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Girls On Top 29 June 2016 Written Episode

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Saloni gets shy shooting INTIMATE scenes with Shantanu MTV Girls On Top
Girls On Top 29 June 2016 Written Episode

Sahir goes into the room where Isha was snoozing, he ponders till when he would deceive her and himself that his heart hurts for her. He trusts she concurs one day. Isha was lying on bed alert, she supposes she doesn’t know whether Sahir has changed however is succumbing to him, she wish to let him know that she cherishes Sahir Basin.

Gia brings ice water for Azher as he unwraps his harmed hands. She leaves giving the dish to him.

The following morning, Guru opens the way to daily paper, peruses the front page and bounced over Azher. He demonstrates the news to Azher, it was the same Diana had indicated Gia about being possessive sweetheart. Azher was concerned consider the possibility that Gia understands this news, Guru goes to blaze the daily paper. Azher takes after

him in the kitchen, he inquires as to whether they can shroud reality by concealing the daily paper. Rave comes there inquisitive about what reality they are discussing. Rave was additionally stressed.

Gia gets a call and sits upset on her bed.

Isha calls Sahir from the kitchen and requests olive oil. Sahir focuses at the ordinary oil. Isha contends this calls cholesterol and different issues. She denies cooking breakfast in this oil. Sahir says he won’t change his oil for her transitory remain. Isha yells why he doesn’t keep eggs in cooler, Sahir qualifies even Azher doesn’t have as much issue as she has. He reminds Isha this is his home. Both call each different monstrosities. Sahir goes to demonstrate the news to Isha.

Gia tells Azher this is the news she was sitting tight for. Azher says she ought to have asked him, he wouldn’t give it a chance to distribute. Gia tells Azher whatever this all is, it’s extremely troublesome for them to bargain. Gia questions where she wasn’t right when she needs to give this connection a shot. That day, he came in camouflage yet not to test his truthfulness, but rather her solace level about him. Azher wipes her tears, apologize for misconception and much obliged. Rave comes to embrace Gia, Guru gives them an embrace and drags Azher also. Azher wipes Gia’s detaches her face once more. Isha tells Sahir nobody is grabbing the call. Rave tells Isha she is fine as she thought about the article, Isha requests that hand the telephone to Gia. Rave says she is addressing Gia at this moment.

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Gia tells Azher she guaranteed her mother that the day she would confer somebody she will illuminate her. Azher inquires as to whether this is the reason she never enlightened her concerning him. Gia qualifies they both need time to see each other, she can’t regardless of the amount she tries to. She says his reality is all fake and is hard to modify, Azher says this is the reason he cherishes her and her reality. He mugs her face and guarantees until they see each other’s reality, they won’t continue their relationship. Gia gives him the guarantee and kiss his temple, Azher kiss the back of her hand.

Ashima addresses Sahir that she is a tremendous twit. Isha arrives yelling at the rickshaw driver. Ashima requests that Sahir get her inside, she would fare thee well. Isha yells at the rickshaw driver, then comes to yell at Sahir that in light of his doltish guarantee he doesn’t bring her along. Sahir requests on the off chance that he needs to change his choices due to her benefit. Isha apologizes, she was simply baffled. Sahir leaves saying in the event that it was him, she would have made an issue out of it. He goes inside, Isha gets Gia’s call, Rave had been crying that she worked truly hard and these nonnatives rejected her. Gia says dismissal is initial step of determination, Isha says at this moment there are individuals superior to anything her, when it’s her time she would get a shot. Rave concurs, and requests that them not leave their work. Gia lets them know she needs to meet Diana today at any expense….
Inside, Shreya shouts accusing Sahir. Ashima comes to Isha and asks her to handle this all, she has a get to a date. Shreya gets Sahir’s collar, pushing him away. Ashima tells Isha this is next episode’s script. Isha was pleasantly surprised, and says UC would never agree. Ashima tells her that Sahir convinced the big boss and these are his orders.
Rave was staring at the ceiling, Guru tells her it won’t be of any use. Rave gives him a space besides her, and tells him it’s blank just like her life. Guru draws a smiley and tells her to look from her heart, there is a smiling face up there. Rave calls him as a positive influence of her life, after Isha.
Shreya pushes Sahir away, Isha tries to calm her down as and be professional. She asks the cameras if they got their footage already. Shreya leaves. Isha goes to Sahir and asks how he convinced him. Sahir tells her he gave an idea only. She thanks him, Sahir tells Isha this was for himself as well. Ashima calls Sahir to check the tech.
Gia hands Diana her resignation letter, and deters that she must accept it else she would go to rival newspaper and give exclusive scoops to them. This will get her rivals more fame so she has to accept this resignation. And since she is professional she would like to serve her notice period……

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