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Girls On Top 12 April 2016 Written Episode

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Girls On Top 9
Girls On Top 12 April 2016 Written Episode

Rave acts at Guru to go out during the evening. Master apologizes he didn’t have any acquaintance with it would be an incredible issue, he is prepared to hear her yell however simply outside, else Roshali would wake up. Rave says he is truly insane. He strolls adjacent to him and says she is chastening him differently. Rave lets him know she is awed by him. He was stunned to listen. She says he spared a young lady from suicide today. Master didn’t accept. Rave says surprisingly a customary person inspired him to such an extent. Master says this is excessively, she should stop and holds his ears requesting that her end this Yash Raj minute here. He takes a leave, then returns and requests one additionally thing. He says he can’t think in regards to evolving her, she is crazy so she should disregard Shalwar Kameez. He holds his ears and goes out.

Gia cries in the rickshaw pondering Azher’s kiss. Her wireless rings, it was Azher Khan. She cuts the call. Azher writings her to discuss the matter. Gia was vexed.

Isha gets back home, Sahir grasps her mouth behind, drags her out and requests that her get on bicycle. Isha requests that he leave. He requests that her get on the bicycle and drives her madly. Isha asks where they are going, in the event that he would converse with her yet he just drives speedier. Isha requests that he drive gradually. He stops at a desserted street.

Gia goes into the room lost and gets on bed. She embraces Rave and requests that her wake up. It was Roshali who shouts so does Gia. Rave comes in and stops them both. Gia asks who this is. Rave requests that Gia toss it down, she tells Roshali she was simply perplexed. This is Gia, her flat mate. She educates Gia regarding Roshali. Gia keeps running with the vase once more, however Rave controls her. Gia says Hi to Roshali. Rave goes to embrace her and requests that her not stress, Gia is safe. They leave Roshali in the bed.

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Sahir holds Isha close to a divider, Isha says this isn’t ordinary. Sahir asks who the damnation needs to be ordinary. He requests that her say she abhors him. She says I cherish you. He says no, she abhors him and that is reality. Sahir inquires as to whether she will let him know reality, it will be an affront of the word. Isha asks what she misled him about. Sahir asks how he went to the truth appear, how he got chose; does she recollect. Isha says he put it on the youtube, seniors watched it and he got chose. She cries. Sahir asks was it choice or dismissal. She commandingly got him in the appear. Isha cries. Sahir stops her in anger now. He had inquired as to whether there was some help, then why she did this. He had approached regard for his work and music, she couldn’t do this. He grasps her face, who might take a gander at her and judge her to be a liar. He was additionally gotten. She destroyed his dignity. He cries saying he thought this is affection, yet it was all fair deception.
Rave tells Gia she is overreacting. Gia says she isn’t, anyone can’t think anything about her. Azher thinks her to be a characterless girl, this was her first kiss how she should calm down. Rave says she is Gia Sen who make others cry. She must forget about this whole event. Gia says this was their first kiss and cries. Rave says she will hurt her own self. Isha will give her the same advice, they both takes her seriously. She boasts she is also not an idiot. Rave asks how it was. Gia asks what? Rave says kiss, did he pick her up, and was it steamy. Gia says cheap, she started this all at night. Rave wonders it is night, where has Isha left.
Isha says sorry to Sahir. He asks what? Sorry Sahir, you aren’t talented. Sorry, she proved his dad right. Isha says sorry for lying to him. Sahir asks what the point is, damage is done. His team members would laugh behind his back, why UC does everything to him. He shouts he knows UC rejected him, and she favored her untalented boyfriend. She doesn’t show but thinks he is useless. He dropped out engineering but his dad didn’t think he would succeed in music, she proved him right. He pushes heraway, she fell on the floor. Sahir says he hates her and goes to his bike. Isha comes to him, he forbids her to touch him, its finished. Isha pleads it can’t be. He leaves. A rickshaw stops by, Isha gets on it.
Isha comes home, Rave hushes her up and whispers where she had been. She tells her about all the dramas. She notices Isha had been crying, then as she couldn’t see her face she asks her to listen to Gia. Gia sits up and hugs Isha. She cried, the three hug each other.
The next morning, Gia comes to Diana’s office. She gives her resignation letter to Diana. Diana was shocked…..

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