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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 27 June 2016 Written Episode

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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar
Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 27 June 2016 Written Episode

The scene begins with anokhi talking with vrinda on telephone. she keeps the telephone. jassis child comes behidnwih a sword and says i nothing you cheat. anokhi is paralyzed and says what do u know. he tells i know everything as i am police. anokhi tickles him and tries to realize what he knows yet he tumbles down and gets hurt on the face. everybody come running and anokhi says we were playing and he got hurt. hassi cleans the harm. furthermore, gullu comes. dadu comes and asks gulu whether he has done the tent game plans. he says not yet. dadu tells why and you are moderate and untrustworthy and i require the tent for now and from where will we bring it now. anokhi says its simple and i will make the tent today itself. dadu says how? anokhi says she can do anything and she will do it today or else he can fire her from her employment. dadu goes. jassi tells gulu she cannot do and she is simply bragging yet cant do anything. everybody go dadu takes grandson to specialist. mother tells anokhi that you took a chance with your employment for this. anokhi grins and tells she can do it.

at home bhabhi is tying mothers backlace of kurta yet its tight. she tells mother its tight. vrinda says alright.

at a momos slow down tushar and kunal are eating momos. kunal tells tushar that you have contracted bug. tushar says yes yet anokhis expression was amazing and kunal says that we ought to tell dadu. tushar says yes yet before that i need to tell anokhi reality that i am tushar and you are kunal. kunal says yes.

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vrinda and bhabhi going for shopping and vrinda wears a dark kurti and bhabhi lets it know looks great on her. all of a sudden a canine puppy projectile comes and is behind vrinda and her dark kurti. vrinda runs however it is behind her. bhabhi occupies it by giving it soupon which the canine tears. seema comes and takes the puppy and says too bad. vrinda says what sorry and it tore my coupons. appears says it is pulled in to dark things so it came behind her. she runs with the canine. vrinda tells bhabhi why did she demonstrate the pooch coupons and by what method will she go shopping. vrinda says i will go myself. bhabhi tries to stop yet vrindas kurti is torn and vrinda goes home miserable….
anokhi is trying to stop the tent poeple but they go. anokhi thinks of an idea and to take the help of people living in the town, she makes chits and writes that those who will help for matajis jagran will be blessed and please help. she puts them at everyones house door and rings the bell. then she brinsg their attention and announces that those who will help may be blessed and elp for the tent and other arrangements and who knows that your life may take agood turn. everyone is convinced and they go with anokhi to help her. tushar is in car and calls mom and asks her if she is happy about this marriage. mom says yes and parul is a good girl. tushar says okay and keeps the phone. there shashi is sewing the kurti and bhabhi says thanks. shashi says he will do it now. vrinda comes and tells what are you doing and making my son work, gautam comes. vrinda tells him about the kurti and gautam gets angry. he takes bhabhi in the room in anger. she tells gautam sorry. gautam hugs her and says i just wanted to spend some time with you so i faked the anger. bhabhi says i will hit you and gautam hugs her. he then tells her that dont freak out but i am leaving the job. bhabhi asks why? gautam tells he will start his own business and he is bored of this job with a fixed income. gautam tells he will start a business of real honey as people sell adulterated honey and i will bring real honey from my friends farm and sell it everywhere as people need it for diets and everyday consumption. bhabhi tells that its a good idea but dont you think its too early as you are not experienced too. gautam says i was so excited to tell you about this but you think i cant do it. gautam says forget it and goes.
there anokhi brings the people in and gives them saree cloth and they go out and start building the tent. gulu tells jassi that see she has done what she told and dadu will be impressed on her. jassi tells no and dadu will fire her as she has used saree cloth and dadu will be very angry….

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