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Dehleez 19 April 2016 Written Episode

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Dehleez 9 April 2016 Written Episode
Dehleez 19 April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Ramakrishnan is sitting tight for Adarsh and sees the time. Jeevan is doing yoga. Adarsh comes there and wishes him. He asks him for what good reason are you late,and Adarsh asks pardons. At that point Ramakrishnan educates about namaskaram ventures in Bharanatyam. He advises Jeevan to do it and requests that Adarsh watch it painstakingly.

At that point he requests that Adarsh do likewise. Be that as it may, Adarsh battles to do the strides. At that point Jeevan begins doing gradually and again Adarsh battles to do Namaskaram steps. At that point Ramakrishnan goes. Adarsh compose 12 days in the whiteboard and illuminates Jeevan that is his objective. He goes to his position and begins doing Bharanatyam and he falls regularly, however he tries over and over intrepidly.

At that point he contemplates Swadeenta and does the progressions without falling. The time hits 2′ and Ramakrishnan requests that Adarsh go as the time is over. Manohar gets some information about Adarsh to Jaidev and Adarsh touched base there and says I’m here as it were. Jaidev and Adarsh deceives Manohar. At that point he goes. Jaidev gets some information about classes and Appreciate Adarsh that he can do well and Adarsh expresses gratitude toward him.

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In school, Radhika is drinking espresso alone and Asad watching her from far. Th n they both walk together and he converses with her. At that point all of a sudden yash interferes with them a drags Radhika and tells Asad that we are going out.

In Mamu’s home, Mami is serving samosas to everybody. Swadeenta gets some information about Adarsh classes and stresses. At that point she sees 12 days in whiteboard. Jeevan tells,Swadeenta that it is foundation fest in 12 days, why is Adarsh is in rush? He is abnormal.
In Adarsh house, Abhay and Jaidev gives books to Adarsh and ask him to do Bharanatyam practice in front of them. He does all the steps perfectly and they claps for them. Jaya looks on them from the door and doubts. Jaidev comes to his room and Jaya asks him what’s going on don’t lie to me. He then tells her Adarsh loves Swadeenta not Vanshika and tells whole story to her. She is,shocked hearing this and jaidev goes to sleep.

In Mamu’s house, Asad is kidding Swadeenta by doing bharanatyam. She says to him that If Suhasini comes to know about Adarsh learning Bharatnatyam what will,she do.

Adarsh is in pain. His legs are aching. Suhasini comes to his room to give tea. She sees the book” learn Tamil in a month” which gave by Abhay. He excuses. She tells him Swadeenta is also tamil and tells him that her engagement also happening soon and yours also. She smiles and goes. Adarsh is worried……..

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