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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 5 July 2016 Written Episode

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 5 July 2016 Written Episode

Meenu takes Rani from the bistro exactly when Raja enters and notification Rani’s scarf there. She comes to take it, and wish him good fortune. Bindu discovers a few papers on the floor, Rani and he get ready in the bistro sitting on various tables. Bindu brings him deceiving however he tears it away.

The following morning, Bindu and companions hit Rani. Bindu predicts the day going to be awful as she saw Rani. She requests that Rani dismiss at whatever point she is coming, her face is a misfortune for her. She insults her to be their cleaning specialist, miss down business sector. They all rush to exam lobby. VP requests that everybody draw out any swindling, else he would be gotten seriously. VP focuses towards Raja’s companion and requests the inspector for checking them. The analyst brings out swindling, they both deny owning them. VP teaches them to get out, the analyst

presently comes to check Raja however nothing could be found in his pockets. VP keeps an eye on his paper, Raja guarantees him he won’t expound on him and Poonam, yet replies. He need to take a break. Rani swings behind to take a gander at him, the analyst had landed to bring out tricking papers from her sack. Everybody was stunned, Rani herself was ignorant regarding the papers. Bindu grins mischievously. VP matches her penmanship, Rani was dumbfounded. Bindu says she more likely than not turn into a topper just by bamboozling. Rani clarifies she never kept this. VP says on the off chance that she doesn’t have a clarification about how this paper came into her sack, he should suspend her. Rani argues that this will demolish her vocation. Jeewan stands up calling it a trap for Gayatri. He asks whom she met last time, Rani Thinks about coming to Raja in the bistro. She swings to take a gander at him. Raja confronts assume the fault over himself. He needed to show her a lesson that she doesn’t have a place here. In the event that she needs to stay here she should be companions with them, she denied so he put this papers in her sack. VP comes to reprove Raja now, Bindu was harmed. VP tears Raja’s paper over his face, reproving him for an endeavor to demolish a young lady’s profession. He sends Raja out of the class. Raja gazes towards Rani who was teary, then leaves the class. At the entryway, he swings to look towards Rani. Rani additionally looks behind as tear move down her face. Raja leaves. Bindu was vexed. Tears fell over Rani’s exam sheet.

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Raja and companions were in passage, Rani exits. Raja stops her by holding her hand, however she pulls back. She approaches if there is something left to listen, in adolescence he broke an outside auto he couldn’t control, he is still the same. Who gave him a privilege to play with her life? She wouldn’t like to hear anything, does he call himself a companion. One needn’t bother with an adversary when he is there. Raja says on the off chance that she truly think he can do any such thing, he wouldn’t like to give a clarification. Bindu, Jeewan and everybody had accumulated. Raja and Rani move in inverse headings. Bindu laments that Raja turned her amusement over…..
Raja’s friends demand why he took the blame over himself. They deter treating her worse than before. Raja stops jumping the rope, and says no one will touch her. He pushes his friend towards the wall, and insists she is Rani. Rani had arrived there. Bindu also heard this. Raja tells his friend that all of Rani’s dreams must be fulfilled, he has already failed thrice, be it once more. He tells his friends someone else must have put in the papers in her bags, it doesn’t matter who. What matters is that there must be no hurdles in Rani’s education. Rani leaves the place. Meenu tells Rani that Sir himself confessed in front of VP, he would be suspended at every cost.
Rani speaks to Raaj Mata, Raaj Mata says she is perfectly fine but why is Rani Upset. She asks Rani if she had a fight with Raja? Rani says he would never speak to her again. Raaj Mata tells Rani that her father was also the same, stubborn but her mother was also stubborn and always made her up. She advices Rani that every relation has to be built up, straw by straw, stick by stick. She must never let any misunderstanding hinder their relation.
Rani comes to canteen, Raja turns to leave but she stops him. Bindu was also there. Raja asks if something is still left. Rani demands Bindu till when she would witness this drama, she must tell everyone about the truth. Bindu talks in her usual tone, Rani keeps a foot in her way but Raja holds Bindu. Raja demands Rani why she is bringing Bindu in between, Rani tells Raja that Lovey was the one who put in those papers in her bag………

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