case of soap operas, the story telling is done within first 40 episodes, then it turns into usual daily sagas with the good guy turning bad and after another 250 episodes he again turns positive. After a certain period of time, I get bored with such narratives, then I start irritating the makers to either change the narrative or to let me quit. I will turn to daily sagas again, when there will be a financial crunch. Having said that I would like to add that I really salute those actors who have the patients to continue with year long soap serials.

What are the new welcoming trends on television?

Well many are coming up with interesting shows like 24, Yudh and few more. These new set of makers are trying their hands in something new. It’s not only welcoming but also worth appreciating. Once Ram Gopal verma, Tigmanshu Dhulia, they all started making different kind of films, hopefully such trend will happen to television soon.

Do you think television is lacking original concept in current time?

Of course it is. Not many shows in India are being presented with original concepts and contents. The problem lies in the fact that television is treated as a secondary medium in our country. None of the makers wants to invest much money and effort on the writers. If writers are not given due credits, how can we expect to have a good television series. If we think about Game Of Thrones or House Of Cards, the makers invest huge amount of money for both creative team and production team.

Finally Sushant, how difficult it is for an actor to balance both his work and CINTAA responsibilities?

Ahh, it’s indeed difficult and hectic. Thankfully, I don’t have a tiring shooting schedule for Savdhan India, hence I am being able to manage both. I think I am stealing away the time from my family and spending it on CINTAA issues. But, I have a selfish motive to join CINTAA. Currently, the industry is in utter chaos. I feel sorry to say that there is no standard work condition in the industry. I feel that it is indeed my responsibility to contribute on my part to make the change happen. What if my children decide to join entertainment industry in future, they will witness such situations. Then, I will be able to justify myself that I at least made an effort to change the situation. To be very honest, CINTAA alone can’t do anything; everyone has to understand their responsibility to change the system.

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