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Dehleez 23 June 2016 Written Episode

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Dehleez 23 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Adarsh saying thanks to Jaidev. He says this report presented our defense solid, I have sent a duplicate to mother as well, this will be solid confirmation, we will see who spares Haider, Swadheenta trusted her Mamu and Asad are not terrorists, mother will demonstrate her wrong, I m beyond any doubt father will get perfect chit, Swadheenta wronged, so I took a choice. Jaidev asks what. Adarsh says that there is no spot for Swadheenta in my life, after this current case’s choice, I m going to give her separation. Jaidev gets stunned.

Jaidev stresses and gets heartbroken. He embraces Adarsh and cries. Adarsh asks what happened, you can’t say reality right, I knew you can’t conflict with father, then how could you have been able to you think I will remain against Swadheenta. Jaidev gets stunned… .. Adarsh says I knew it well that this report is false, you are overlooking that individuals know me as Govt. Robin hood, I took 15mins to know the report truth, I came here to see what would you like to say. Jaidev says I generally bolstered truth, yet not currently, I effectively lost a sibling, I can’t lose my other sibling, I m with you.

Manohar is available to come back to work. Adarsh goes to him. Manohar says if individual falls on ground, he can get up, if individual falls on cash, its difficult to get up. Adarsh rehashes his lines and inquires as to whether individual falls in eyes then… . I viewed you as my golden calf, my Guru. Manohar asks whats the matter. Adarsh says I read the genuine enquiry report. Suhasini asks genuine report. Adarsh says what report I have sent you was false, it was controlled by father. Manohar says see him, he is Robin hood, he is talking like his better half, he is stating lie. Adarsh says I m saying truth. Suhasini says you are with respect to your father an untruth. Adarsh says in light of the fact that he deceived me and you. She slaps him and requests that he bolster his significant other, yet not set out to say a word against Manohar, he never deceived me till now, he will never lie. Adarsh says I can demonstrate everything now in the event that I need, however I need to go, similar to your better half needs you, my significant other needs me as well. He takes off….
Jaidev goes to Jaya and cries. She asks what happened to you, and wipes his tears. He hugs her. She asks is everything okay. He thanks her for showing him right path. I did exactly like you told me, trust me, it feels so good, thanks for becoming a part of my life, and walking on this path with me, I love you. She says love you too and smiles. They hug. Adarsh calls Swadheenta. The number is unreachable. He calls the investigation officer. He asks about Swadheenta. Inspector says madam was with me, we got to know Arvind is in Rajasthan, I think she went there. Adarsh says fine. He then calls Paddy. He asks about Swadheenta, do you know where is she. She says don’t worry, I will find out. He says I m leaving for Rajasthan. She says I got to know Swadheenta went there to find Arvind, I m also leaving with my team to meet her, we will trace Arvind.

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Arvind says poor Swadheenta would be in some hospital. He sees the door open and says Bilal comes and leaves 100 times. He goes out to see Bilal. He does not see anyone and asks who is there. He gets shocked seeing wounded Swadheenta there. She thanks him for attacking on her and making her reach here, did you think I won’t be able to reach you, I was sure just you can show me the way, I was roaming around in hope that I may see you or you may see me, look now, I m standing infront of you, you felt I will die so easily, till I don’t get justice for my brother, I won’t die, this is a little wound. He smiles and says Swadheenta Ramakrishnan, I have to praise you and your bravery, you got stabbed and reached me, that too alone.

She says who told you I came alone here, many policemen will come here to take you, let me see your face, I hate you call you human. Police is on the way. She says I don’t know from which country are you, I will remind you where are you, you are in India, where people stay with love and peace, you tried to plant hatred, I will not forgive you, you cheated Asad, who regarded you a brother. Police reaches there. He acts to call Bilal. She turns. He hits on her head with a rod and drags her inside. He opens a passage door and hears policemen coming.

Arvind takes Swadheenta and comes out of the passage. He looks around and drinks water. He sprinkles some water on her. She gets conscious and looks around. He holds her wound and says sorry, our talk was left incomplete, how are we here…. I will give all answers, but before that, I wanted to ask what were you saying.

Paddy and Adarsh are on the way. Paddy talks on phone and asks what are you saying, Swadheenta reached Arvind and disappeared, how did you let her go alone. Adarsh takes the phone and asks inspector what do you mean you are finding her, tell your name, if you don’t find her, then I will surprise you. Arvind says you were saying about your and my country, you were calling policemen, how did we come here, there is door on the ground too where I hide, this is called a tunnel which just I know, none of your 100 policemen can reach here. She says if I can reach you, the policemen can reach you too, I m in my country even if I m captive, you can’t be saved from me till I m alive. He says you said right, but why are you alive. He hurts her wound and suffocates her neck. She screams. Paddy tells Adarsh that I can trace Swadheenta, its 900m away, take a right. Arvind says you would have died if I hurt you more, but I have to answer your questions before you die, when I went to any mission, I used to make return path first and then came back, I thought the same this time, you came in my way. She says you did not meet such sister before, who can do anything, I promised Asad that I won’t let his culprit get away free. He says shut up, you can’t do anything, your country can’t do anything too…….

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