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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29 June 2016 Written Episode

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Drashti Dhami confirms quitting Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani
Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29 June 2016 Written Episode

Raja apologizes Rani for all the tormenting and badgering. Rani was dumbfounded. Raja guarantees nothing will turn out badly now, their story will start from where it was cleared out. He watches the wound over her temple, where he had pushed her away. Rani says their story wasn’t left, it had finished. She says it’s late, she wouldn’t like to miss the address. They achieve the school, Raja demands her to address him at any rate. Up and down these years he just thought what they will say to each other when they locate each other after such a large number of years, why is she quiet? Rani says she is getting late for class.

In the class, everybody applaud Rani. Meenu cheers that she is Sir’s youth companion. Rani tells

her to sit unobtrusively, she has a cerebral pain. Bindu and companions bring a water pail, Bindu says this is her presentation. Since Raaj ran with her hand in his, everybody is interested to know how a down business sector, second rate class young lady be his companion. She needs to present her, this is Rani Gayatri. She reports in the class, that she was a cleaning specialist in their royal residence. She acquaints herself with Rani as Bindu, Lovey has been a name given to her by Dovey. She tells everybody that Rani approaches Bari Rani Maa for garments to look great in her birthday party. Rani contends she offered that to her by her own particular self. Bindu affronts Rani for wearing a broken shoe. Rani yells that yes she was a house keeper, she earned with her diligent work and still, at the end of the day, and today she additionally attempts to gain. What’s more, Bindu just eats from her folks. She swings to leave the class, just to discover Raja at the entryway. Raja brings Rani inside, Bindu expels Rani’s hand from his. She reminds what Rani had don’t to him, yet she remembered anything. Rani swings to leave, Raja holds her hand and tells Bindu Rani is his companion, whatever she did was with him. Just he is going to choose her destiny, nobody would meddle between the companions. Bindu contends how he can overlook how she has been with him from the start. Raja advises her he can do anything for Rani, everybody must recall that this. It won’t be useful for anybody to say a word to Rani, he takes Rani along. Bindu yells from behind that he is doing incorrectly. Jeewan comes in singing an insulting melody for Bindu, he tells the class this history is monotonous. Raja and Rani are again one, and she was left aside like previously. Bindu cautions him to quiets down, why is he so glad about it. Does he view himself as a fundamental saint, he is overlooking that Raja and Rani as of now place him stuck in an unfortunate situation. Discovering Rani is a terrible news for him. Jeewan thinks there is a hellfire of contrast in adolescence and today.

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Rani gets in Ladies Toilet, Raja remains outside with his hand on the entryway. Rani keeps hers from inside over his hand and cries. Raja’s companion request what is the issue when he has as of now apologized. Rani leaves washroom to discover Raja in her youth veil. She heads to her, then dismisses. Raja moves before her to cheer her, she figures out how to leave however he stops her direction. The young ladies around tattle about what has happened to Sir, Rani swings to take off. Her dupatta stuck in the stool, she requests what this is? Raja tails her outside, singing around her. She gets a grieved letter and tears it…..
Bindu comes behind Rani with friends. Her friends taunt Rani for trapping Raja. Deepika comes to hand Rani her single room’s occupancy keys, Rani heads to see Raja doing sit stands holding his ears. Rani says she is happy where she is and goes to her room. Deepika joins Bindu and group. Bindu curtly calls Rani to be a drama queen, girls like him use boys. They can do anything for their need, she did the same with Raja in childhood and is repeating it. She trapped him from her innocence and now with her youth. They enter from temple and come out of bed room, they can do anything for money. Rani who stood on the other side of the wall cried.
Raja stops Rani’s way, Jeewan comes there too. He asks if he can’t see Rani doesn’t want to talk to him. Raja warns Jeewan to use his mouth only for food, he will only get beaten if he tries to interfere. What happened in childhood will never happen again. Jeewan says she is no more Rani, she is Gayatri Singh. He is also not that childhood Jeewan but Jeeves, black belt Jeeves. They come to punch each other, Rani stops the fight. She says Jeewan is right, she is no more the same. Along with the world they all have changed too. Rani was his friend, Gayatri isn’t………

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