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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28 June 2016 Written Episode

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Ranaji kill Gayatri murderous twist
Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28 June 2016 Written Episode

Rani keeps running outside, Raja had been playing his musical instrument. She calls Raja, and imagines the youngster Raja calling her. The tyke Rani comes to embrace him, he requests where she had been all along, he missed her to such an extent. Rani says she likewise remembered him for a solitary minute. Rani calls Raja once more, Raja pivots, gets off his auto as Rani races to him. Raja briefly says it requires some investment, however she remembered him. She is the same young lady he had been searching for from the start, he applauds over the amusement she played. She concealed herself from him, with the goal that he thinks little of her and she ruins his admiration before general society. She sang before him in fake voice, and till last minute she practiced National tune. He watches the pack in her grasp and says behind her guiltless face is a voracious one. He sticks her on the auto, saying he thought of her as a young lady who thinks beyond practical boundaries. However, she just thinks about the value of cash, he slaps the cash over her face yelling even this cash know where they need to go. He cautions her that the story has now start, starting now and into the foreseeable future he will just live to make her lose. He yells he won’t overlook today ever, nor will he give her a chance to pardon. He pushes her down on floor and leaves in his jeep. Rani continues ceasing him, then cries sitting on floor.

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Around evening time, Raja comes to royal residence. Kaal was opening a beverage restrain that flies to Raja. Kaal reminds him a story, in which a seeker came to prey for a lion however found a jackass. Raja says at whatever point he loses, Kaal’s fantasies are additionally crushed. Kaal inquires as to whether he didn’t detest this annihilation. Raja says no, Kaal discards his trophy and says Raja still can’t lie. Kaal tells Raja he got crushed from the young lady with whom he meandered around in youth. Raja doesn’t get him. Kaal says Gayatri is the same young lady due to whom he needed to leave royal residence. Jeewan and Bindu were additionally stunned to hear this. Raja was shocked. Kaal thinks about whether he should call her as his companion or foe. Raja’s times with Rani flashes before his eyes…….
There, Rani brings out the watch Raja had gifted her and cries holding it.
Raja was on his rocking chair thinking about Kaal’s words. He opens a drawer to find the mask still there. He remembers Rani’s silence when he demanded her to say he didn’t hit Jeewan. He clutches the glass tight, thinking about his bad times in the boarding; Bari Rani Maa holding Rani responsible for this. He breaks the glass, shouting Rani’s name. His hand was hurt.
The next morning, Rani calls Hema to inform her about money order for Raaj Mata’s test. Jeewan stood behind her, holds Rani’s hand and hugs her. Rani gets away and scolds him. Jeewan introduces himself with her, Rani recalls him as Bhukkar. Jeewan heads to hug her again, she prevents. He tells her he was her childhood friend, Rani reminds he has grown up. He corrects her calling him as Jeeves only like everyone call. Rani turns to leave, Jeewan thinks if he needs to defeat Raja he must keep Rani in his team and follows her. He tells Rani may be she would again want to be friend with Raja, considering him the same as childhood. As a friend, he would suggest she must not be. People change with time, Raaj is no more the innocent Raja Baja of her childhood, and he is Rajveer now. Rani says may be he is right, but she knows well who is worth her friendship. Raja comes to drag her from behind, makes her get in his car and drives. Rani was left questioning about he was taking her. Rani stops Raja as he drives in the middle of the forest. He gets off to come to Rani’s side and stares towards her. Rani was afraid of him, she gets off to run away. Raja follows her. He stops at a certain point. It begins to rain, Rani watches Raja coming from the front to confront her.
Raja hugs Rani at once, remembering about her hugging him in childhood. He asks where she had gone, who takes so much time in returning? Rani was moved and looks down to avoid his stare. He holds her face up, then kneels down holding her hand. He tells her she is only his. Their childhood flashes in front of their eyes. Rani holds his face to wipe his tears, showing the watch she was wearing. Raja’s word about hating her………

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