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Hrithik Kangna legal battle Forensic reports favour Hrithik Roshan

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Hrithik Kangna legal battle Forensic reports favour Hrithik Roshan

After the contention over Hrithik Roshan and Kangna Ranaut’s legitimate notification came into light, the issue transformed into a criminal instance of an impostor communicating with the performer and others, post the subtle elements of an affirmed FIR documented by Roshan was uncovered. Furthermore, now after the court summoned a US organization to research further around a supposed fake id that was utilized to communicate with Kangna, certain scientific reports that became a web sensation on media have now been picking up consideration.

Hrithik Kangna legal

These legal reports set apart under an organization called Talsecure, have supposedly researched the announcement discharged by Kangna’s lawful group wherein they asserted that the on-screen character’s record was hacked by Hrithik Roshan who sent messages which are currently being utilized against her as a part of the matter. Allegedly these scientific proclamations guarantee that Hrithik Roshan has a perfect chit from them and it further charges that the performing artist did not open any messages that were evidently sent by Kangna and he didn’t open them as of not long ago.

A few other emails from Kangna’s account have reportedly been doing the rounds which apparently prove that her account was hacked and that she has been really pissed off about it. Amongst the email conversations that went viral last week, we found yet another one that was similar to these, that was allegedly written by Kangna to Hrithik:

“Why don’t you mail me baby? You don’t talk to me at all. As a lover I never get any attention from you but you have cut all the ties with me as a friend also. Can’t you even text me and say hi or say thanks for my response to your song. You didn’t come for my b’day you never talk about my work or even that fact that I exist. You propogate Priyanka, Deepika, Sonam’s work, why such a partiality with me?” (Dated: August 22, 2014)

Hrithik Kangna legal battle Forensic reports favour

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However, here are few other mails that portray that Kangna has been threatening a certain hacker that is Hrithik Roshan in 2014 itself who has allegedly hacked her account. Interestingly, these mails were said to have been sent to Hrithik Roshan’s original account hroshan@mac.com:

“As per your suggestion I have complained in the cyber-crime department and they took all the data from my mail account, when and how its being accessed and they are going to get in to the depths of it, they will find out who is this person who is accessing my mail. So everything is going to be ok :” (Dated: September 6, 2014)
“Tu abhi bhi mera sends check kar raha hai. Dumbo meri Haryanvi coach roz aati hai aur principle roz squeeze k gaaliyan seekh rahi hoon. Toh tu pange mat le nahin toh sari umar ke liye scar ho jayega. Koi treatment nahi chalegi, deewaron pe sir patakta milega. aur vaise bhi bevkoof poke mujhe pata hai tune mera account hack kiya hai toh principle koi pe private correspondence mail ke through kyun karungi? douche bag kya dimag mein bhusa hai kya tera? Kyun time waste kar raha hai? Apni aukat ki koi ladki dekh aur wahan dimag laga. Zayada unche sapne mat dekh. Negligible ghar ke bahar line hai, achche khason ko arrangement nahi milti, tujhe ek philanthropy samjha tha, lekin jise khadde se nikalo wahi tymhe khadde mein dhakel de wah! Kya baat hai! Kyun aur baezzat hon chahta hai. Chup chap bhool ja sab aur dafa ho, quit checking my sends, nahin toh maine kaha na sara umar ke liye scar ho jayega.” (Dated: November 19, 2014)

Aur jin ladkiyon ko parties mein kiss karke ya kamar mein haath dalkar photo khicha raha hai tu kya samjha hai hero ban gaya? Yeh ladkiyan public property hain bevkoof. Yeh tujhe kya mujhe bhi de dengi toh jayada excited mat ho. Yakeen nahin hai to shart laga le :” (Dated: November 20, 2014)

On the other hand, Rizwan Siddiqui continues to vouch for his client that is Kangna Ranaut’s innocence. According to his statement to a recent daily, Siddiqui alleged that Hrithik Roshan hasn’t specifically denied the accusations thrown towards him by Rangoli which talks about his affair with Kangna as well as bothering her through hacking her account in the emails that were being sent to him, as per the recently circulated emails in media. Further claiming that it was quite surprising to have Hrithik suddenly putting an end to all interactions with Kangna and her sister, Rizwan also alleged that Hrithik was aware of the fact that Kangna’s account has been hacked continuously. He further continued to question as to what made Hrithik file a complaint against a so called impostor after seven months that is in December 2014 whereas he first received the knowledge of someone operating from a fake id way back in May 2014. Further miffed with the fact that the police still hasn’t provided a copy of the latest FIR filed by Hrithik Roshan where he has allegedly revealed the name of Kangna Ranaut who was said to be interacting with his impostor, Rizwan now revealed that he has applied for the copy of the same from the court itself………..

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