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Dehleez 2 May 2016 Written Episode

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Dehleez 2 May 2016 Written Episode
Dehleez 2 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Suhasini and Manohar going to Swadheenta’s home. Mamu invites them. Appa says Revathi, we ought to leave, come. Mamu stops Appa and requests that he tune in. He says I know you don’t care for us saying in your family matter, its about Swadheenta, simply converse with them. Mami says yes, converse with them, see what they need to say. Appa keeps the sacks. Appa requests that Suhasini and Manohar come inside. Adarsh is tensed and sits tight for call. Jaidev and Abhay come to him. Abhay asks did mother call you. Adarsh says why will mother call me. Abhay says precisely, whats the utilization to sit tight for her call. Adarsh says don’t know whats happening here, mother and father went to converse with Guru ji, I m anxious. Jaidev says unwind, we are with you, mother made first stride, I trust Swadheenta’s folks get it. Adarsh says I m on edge, I don’t have aam papad, Swadheenta eats that when she is tensed. Jaidev and Abhay grin. Adarsh clears out. Abhay and Jaidev likewise trust there is no pressure there.

Manohar requests that Appa not take past things forward, else new relations can’t shape. Appa says you need to get your child wedded to such young lady who… . Mamu says we ought to take talk ahead. Swadheenta presents Mamu and Mami. Suhasini says they were neighbors in Chennai. Manohar says we will talk straight, we came to settle Adarsh and Swadheenta’s connection. Appa requests that her go. Mami requests that Swadheenta go upstairs, your telephone will ring and you can hear it. She signs Mamu to call Swadheenta. Swadheenta goes upstairs. Asad requests that her meet Adarsh Sinha. She grins. Adarsh says I have come to meet you by intersection all the porches. Asad says what an extraordinary affection, go ahead, I will take off. He goes.
Swadheenta says I can’t believe this is happening finally. Adarsh asks whats happening finally? She says your mom and dad are here to talk about our marriage. She gets Mamu’s call and puts on speaker. Adarsh and Swadheenta sit hearing the live conversation. Sinhas and Appa-Amma argue over marriage arrangements. Arguments go on. Mami says we can talk tomorrow, we will discuss and then talk. Manohar says this will be fine, we will meet at our house at 12, you can meet our family too. Manohar and Suhasini greet them and leave. Adarsh and Swadheenta smile. Adarsh says don’t know how many dates will mom take. Swadheenta says this case will end tomorrow at 12.

Jaidev asks Jaya why is she packing bag, I spoke to mom and dad, you can leave if you want. She says I know my presence won’t matter you, divorce is big thing, mom is big lawyer, mom could not see I did not sign on papers. He asks what. She says I did not wish to bring our marriage truth out, I had no way to save Adarsh and Swadheenta’s love, this was only way to explain mumma, I want what you wanted, my purpose is fulfilled, mumma and Papa went to talk to Swadheenta’s parents. She unpacks the bag and says I would have given you divorce to you earlier if I wanted, I told you if we both lose hope in this relation, relation won’t be there, I will not lose hope, I will tell mumma that I changed my decision, there is no need for you to say anything, its okay……

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Manohar and Suhasini come home. Adarsh comes downstairs and hugs them thankfully. He asks how was it. She says all fine, its all decided. Adarsh asks really. Manohar says yes, I invited them tomorrow. Suhasini says they are coming. Adarsh thanks Manohar and Suhasini. He says mom, you understood me, that means a lot, you are Swadheenta’s ideal and she wants to become like you, you will like her. She says I know, will you become Tamilian after marriage. He says no. she says we said yes for marriage, we will decide about marriage arrangements, you will support us, not your inlaws. He says yes, thanks, I love you.

Suhasini sees Jaya in kitchen and asks what are you cooking. Jaya says zeera aloo. Suhasini says Jaidev likes it a lot. Jaya says you want to know why I did not leave, I did not wish to and did not had courage. Suhasini says you are not my fav just like that, staying in such relation for many years without sharing any problem, my choice was not wrong, its just matter of time, Jaidev will realize I chose good bahu and good wife for him. Jaya says I m sure of this and hugs Suhasini. Suhasini thanks her and smiles.

Suhasini and Manohar have a talk. He says Adarsh is very happy, he did not imagine you could agree so soon, even I could not believe this, Jaidev and Jaya showed is mirror, its good Jaya changed decision. She says divorce papers were not signed, she thought I won’t notice. He asks why did Jaya do this. She says Jaya wanted to make us realize her bitter relation truth so that we agree for Adarsh and Swadheenta, our choice was not wrong, Jaya is best bahu and will always be, the truth is all of them are together, they all knew about Swadheenta and Adarsh, we both become villain. He says I will talk to them. She says no, we did mistake, our decisions were not wrong, our way was wrong, we thought they are our friends, if we say wrong to Simmi, they feel we are Abhay’s enemy, if we say Swadheenta is wrong, they will say we are Adarsh’s enemy. He says it means you feel Swadheenta is not right for Adarsh, then why did you agree. She says Adarsh will refuse for Swadheenta. Adarsh and Swadheenta are positive and talk about tomorrow’s meet.

Asad asks Swadheenta will she not have coffee. She says no, I don’t have to be awake today. He teases and says you have to see dreams, your marriage is fixed and all this started. She says I m feeling sleepy. He makes her sit and says actually, I wanted your help. She asks what happened to Radhika. He says no, my friends are not getting room to stay, if you talk to dad, we can give our flat on rent. She says no, you know Mamu, he vacated room when neighbors complained, your friends won’t be able to stay. He says please, dad listens to you….

Suhasini shows an old case of saas-bahu, both were doctors. He says its your and Swadheenta’s story, what happened then. She says son married his love, bahu did not go well with mum in law and filed harassment case against mum, bahu won. She says when bahu was working on case, saas was working on her son, bahu won case, and son rejected his wife, son married another girl of mum’s choice and went abroad, no one knows where that bahu went. She says sometimes we have to change ways, Adarsh will say no for Swadheenta, she will win case and lose………………

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