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Dhanak sunshine film

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Dhanak sunshine film
Director: Nagesh Kukunoor
Cast: Krish Chabria, Hetal Gada
Rating: ***1/2
Myth, old stories and images can be translated in horde ways that in spite of the fact that the genuine picture is clear it hurls endless potential outcomes simply like the beautiful rainbow. That is Nagesh Kukunoor’s “Dhanak” for you – an enthralling street film, stuffed with sufficient life’s lessons.

In light of a story thought by Yusuf Shaikh, it is the story of a visually impaired kid, Chotu and his dedicated sister Pari.

“Dhanak” is a sweet, unassuming story of how to, “see the world not with your eyes, but rather with your heart.” It likewise discusses how anything is conceivable on the off chance that you have confidence.

Stranded and living with their uncle and auntie in rustic Rajasthan, Pari with kid like purity, guarantees to deal with her more youthful sibling and help him recapture his visual perception before he turns nine years of age.

Only two months before Chotu’s ninth birthday, Pari is reminded about the guarantee when she sees a notice about eye gift, embraced by her object of worship Shah Rukh Khan.

Before long she discovers that Shah Rukh is shooting in Jaisalmer, which is around 300 kilometers from where they live. What’s more, knowing completely well that they won’t be bolstered by their uncle and close relative, the team escape from their home and set out to meet him. They traverse Rajasthan, in the conviction that he is their lone friend in need who could help Chotu recapture his vision.

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The plot described in a direct, straight way is uncomplicated and straightforward. It catches the purity of the youngsters and takes you over the state in all its brilliance. The characters too are particular and all around scratched….
Their banter is real and full of innocent wit. There is warmth and understanding in the depiction of the sibling relationship. Their little squabbles and differences — Chotu is a Salman Khan fan and Pari likes Shah Rukh Khan — and their inescapable closeness is depicted lovingly.

The tale becomes doubly endearing due to the brilliant and uninhibited performances of the cast. Every actor plays their part to perfection.

Hetal Gada as Pari and Krrish Chabria as Chotu steal your heart with their flawless rendition of their characters. They are natural and completely at ease before the camera.

They are aptly supported by other actors in one scene roles, namely; Suresh Menon as the, “naata bhala aadmi” (a short good man) who helps them during their time of need, Bharti Achrekar as the gypsy clairvoyant, Ninad Kamat as the tout who makes money by fooling people, Vibha Chibber as Mata Sheera Wali, and Chet Dixon as the foreigner walking through the globe for peace.

On the technical front, the film is colourful, vibrant and appealing. DOP (Director of Photography) Chitranjan Das’s camera work is remarkable. He captures the locales — which include the sets designed by Production Designer Devika Bahudhanam, the costumes designed by Aparna Shah and the finer nuances of the actors — with precision.

The background score along with the songs is pulsating and flows in sync with the narration. The editing by Sanjib Datta is flawless……….

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