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Girls On Top 17 May 2016 Written Episode

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Girls On Top 9
Girls On Top 17 May 2016 Written Episode

Rave quiets Gia that what regardless of the possibility that Diana fires her, she should do the cleaning and washing at home. They share an embrace.

Isha was sleeping when she gets a message from Sahir, she grins yet doesn’t answer.

Rave gets Guru’s call, he requests that her call him once at whatever point she needs him.

Azher sat gazing at the screen, disregarding Gia’s call.

Isha gets Sahir’s call, he whines she didn’t answer his message. Isha says he was only tensed and convoluted. Sahir gets some information about Gia, Isha discloses they are attempting to give her some space. Sahir says at this moment he is likewise allowing her to sit unbothered, yet plan to see her soon.

Gia comes to office, stressed and goes to be spared from Diana. She sees a man in holding up zone taking her photographs, everybody expressing at her also. Naina tattle her to be clever. Gia yells that they should say everything all over. She pivots to stand up to Diana, Diana considers Gia to be a Golden Girl. Gia ponders its mockery. She sends Tara to get cappuccino, Tara offers with others Diana is in a decent state of mind. Diana takes Gia inside to talk about their future. In the workplace, Diana tells Gia today Mumbai Masala is the top most magazine of Mumbai on account of her exclusive, she inquires as to whether Gia might want a cappuccino. Tara conveys a hostile to dandruff to Naina demanding this is the reason individuals flee from her.

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Sahir was in changing room when Isha comes inside, she turns around and apologizes as they have already been in enough trouble. Sahir points out she called our’s and insists to take the return gift while covering himself with a shawl. Isha turns around, Sahir allows her to laugh. She laughs, Sahir poses to be a girl and asks how is she looking? Isha laughs, suggesting may be Dipika. Sahir tells her to keep laughing. Isha says she came to say something, he tells her he already knew but was waiting till she would say herself. Isha tells him she got permission to come on set. Isha had gone to the boss asking if he signed this order. The boss said there are complains that because of Isha there is unnecessary drama on the sets. Isha wonders what such insecurity with her team mate is, she likes to work for the show whose basic concept was hers. Her idea’s credit was given to UC. The boss signed her permit, and says in the concept team there will always be her name. Both Sahir and Isha head to hug each other, then stops. They agree they must avoid it, Isha turns to leave. Sahir stops her, Isha asks if he has something to say?
Sahir asks about her plan to save her job. Isha confess there is none. Sahir was sure this isn’t possible as she isn’t as weak. He tells her about an idea, she might introduces some more twists and turns and this way the show might get an extension. Isha thanks him and leaves, happily. She turns again to thank him for the support in interview.
Rossi comes to Rave to discuss about a DJ who was coming to India. They ask Rave if she made something new. Rave says she did, and looks around for her flash. She panics, they all assure to help her and go looking for it. They offer her a chair that was already broken, she fell down. Rave calls them a name and goes to her work place. She had found her pen drive there and then. One of the guys bring her coffee, she takes a sip and spits it. The guys bully Rave. Guru comes there with a gift for Guru, Rossi and friends tease her because of him. Guru says he brought a gift for her, and opens it up. It was a big chain with an R. Rave jerks his hand away shouting what it is, it’s horrible. Her eyes burn watching this, why doesn’t he use his mind? She shouts that everyone here must use their minds, he must not come to her workplace, and show some respect. She heads to leave the hall.
Gia and Isha calm Rave down for her frustration. Rave was upset as she wanted a let out. She says she was actually happy because of her prayers, Gia was Diana’s golden girl and Isha got her space back. Isha suggest about speaking like their parents, to trust on God. They come inside the hall to the awaiting press. The reporters talk about Gia and reports her with Isha who went through a kissing controversy………..

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