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Gangaa 3 May 2016 Written Episode

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Ganga and Sagar have major FIGHT &TVs Gangaa
Gangaa 3 May 2016 Written Episode

Sagar asks Mr. Sheik why he was let go from his organization even in the wake of working with the organization for a long time. You stole cash; you were inconsiderate; you were discourteous with your colleagues; organization had protestations with him as well. You are taking retribution, isn’t that so? You consented to be a false witness. Mr. Sheik is all calm. Organization was frightened you could tell their truth when you cleared out employment. This is the reason organization put all the false accuses for you? Mr. Sheik gestures. Palash and Ganga are befuddled as is Niru. Sagar is supporting Palash. Sagar will lose case along these lines. Sagar closes his contention and takes a seat. Palash displays more witnesses while Sagar is all calm. Everybody is confounded at his conduct. Palash at long last displays a CD conveying the announcement of all the general population whose life was influenced somehow in view of Rantox. Malhotra advises Sagar to protest. This CD ought not go in the hands of court. Sagar instructs him to not irritate him all the time what can anyone do. He doesn’t protest when judge inquires as to whether he approves of it. Sagar says we are regularly confounded if to utilize CDs or telephone recordings or not. A few legal counselors spare guilty parties along these lines. As a legal advisor, we need to win each case yet we ought to recall that pledge dependably. We may need to lose some case to get somebody equity. What can be superior to anything dealing with your pledge? I trust I and my partners will tail it in future as well. Judge gives ruling against Rantox. Malhotra and his associates get captured. Ganga, Sagar and Palash look cheerful. Malhotra questions Sagar what he did. You had all the confirmations yet you stayed silent. I will complete you! Constable takes him away.
Ganga congratulates Palash. I was sure you would get those people justice. Palash asks Sagar why he dint object when he had too many chances. Sagar replies maybe he dint have as much solid proof as it was needed. Congrats! You won this case but it wont happen next time. They say good luck to each other.

Ratan asks for Yash. Prabha says he must be outside. He reminds her that Yash can eb caught this way. People have started to say that they see someone like Yash roaming around. You and Yash don’t understand anything. The case has been reopened. If Yash is caught now then he will go in jail for a longer term. She thinks to call Yash when he enters wearing Ratan’s helmet. Someone knocks on the door just then. Ratan takes Yash’s jacket. Yash hides. Prabha opens door. It is police. He demands to know who drove the scooter just now. Ratan comes there wearing Yash’s jacket. Inspector looks at him. You wore jeans then. Ratan says I wear pants only. You might be mistaken. Police leaves. Prabha heaves a sigh of relief. Ratan opens the cupboard to free Yash. It is all because of your carelessness. It will be impossible to be saved next time if they come with search warrant. Prabha advises Yash to go somewhere else for some time. Ratan is irked again. I too cannot go anywhere because of him. It is all because of his acts. Do something about Yash or I only will turn him in some day. Yash thinks his life is so boring now. Plus I am out of money. I have to go to my ATM (Janvi).

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Niru questions Sagar as to why he dint do anything. Why? Sagar reasons justice is more important than anything else. I was only doing that. I was supporting wrong people from the beginning. I got to know the truth in time. I had everything ready. I could win this case easily but my victory would have meant defeat for justice, and your ideals. I could not let it happen. I did the right thing, right?

Ganga says you are mistaken but Palash is sure Sagar lost the case intentionally. Ganga says I know Sagar since childhood. He never thinks of anyone else. He loves his victory more than anything else. He is too childish.

Niru is proud of Sagar. I feel you have finally grown up. You did the right thing. One needs to have a big heart, sensibility for the same. Not everyone can accept themselves as wrong. You have actually won today. You proved it that you are a better lawyer than me. Malhotra calls Sagar a cheater. You are a loser! I trusted you on your FIL’s insistence and your father’s fame. I realise now it was my biggest mistake. Your father could not do anything in life and made you like him only! Sagar warns him not to say anything against my father. You are wrong here. You are right. I lost this case intentionally as I got to know your truth. I witnessed it when your goons attacked Palash. I was attacked too. I only took Palash to hospital so criminals like you can be punished. You were selling poison in the name of medicines. You lied to me. You tried to fool me. Papa says justice happens. Justice will happen now. He sends him away while Malhotra vows to take revenge. Niru tells Sagar he is proud of him. Palash and Ganga have heard everything. I told you Sagar lost this case as he wanted to, so we could win. Niru goes to attend a hearing.

Palash walks up to Sagar. I am happy to know you respect law as much as your father does. You have got it from your father after all. Thank you for yesterday for saving my life. Sagar says it is ok. I did what was right. He looks at Ganga. Palash follows his gaze. Ganga leaves from there. Palash says your words hurt her a lot yesterday. You should apologize to her. She is your childhood friend after all. Go for it.

Ganga realises how Sagar gave his victory to Palash Sir. Sagar did all this to help the poor get justice? He dint let anyone know he got to know the truth! She recalls how Sagar had done the same thing when Ganga’s FIL had come to take her. Sagar helped me like always and dint even show how much he worries for me. He did the same thing today. Sagar says Ganga. She wipes her tears before turning to look at him. He profusely apologizes to her. She thinks of their childhood. He requests her to say something. She thinks of how he doubted her yesterday. He says sorry to her again. She takes her cycle and begins to leave. He requests her to do something. I am accepting my mistake. Punish me if you have to. She says you do this always. You make mistakes and say sorry. You lost this case so my heart melts and I forgive you? He says you are mistaken but she does not let him talk. I wont be able to forget what you said yesterday. You doubted on my character and my relation with Palash Sir. I will never be able to forgive you for the same. Words said cannot be undone. I cannot forget what you said yesterday so I will not be able to forgive you ever! She goes.

Palash tells Sagar to give some time to Ganga. Let us have tea in my house. My mother will be happy to meet another person like me. Sagar tries to divert to some other time but Palash insists. You were so angry last time you came to my house. I dint get a chance to do anything. Sagar apologizes to him. I don’t know what happened to me. Palash tells him to relax. It was my mistake too. I thought you were favouring your cousin. I am taking back the case against Yash. It is your right to fight that case. Get Yash arrested and help Ganga get justice. Sagar nods happily………….

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