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Dehleez 7 May 2016 Written Episode

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Dehleez 7 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Appa saying 30 years is a major thing. Adarsh says mother and father did not wish to set up gathering on their commemoration, we are sorting out one. Appa says our marriage finished 24 years, arrange our marriage commemoration also. He says Adarsh resemble our child, I can let him know. Swadheenta says we will arrange. Adarsh welcomes them in gathering. Appa says we will come.

Ahuja advises Suhasini and Manohar to do couple move in gathering, they will appreciate. He says its enormous day for me, Suhasini went to my home for first time, I m regarded, we will eat and talk together. Manohar says we need to leave, we will eat some other day. Ahuja says no, occasionally I feel you all made me an outcast, you didn’t let me know about Adarsh’s engagement. Suhasini says I have come here interestingly, we came to welcome you. Ahuja expresses gratitude toward them, and says I know young lady, Swadheenta, what does her father do. Manohar says he is Bharatnatyam educator. Suhasini says he is a craftsman. Ahuja says fine, you are extraordinary individuals to concur for this, I would have not concurred if Adarsh was my child. She says Adarsh resemble your child, we need you to come and meet Ramakrishnan, however be watchful in talks. Ahuja inquires as to why. She says he has diverse order. Ahuja says when I meet him, I will clarify him, he didn’t get to be Samdhi yet, I m Samdhi since one year, I m Senior. He giggles. Manohar and Suhasini grin.

Appa talks on phone and asks for pics. Suhasini and Manohar come there. Mami welcomes them. Appa asks them to sit. He asks how did you guys come here. Manohar says we came to invite you in our…. Appa says marriage anniversary, Adarsh told us and invited too. Suhasini says oh, we got late, we will leave now, we have to visit other people. Amma and Appa ask them to sit. Appa gets pics and get busy. Amma asks him to leave phone. She says there was stage performance and its those pics. Suhasijni says show us too. Appa says I had performance last month in Chennai. Suhasini likes the pics. Appa gets glad.

Swadheenta and Adarsh meet outside. She says 30 years, wow. He says I think how two people stay together. She says Amma says person becomes habit. He says you have become my habit now itself. She says I will ask after five years. He says when I see mom and dad, I get glad, they are always together in good and bad times, we will also be together like them, right. She says right and pulls his nose. She runs. He runs after her. Jiya re….plays……….. She asks him to promise no person or situation will come between them. He looks around. She asks are you afraid to promise. He says no, mom told me when we promise, it will be near some bird. He sees some pigeons and runs there. He promises that he will not let Swadheenta and his relation fall weak. He says its your turn now. She goes to him and says I also promise Adarsh and my relation fall weak.

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Manohar tells Suhasini that I did not see Ahuja so happy till now, not even at his complex inauguration. He leaves for a meeting. Simmi looks on. Suhasini asks do you have to say something. Simmi hugs her and thanks her for inviting her dad by visiting him. she says I m glad. Suhasini says its fine, Abhay and you did mistake. Ahuja and we were paying the price. Simmi says you won’t have any complaints. Suhasini says you know whats happening in our house. Simmi asks why. Suhasini says its fine if you don’t understand. Simmi says I know everyone has hidden things from you, but I always say truth to you. Suhasini says I expect from you that you tell me what others are hiding. Simmi says sure, I promise. Suhasini goes. Simmi says this is chance, which Jaya missed, I can’t get better chance to become mom’s fav bahu, I can’t miss this.

Mamu tells Appa that they should take a nice gift for Sinhas. Appa says yes, I m thinking the same. He calls Adarsh. Adarsh and Swadheenta are together. She says your phone is ringing. He says let it ring. She says it can be imp. He says maybe from my ex GF. She says I will answer. She gets Appa’s call and gives phone to Adarsh. Appa smiles. He asks about gift for his parents. Adarsh says mom and dad are simple, you just come, that will be gift. Appa asks sure. Adarsh says yes, and ends call. Adarsh says Guru ji is cute, he was telling about gift. She says yes, gift should be there. Adarsh asks why, he already gave gift, you. They hug.

Asad asks his friends about Arvind. They say he has fever or cough. Asad asks fever or cough, I know he would be afraid, come, we will visit him at the flat. His friends worry. Arvind checks the city map. Asad comes there and stops his friend from calling Arvind. Asad says don’t ring bell, we will surprise him, give me keys. He opens the door and gets inside flat. He says Arvind is really not here. Arvind lifts Asad and surprises him. They laugh. Asad says you look fine, what are they saying. Arvind says I took good rest, I m fine. Asad says I have come to say about Adarsh and Swadheenta’s engagement, you guys have to come, there is one more party, Mr. and Mrs. Sinha’s anniversary party, I have to prepare for that, you guys come in engagement. They say sure. Asad leaves. Arvind scolds the guys for getting Asad. The guy says we were messaging, Asad stopped us, but how did you know. Arvind says I have seen you guys coming, else don’t know what would have happened.

At Sinha’s anniversary party, Suhasini and Manohar attend guests. Swadheenta and her family comes there. Adarsh welcomes them. Abhay says we thought to welcome guests and let parents enjoy. Jaya asks Swadheenta to join them. Amma asks them to take Swadheenta for any work. Jaya says no, I m just joking. Swadheenta and Adarsh smile seeing each other. Manohar tells Suhasini that Ramakrishnan has come, what about her master stroke. She asks him to wait. Swadheenta and her family wish happy anniversary to them. Appa says we thought what gift to get for you, we could not think. Manohar says you came, that’s enough. Ahuja comes there and congratulates Suhasini and Manohar. Swadheenta’s family looks on……….

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