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Dehleez 24 June 2016 Written Episode

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Dehleez 24 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Arvind saying I can shoot you and go, then Haider won’t get equity, Arvind will dependably be a mystery for police, I got Asad killed, nobody saw my face, today I will kill you, and this time too nobody can see me, recollect your Lord, go ahead. She gets irate. He asks are you getting outrage on me, do you despise me, I abhor the individuals who meddle in my work, your sibling too did as such, he attempted to come up short my central goal, I passed him to Allah, now its your turn, your Lord is calling you. He harms her by holding her neck and choking out her. She pushes him away and runs. Arvind gets her. Adarsh and Paddy reach there and get stunned seeing this.

Adarsh holds Arvind and requests that Paddy oversee Swadheenta. Adarsh and Arvind have a battle. Swadheenta and Paddy look on. Adarsh tumbles down. Arvind keeps his foot on him, and says you will battle with me, you are an officer sitting in AC office, will you battle with a tiger, I slaughtered your sibling who was a cop, Asad did not execute him, I had a fabulous time killing Abhay. Adarsh reviews Abhay’s demise and irately beats Arvind, overwhelming him and discarding him like a cotton ball. He beats Arvind. Bilal comes to there and tosses the weapon to Arvind. Arvind goes for Adarsh. Swadheenta gets stressed and cries. Arvind shot Abhay and grins. Adarsh twists and gets spared from the projectile. He races to Arvind and tries to get the firearm….
Bilal gets killed by Arvind’s hand, while Adarsh and Arvind were snatching the gun. Arvind gets shocked. Adarsh pushes Arvind down and says you think you are a big terrorist, you are a dog, you will die a dog’s death. Swadheenta and Paddy stop Adarsh from killing Arvind. Arvind runs inside the tunnel, while Adarsh shoots at him. Arvind succeeds to flee. Adarsh asks Swadheenta is she fine…..

Suhasini recalls Adarsh’s words and thinks of Manohar’s replies to her. She gets thinking and takes a pill to relieve her tension. Paddy calls inspector and informs him about the place near the village, that terrorist has run by a tunnel, I read about this place, there are many tunnels, find him, thanks, that’s great. She tells Swadheenta that inspector said he knows about every tunnel here, I will leave, I want to leave you both alone, I know you have to talk a lot. She hugs Swadheenta and goes.

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Adarsh apologizes to Swadheenta for misunderstanding her, when Abhay died in my arms, I did not know whom to believe, I was just understanding what people said, I also felt Asad and Haider Mamu, whatever I said…. She says why are you sorry, I did not regard you wrong, I just wanted to prove Asad and Mamu innocent, I did not wish to hurt anyone, I felt everyone’s pain after Abhay’s death. He says no one understood your pain, we will always support each other from now, whatever the situation is. More jiya…..plays…………. They hug. She gets hurt. He says I m so sorry, and takes her. They leave from that place. She cares for his wound, and he cares for hers.

Its morning, Jaya greets morning to Jaidev and asks him to get up. She pulls his ear and wakes him up. She asks him to freshen up, then they will have tea together. He asks whats wrong with you, is everything okay. She says I m very happy, I have my life’s precious thing, you, I got you, I m so happy. She tickles him and they hug. He says you look very pretty when you smile, and kisses her on her forehead. They get close to kiss. Suhasini comes there and their moment breaks.

Jaidev and Jaya greet her. Jaya asks why does she look as if she did not sleep all night. Suhasini says I was bit disturbed. Jaidev says don’t worry mom, Adarsh will come. She says its not about Adarsh, its about you. He says I did not understand. She says you have always been Manohar’s shadow, its good, son should be father’s shadow, but if son lies to mother, its tough to understand this, I did not ask anything, you lowered your eyes, whats the truth of internal enquiry, is Manohar involved in this coverup, is Asad and Haider innocent as Swadheenta and Adarsh are saying, remember, just say the truth, it will affect Abhay. Jaidev cries and hugs her. He says I m sorry mom. She gets shocked.

Suhasini recalls how Haider Mamu and Mami were treated. She recalls talking to Mami and scolding her angrily, Mami’s promise, Swadheenta’s words, and Asad.

Suhasini goes to Manohar and says it was my mistake, to have passion to tough heights of success, of supporting you always, I did not know that fire will burn us, what was that helplessness that you neglected Abhay’s death and sacrifice, what was that reason…. She cries and looks at him. He gets speechless. She says you know I did not have such sorrow on Abhay’s death, I have much sorrow now on my trust breaking up on you, we decided we will never lie of hide things from each other, you forgot that deal, how…. You may have done thousands of cover-ups for system’s mistakes, maybe they were also someone’s son, if you understand this, then think its time to accept mistakes. She leaves….

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