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Girls On Top 19 April 2016 Written Episode

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Girls On Top 9
Girls On Top 19 April 2016 Written Episode

Isha conceives that she was not able disregard Sahir.

Gia addresses Azher Khan on telephone this was the best way to stay away from the dramatization. Azher says this is the reason they are not on a solitary table. Fans come to Azher, while Gia and Azher grin at each other from various tables. Azher says he is cherishing this, these mystery gatherings have their own particular appeal. Gia requests that him not utilize his dingy dialogs here. He stands to help an old woman. Gia says he knows how to appeal his fans. Azher says he knows, else it was hard to appeal somebody like Gia Sen. Gia gets a call from Rave who requests that her return home asap. Gia clears out. Azher stands up and takes a selfie from Gia. Gia grins, then says thanks to him and takes off.

At home, Isha and Roshali played boxing. Gia asks Rave what it is. Rave says to get over breakups. Both Isha and Gia head to beating together. Gia supposes this is so agonizing, for Isha and her besties also. Gia says they should attempt to bring her and Sahir back. Rave says no chance, however Gia says this time it was Isha’s mix-up. Companions must side the privilege. Rave watches Isha getting seethes, then consents to get on mission Sahir.

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Rave and Gia come to venue, Gia cautions Rave not to lose her temper. Sahir was in studio, singing with his guitar. Gia was motivated by his ability. He stops as Gia’s telephone rings. Rave comes in valuing his singing. Sahir inquires as to whether she truly implies this. Rave says not in any manner, his tune is of no utilization, she can make such in rest. Sahir says they do not merit giving him an opposition. They contend, Sahir heads to take off. Gia stops them and requests that him not disregard. Rave calls him failure who carries on Isha in the most noticeably awful way. Sahir contends with her, Gia stops them both. She takes Rave aside, then swings to Sahir and says they are sad; however taking a gander at his face annoyance is the main response. Sahir says they are all in regards to response without contemplating anybody’s response. Gia says sorry, swings to Rave who additionally didn’t move. Sahir says sorry as well. He inquires as to why they both are here. Gia says his and Isha’s separation, on the off chance that he is certain. Sahir says the purpose for separation is constantly behind spotlight. Rave inquires as to whether they are isolated for eternity. Sahir says yes. Rave says there is enthusiasm also. Sahir says Isha’s perfrct match must be somebody who has zero dignity, Rave was again irate. Gia stops her. Sahir says they are Isha’s companions, they will just comprehend Isha’s perspective. Rave drags Gia out, Gia says she believes him yet at the same time she needs to abhor him. Sahir says just the same old thing new.
In the café, Gia says mission Sahir failed for second time. She tells Rave they must change their attitude, they have to support Isha. Rave asks no sequel then? Gia says this is the end of story, they can’t fix everything. Gia gets Naina’s call, she asks for Nadia’s number. Gia asks why? Naina says she has got a lead, she is going to reveal Aher’s secret girlfriend and wants Nadia’s number.
Ashima tells Sahir and Shreya to show some chemistry. Isha shouts that she isn’t his girlfriend. Ashima apologizes, Isha says being a girlfriend is gradual process, falling in love is. Not everyone understands the depths of relationship; they will do it step by step. Sahir asks who has the time to make girlfriends step by step, speedy relations. Isha asks speedy breakups as well. Shreya says she is really tired, Isha kicks the chairs. Isha says spicing things up takes time, she instructs Isha that when she will say Action, Shreya must run to Sahir and clutch him tight. Shreya asks her not to worry. Isha tells Sahir she needs chemistry worth TRP level. Sahir cheers Shreya asking to do something special. Isha shouts for music and takes her seat. She calls Action, Sahir and Shreya hug. Isha asks for some more effort. They get even closer, Isha was hurt. Sahir asks if this is fine. Isha looks away, crying. Ashima asks them to say dialogues. Isha only looked away, wiping her tears as they said cheesy lines for each other.
Someone gets Isha a parcel, Isha opens it up. Ashima comes to her and says wow, Isha has got a secret admirer. Sahir was moved this time. Isha boasts about her secret admirer, making Sahir jealous. She opens up the album. Isha was shocked to see her photos in the album. Sahir was steaming up. Ashima whispers its seems Roasi is her secret admires. Isha envisions him them slaps the album, calling Ahima to wrap it up. Sahir was upset
Gia thinks about Naina’s words, and comes finding Azher in his vanity. Naina already sat with Azher. Nadia turns around and smiles………

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