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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4 July 2016 Written Episode

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Raja and Rani in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Image
Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4 July 2016 Written Episode

Raja cautions Rani he isn’t going to leave until she doesn’t apologize. They hear Hema calling Rani, Raaj Mata was crying on floor that her child that Rani’s Baba were executed. They slaughtered everybody, and blacks out. Raja holds her deliberately to her bed. Rani sits adjacent to her, kissing her brow. Raja leaves the room. Rani comes behind him. Raja stops her in the hall, he says he didn’t know in regards to her Baba. Rani ponders what he thought he would have gone leaving his mom. Raja apologize. Rani says it’s been years since her Baba’s demise, life has taught her to live alone; she neither required a bolster then nor now. Raja holds Rani close and says their adolescence will dependably be associated, she can never show signs of change a truth that he is her Raja Baja. Is the companionship of years more prominent than misconception

of a solitary day, tears move over Rani’s face? Raja holds her hand and guarantees never to abandon her anyplace, she should get used to tolerate him. He hasn’t seen any fearless young lady than her, might be not bolster but rather even overcomes need friends. He won’t walk out on her and her hand, never at any point on the off chance that she demands him to. They share an eye lock after which Rani embraces him. Their youth flashes in their brains.

The following morning, Rani awakens on a seat other than Raaj Mata. She comes outside and slips to fell over Raja. He watches her lay over him, then holds her on him saying he can’t release her, they are again companions. He won’t let her cry once more. Rani moves her hand over his face, opens his eye to check in the event that he was sleeping. She keeps her hands over him deliberately and clear out. Raja sits behind her, snickering and lay on bed once more.

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Rani was in kitchen making tea, she asked why he said their battle has finished. At the point when did their companionship end? She is a dolt, she took an assistance from somebody who insults her inevitably. On the off chance that she helps him individuals will get an opportunity to talk about her, she can’t give anybody such a possibility. She was resolved to end this story before it starts. Raaj Mata calls Rani to bring the tea. Raja was sitting alongside her. Raja proposes Raaj Mata to go outside for lunch. Rani objects as her exams are close. Raja says all books and no play makes Jack a dull kid. Raaj Mata says Rani is correct, she should play. She demands Raja to study and buckle down, would he say he is in same class with Rani? Rani teases him however telling Raaj Mata he ponders in same class for a long time, he gets all imprints for leaving the theme clear dependably. Rani proposes she will pack nourishment for Raja. Hema guarantees to pack nourishment for them both, Rani ought to likewise clear out. This time, Raja tease Rani.

Rani and Raja embrace Raaj Mata, Raja holds her hand behind Raaj Mata that she tries to pull back. Raaj Mata favors Rani, and says goodbye to Raja. Raja guarantees to return soon to meet her. It was night when Raja touches base in the school. Rani had nodded off. He expels a hair strand from over her face. She awakens immediately and descends the auto. He goes to take the sack, Rani says she can deal with her baggage. He calls her chipkali, she denies him call her by this name. He asks on the off chance that he ought to call her Anarkali? She instructs him to call her anything he needs to and goes inside. Raja bounced from a window to stand up to her calling her Chipkali. He didn’t get her to rest auto. Rani qualifies she was attempting to maintain a strategic distance from him, and now she needs to rest to evade him further. He should likewise focus on his concentrates now. He calls her to turn behind once, she answers she won’t.

Rani goes to her room yet Meenu was snoozing and the room was bolted. Rani calls her, however she turns her face other side and rest once more. Rani goes to sit on the seat, and takes a book to peruse. Raja goes to the passage and grins watching her. All of a sudden the lights go out, he watch Rani bring a light from her sack and portable her study. He strolls towards Rani, he says he acknowledges she is an owl yet is it important to demonstrate it? Rani acknowledges being an owl. Raja takes off. She watch him bring a wood step, and gloats about filling her existence with light. She requests that he let it be. Raja descends the step, stuff her mouth with a fabric piece and tie her hands behind. He then takes her light and settle the light. When he unfastens Rani’s hand, she requests what this trouble making is. He helped her Dadu and she helped him, she needn’t bother with his kinship. Raja answers he is likewise tired of helping her and apologizing, starting now and into the foreseeable future their ways part. Rani takes her sacks to leave, Raja strolls the inverse way……….

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