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Girls On Top 5 July 2016 Written Episode

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Girls on Top Saloni Chopra sports purple lipstick
Girls On Top 5 July 2016 Written Episode

The young men scatter from the diversion when Azher goes to eat and Sahir tails him.

In the room, Guru comes to Sahir and Azher and propose about not talking about the issue. Azher and Sahir concurs, and prevents him from giving any additional data. Azher tells Sahir he can notice some inconvenience.

Azher comes to Gia and requests that her show him cooking. He requests anything without nuts. Gia chuckle, then moves towards the refrigerator. She pivots with vegetables to hit Azher, feels bashful over his gazes. He helps her with vegetables.

In the room, Rave was resolved to let him know however by implication. She teaches herself to center, goes before mirror bringing herself into peace. She hones about telling Guru that she think regardless she cherishes Shekhar, then jolts he would disdain

this. She was going to hone once more, calls his name and he had touched base in the room with milk.

Gia requests that Azher help her with the flavor box from over the bureau. He comes to hold her not yet decided, Gia was confounded then takes the zest box. She permits him to put her down, he grins before doing as such. Gia was anxious.

Rave inquires as to whether he came, Guru says he came to address her; what she asked in the diversion. Rave intrudes on him and hustles to washroom.

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Isha gets Sahir the room, Sahir smears the entryway behind her, sticking her on the entryway. He admit his mix-up about educating Rave regarding Guru’s virginity, would she be able to ensure he can’t become acquainted with. Isha guarantees she will deal with it. Sahir requests a guarantee. Isha reminds him about breaking his guarantee about not touching. He abandons her without a moment’s delay. She comes to insult that he couldn’t avoid her. He apologizes. Isha says its alright, she is really used to him breaking guarantees. Sahir asks what she implies, how she could even say this. Isha says this isn’t a major ordeal. Sahir demands whatever she says, she feels, believes is a major ordeal for him. When she says ‘simply saying’, it harms. He swings to take off. She stops his direction.

Gia was apprehensive while attempting to enlighten Azher regarding cutting the onion. She takes a gander at him and cuts her hand, Azher promptly holds it into his mouth. They share an eye-lock. Gia looks down, then says its okay. Azher holds her hand near him, saying he know its okay. There is again an eye lock…..
Isha stops Sahir. Sahir demands what he should do, every moment is a test for him to prove himself. Why she doesn’t trust him. Isha says trust isn’t mind’s voluntary action, it takes time. Sahir says alright, he has been trying for a while now. He demands her to clear it all today, he wants her suspicion and insecurity doesn’t bubble out again and again. Isha turns saying she doesn’t want to fight. Sahir calls it a discussion, he understands she has insecurities but he is tired of her trust issues. Isha suggests about asking questions, and clear all these issues. Sahir allows her to ask, as she has trust issues. He has none.
Guru awaits Rave outside, Rave was inside wondering what she must do. She makes noise about vomiting. Guru calls Rave if he should come inside, is she pregnant? He wish about having their child. Rave was shocked.
Isha tells Sahir about disclosure, the new game. They will dig out each other’s heart out. This way they can be clear about each other. Sahir stands up to ask Isha bring it on. Isha moves towards him as he backs up, she asks why he doesn’t want to touch her. Sahir gulps, and stammers that he doesn’t want her to. Isha has finally pinned him on the wall. Sahir calls it unfair, she isn’t allowing him to finish his sentences. Isha keeps on moving closer. Sahir shuts his eyes tight, he says I… Isha now whispers in his ears, if touching her or her being close to him doesn’t affect him? He opens his eyes to look her closer. Isha demands again if he is moved or not? Sahir held his hand up to hold her arm, but hadn’t yet…….

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