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Girls On Top 2 May 2016 Written Episode

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Girls On Top 9
Girls On Top 2 May 2016 Written Episode

UC clarifies yet the supervisor was not prepared to give anybody a chance to demolish her organization’s name and endure controls of results or individuals. He was prepared to give Rave a chance and leave. Isha and Rave cheer, Ashima goes along with them while UC eyes Isha.

Gia pondered the photography arrangement and Azher being vexed. She supposes it’s about what a writer needs to compose, his uprightness is dependably for the daily paper with which she acquires. She re understands her article and wish Azher comprehends her. Rave and Isha go to her in bistro, educating her concerning uplifting news. They cheer and celebrate.

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Gia guarantees Rave to think of all her articles about her. They leave the rundown and miracles in the event that this voice is from their home, she opens the entryway and discovers individuals celebrating inside. Ishaa compliments Roshali to look wonderful, she invites them to her goodbye party. She educates them that issues amongst her and her father are determined, she has no chosen she will first finish her studies and later consider marriage. Isha ponders when it happened. Gia swings to see Azher entering, Roshali and Rave winks. Isha affirms who else she welcomed. Gia swings to see Sahir enter, Gia insults Isha while both were concerned at their own particular positions. Sahir comes to wish Roshali and welcomes the gathering. Roshali asks what he would take, both Sahir and Isha take the same name. The minute was cumbersome, Roshali gets the beverage. Master now comes in, Roshali declares for a discourse. Rave takes her to a table cum stage.
Roshali gives her life’s credit to three reasons, present in this room. She had been living meaningless life, they taught her how to live actually. She was able to talk to her dad on phone, thanks Isha, Gia and Rave considering them heroines in her life. Rave goes to hug her and calls Gia and Isha up as well. Everyone cheers.
Guru comes towards Rave but she had moved forward for some shots. Azher and Guru keep on chasing Gia and Rave. Isha takes Roshali aside and asks why she invited Sahir. Roshali says they got to know about the real winner because of him only. Guru finally meets Rave but she is called for a selfie. Azher and Sahir meet each other, Gia and Isha watch them together. Gia wonders what they must be talking to each other, if, Sahir says he loves Isha so much. Isha repeats, he tortures her so much. Isha qualifies Azher must be saying he got roses for Gia. Gia pinches her to get serious, Isha wonders what to say to Sahir. Gia didn’t have guts to talk to tell Azher the truth. Isha suggests her about switching partners, for party. She decides to go to Azher and explain sympathy back ground about reporters for her. Gia must go to Sahir and explain how difficult is being a producer.
Isha comes to Azher, he appreciates her to be the first hero Roshali discussed about. Isha turns the conversation to Gia, calling her Munna Bhai. Azher doesn’t respond much to her conversation and leaves.
Sahir looks around when Gia comes to him. She asks if he is enjoying the party, then explains to him that Isha is like an egg, hard from outside and soft from inside; she advices him to break her. She will be fine then, it will fix her. Sahir was quizzical, Gia leaves.
Isha and Gia give each other thumbs up. Gia comes looking for Azher. He complains if she finally got time. Gia promises him to tell the secret reporter’s identity by evening. Azher forbids her mix work and party. Roshali gets her ice tea.
Isha calls Gia when she was with Azher. Isha was irritated that he isn’t here, it seems he doesn’t want to talk to her. Sahir was in washroom listening to Isha’s conversation. Isha confesses that Sahir told her about Rave’s results, he is her secret admirer. He did her a favor, but she curses herself for kissing him. Gia was shocked, Sahir upset………….

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