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Girls On Top 6 May 2016 Written Episode

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Girls On Top 9
Girls On Top 6 May 2016 Written Episode

The supervisor was furious without a moment’s delay. Shreya calls Sahir a traitor. UC calls for lights, the judges question UC what it was. The manager questions UC who gave this, a young fellow admitted he did. UC yells whom he took assent from, and admits he recommended about BTS. Everybody swings to Isha, the supervisor asks what this all is; is this the way she handles her challengers. Isha who was crying leave the corridor. She keeps running outside crying hard and goes to shroud herself in a store room. Rave comes behind searching for Isha, she glances around in store room yet couldn’t discover Isha there. Sahir comes behind her requesting Isha, both heads to discover Isha in better places. Rave calls Gia and educates her regarding everything. Sahir comes in store room calling Isha, she shrouds herself further.

Isha keeps running outside the store room and goes the other way.

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Rave terrified as she see herself as in charge of this all. Gia quiets her down and sends her discover Isha.
Isha locks herself in a washroom. Sahir comes there calling her. Gia calls Rave to ask about Isha. Rave shouts she don’t know where she can be. Gia suggests to take Sahir’s help. Sahir requests Isha to open the door, he knows she is inside; he warns about breaking the door and pushes it hard. They need to talk, and can handle it together. Isha tells him to go away, why he came here. Sahir says she exactly knows why he came here, Isha asks why he came to her life. Sahir says they have to handle it, he needs her. Isha calls him selfish, mean; he wants her to come out and clear his image in front of everyone. Sahir controls himself and asks to let him in, he can explain. Isha denies opening the door, he wasn’t ready to give up. Sahir qualifies she is getting hyper right now, they can talk and think about a solution together. Isha shouts instead at him to leave, they are parallel lines that can never meet. Sahir was hopeful for these parallel lines to meet, he calls himself dumb and sane, and nobody would wander behind a headstrong like Isha. Isha cries and shouts at him to go away. Rave comes there.
She silently asks Sahir to give way, he leaves. Rave calls Isha to come out, she confirms if Sahir is there? Rave tells her no. She comes out and hugs Rave tight. She cries about her public mockery, Rave takes her out when Sahir stops her from behind. He says he knows the Isha who doesn’t know crying, but only make others cry. He turns to go.
In the evening, Rave and Gia were concerned about Isha. Isha was scared to face everyone tomorrow, and gives up that she can’t. What if her dad knows, if something wrong has to happen, it happens. Gia consoles her not to take tension. Isha was worried dad would be angry but she will deal with him. This video’s shadow will always be with her, people would judge her for whatever she do. She won’t go out of house anymore. Gia and Rave tells her not to give up. They ask her to get up, and bucks her up. Gia suggests about drinking, she had a hangover and memory fade last night. Isha insists she can’t ever forget her day. Rave takes them somewhere that make them forget everything. Gia asks for party…………

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