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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Drashti Dhami confirms quitting Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani
Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1 July 2016 Written Episode

Raaj Mata kiss Raja on brow. She was upbeat that now her Raja is with her, she will never do it again. Raja takes her along and help her on her bed. Rani leaves the room, however Raaj Mata holds Raja’s hand. She asks Raja what else Rana ji let him know. Raja makes up that Rana ji let him know how obstinate she is and doesn’t deal with her, she needs to take these natural products else Rana ji would be irate at him. He sits close-by and makes Raaj Mata eat organic products. Rani watch this from outside, the specialist joins Rani and says an outsider is doing what they all couldn’t do. Rani says he isn’t a more abnormal, he is a youth companion. The specialist calls her fortunate, she should deal with him. Rani cries gesturing cheerfully. During the evening additionally, Rani nourishes Hema while watching Raja bolstering Raaj Mata with his own particular hands.


was snoozing on the seat, while Raja likewise thinks about a seat outside. The following morning, Rani awakens on the seat to get herself secured in a blanket. She sees Raja was occupied. She comes to gathering and requests Raja what he is doing here? Raja denies her make a show here. Rani says there will be a show when he would inform everybody what he helped her regarding. Raja drags her into a room. Raja acknowledges he is a terrible individual yet she is the reason. Rani inquires as to whether he comprehend what transpired family. Raja advises Rani he needed to leave his home and live in a loading up as a result of her, she took that Raja Baja along, and just Prince Rajveer was there. He lost his trust over companionship. Rani says he is correct, his bad conduct is her mix-up. Be that as it may, she won’t examine her issues with him. He is correct, her companion was Raja Baja and not Rajveer.

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Raja says today she will comprehend his torment, when he is going to secure her this room. At that point they would acknowledge what destiny had given her. He jolts the entryway from outside, Rani continues thumping the entryway as her Dadu is truly sick. She calls for somebody, when Raja opens the entryway. Rani verging on tumbled down, Raja holds her nearby. Raja inquires as to whether she couldn’t stay without her claims for five minutes, did she ever think how that 8 years of age raja lived without his family. Neither one of the hes could do a reversal home, nor might anyone be able to come to meet him. He cries that his life swung to a discipline as a result of her. He got a companion like her, and a father who constantly made him frightful. He cries that he is constantly encompassed by individuals, yet nobody in this world is as alone as he seems to be. Rani additionally cries. A medical caretaker comes to ask them complete release customs, Raja wipes his tears and run with him.

Around evening time, Raja and Rani deal with Raaj Mata. Raja guarantees to come meet her in the morning. Raaj Mata requests where he is going, a child dependably stay with a mother. He will stay with her. Rani objects. In any case, Raaj Mata conclusively says her Raja would stay with her, its Rani’s obligation to deal with him. Raja hacks and requests a reiteration from Raaj Mata. Rani leaves mumbling her shoe won’t ever serve him. Raja requests any assistance in his administration.

Rani conceives that Dadu never viewed Mughal e Azam, then how she contemplated being Raaj Mata. She was certain Raja can’t spend a solitary night on the floor. She keeps a stool to take sleeping cushion and slips. Raja holds Rani in his arms. Hema calls him for samosa and tea, he drops Rani down and take off. Rani was terse that he called Hema as Mausi, she will advise Raaj what she lost.

Raaj acknowledges samosa and values the sause. Hema qualifies Rani made it, he feels hot with zest at the same time and requests a glass of water. Rani gazes at him, while he teases Rani. He then requests that go to washroom, Hema guides her…..
Raja opens the tap, there was no water. Rani informs Raja there is water for only two hours in normal people’s house. He was shocked. She pours him water to wash his hands. He turns to leave. Rani says she wants to say something, she wants to thanks him for saving her Dadu. Raja says she called him as Tum in childhood, why Aap now? Rani says she is used to it from the first day of college, and he is older than her. Raja boasts he isn’t as old. Raja tells Rani to accept she needs him. Rani says she is sorry about what he lost in his childhood, but she also lost a lot. Raja asks Rani not to let go of a small chance about apologizing him. Rani asks if it’s done? Raja tells Rani he won’t spare her so easily………

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