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Girls On Top 11 April 2016 Written Episode

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Girls On Top 9
Girls On Top 11 April 2016 Written Episode

Gia comes inside the office, Diana calls her the favorite reporter. Gia shows her some photos that Diana was reluctant to see. She points towards Azher, but when Gia doesn’t understand she introduces Gia to Azher. Gia shouts. Diana says this is the speciality of Mumbai Masala reporter thatn once started she never stops. Azher hands Gia the file and asks if she wrote the article on Sasha Khan. He appreciates her grammar. Diana asks Gia to guide him search for a role as a film journalist. Gia suggests Naina, but Azher says he likes Gia’s writings. Gia insists Naina is the right choice, Diana asks Naina to leave for her desk. She then gives an eye to Gia and instructs her to stay with Azher as long as he wants the training. Azher thanks Diana, then heads to leave with Gia. Diana stops Azher and says he must try to be editor, she will be happy to help him. Everyone in the office takes selfies with Azher.

The tailortells Sahir that to get a young lady he should make muscles. Isha comes inside and gripes he didn’t advise her he was returning. Sahir inquires as to whether she let him know about this fake sweetheart thing, he is a vocalist and not a manikin. Isha says he will get the most spotlight. Sahir requests that her say straight away in the event that she supposes there is something missing in him. He was aggravated by the tailor. Sahir grumbles to Isha in the event that her show is so essential for her that she is prepared to send him for fake dates only for TRP. Isha says that this show isn’t completely her, their makers need them to work. Sahir asks how she is alright, on the off chance that she is professional to the point that work is the main thing that matters to her. Isha says numerous individuals may think she is truly solid, however she has a shortcoming that his Sahir Basin. She doesn’t have a decision, she can’t demonstrate her feelings by crying however that doesn’t mean she never minds. Sahir takes a couple of minutes, then say he will do this for her; they must choose between limited options. Ashima comes in when they were going to embrace. She tells Isha UC has chosen the new candidate Shriya. She embraces Sahir, Sahir calls her a fake sweetheart and clears out.

Rave opens the way to entryway chime, it was Guru who demands her to give him a chance to say too bad. She calls him come inside at long last. He guarantees to do anything she requests just to get his sorry acknowledged. Rave says there is no cleaning specialist at their home, he should work. Master gets the opportunity to wash the plates, cleans the floor, wash garments. Master says it is all in regards to cash, he thought she needs cash. Rave says this doesn’t mean he would control her and swing her to Behn ji. He says he never proposed along these lines, slips on floor. Rave holds him, Guru here’s to you. Master says he has discovered Roshali, Guju uncle’s little girl and now he will get their cash. Rave requests that him not do as such, Guru demands this needs to happen.

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Isha remains outside when Sahir turns out. She says Hi to him, apologizes for morning and requests that he start once more. He inquires as to whether she will believe him. She says off base and embraces him. Isha watches Shruti there. Sahir inquires as to whether she believes him. Isha supposes she doesn’t. Sahir inquires as to whether she can believe him. Isha looks down, then says yes she does. Sahir guarantees to never mislead her. Shruti opens the entryway, and inquires as to whether he will drop her home. UC said she will. Sahir requests that who was he choose, yet Isha additionally say this would be decent. Sahir leaves surrendering.

Rave contends and says Roshali will come here. Master says today Raveti must hear him out, Roshali is here. Roshali comes in, she informs Rave that she was regarding to do suicide yet he halted her. Rave requests that Guru drop her at her own home, she can’t deal with her. Master asks Roshali, Roshali says thusly her dad will murder her. It is better she does suicide. Rave gets some information about her guardians. Roshali cries that it is a result of them she needs to suicide. Rave says on the off chance that she cuts her hand it will be all blood, and her companion has OCP, she will bite the dust. She solicits Roshali to erase the arrangement from suicide.

Sahir comes to office getting some information about Ashima. Ashima says she simply left, on the off chance that he needs to say something. Sahir says he needs to advise her a ton. Ashima says she recognizes what he needs to say, Isha has a great deal of favors on Sahir, she had a considerable measure of battles here to keep him to appear. This is a result of her he is getting the spotlight. Sahir asks what? Ashima says without Isha he wouldn’t be in the appear, UC had rejected him yet Isha remained for him and said he would do this appear. He ought to express profound gratitude to her. Sahir says right, he should. Ashima says she is a jewel of a man and takes off. Sahir discards his back, chafed and breaks every one of the seats around in dissatisfaction.

Gia gets in the auto with Azher. He asks what isn’t right. Gia says nothing, she is fine. He says she said this word, fine fifty times atleast. This implies her isnt. She demands she is fine. Azher says they are as one since morning, office then espresso and afterward office once more. She didn’t grin for once. Gia inquires as to why he picked her, she doesn’t realize what is the reason of this all. He is getting a considerable measure of scope from Mumbai Masala, isnt that all. She requests that he drive. Out of the blue, Azher Khan watches Naina shooting them in the auto. He gets before Gia kissing her and thumps her down, covering her face. Gia leaves the auto.

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