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Dehleez 12 April 2016 Written Episode

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Dehleez 9 April 2016 Written Episode
Dehleez 12 April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manohar says three brothers together, is there any imp discussion, include me sometimes. Jaidev says nothing dad, just about Adarsh and Vanshika… Manohar says yes, this should be the topic. He says Adarsh, I spoke to CM about you and Bundelas, if this relation happens, I think it will be perfect match. Abhay says dad, Adarsh was saying. Manohar asks what. Jaidev says I was asking Adarsh does he want to marry Vanshika, to say clearly. Manohar asks why, is there any doubt. Adarsh says no dad.

Manohar says I won’t feel bad if you don’t agree, but there can’t be better proposal for you, if you want to do something for your career, family and me, then let this relation happen, you settle with such girl who is like Suhasini, Vanshika is such, else you can decide. Adarsh stops him and says its not like that I don’t agree with you, I m sure whatever you decide will be for my good, I totally trust you dad. Manohar asks will you marry Vanshika. Adarsh says ofcourse dad, I will do as you say, there can’t be any nice girl than Vanshiak for me, infact I was going to tell Jaidev and Abhay that Vanshika is perfect for me. Jaidev and Abhay look on. Manohar says thanks, and sorry boys, carry on. He goes. Jaidev asks Adarsh did he really wish to say this. Adarsh says yes, Vanshika and I are perfect together, its Abhay’s mistake, he deals with criminals and doubts always, dad said right, Vanshika and I are perfect, afterall we are school friends, I forgot I have to meet Vanshika. He leaves.

Manohar tells Suhasini that I spoke to Adarsh, why did you send me to talk. She says I know he likes Vanshika, I also know he respects you a lot and sent you, sometimes its good when father talks to children. He smiles. Adarsh goes out and recalls Manohar’s words. Dil yaad majboor….. plays…………. He looks at the temple. He cries and wishes Lord to show him the path and if his decision is right or not. He goes to the temple and prays. Swadheenta is also there praying. She prays for Asad, she gets tensed seeing Asad who has fell very weak, please bring him out of this. Adarsh turns and they both see each other.

They take aarti together. She says you here in temple, I had many reasons to come here, cases and many things, but you here. He says even I have a reason today, very big. She stops him and says Adarsh, I will ask if you don’t ask, will you have coffee. He smiles. She says come.

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They go for coffee. She asks why is he silent. He says if I talk more, you have problem, if I stay silent, you still have problem. She says no, but your stupid talk. He says I m not saying anything. She asks him to say about himself. He says I m stuck between my elder brother’s maturity and younger brother’s mischief, I m expected to balance everything. She tells about her and Asad, she loves Asad. He says atleast Asad has love in his heart, what happened on rose day, did Radhika refuse, I met her in college, she is cute. She says she is getting engaged to someone else.
He says I saw their great science, however science can’t guarantee love between them, isn’t that so? She says right. He expresses profound gratitude for espresso, and calls server. She says its alright, you look changed. He says say straight, that I m not being a tease, are you glad or miserable about it. She says I m glad, on the off chance that you don’t do that idiocy, you are not a terrible person. She advances hand and says companions. He shakes hands. Kismet ko hai ye manzur… .. plays… … They go out. She leaves on her scooty. He looks on tragically and waves her bye.

Simmi calls pandit and requests that he come in morning. She tells jaya that pandit will go ahead time. Jaya asks did you advise everybody. Simmi says yes. Jaya says I was feeling interesting, I didn’t know Adarsh is content with marriage or not, but rather now I m happy, Adarsh said he needs to wed Vanshika. Simmi asks what, when did he say. Jaya says did Abhay not let you know, Adarsh said this to Jaidev, Abhay and Papam what transpired. Simmi says I m fine. Jaya says Suhasini requesting that we begin shopping, we don’t have much time. She goes. Simmi gets considering.

Swadheenta meets Asad’s companions in school. She says Asad is vexed after rose day. His companion says we attempted to clarify him a considerable measure. She says we need to divert his consideration, don’t give him a chance to meet Radhika, be with him, he says we need that, yet she comes in the middle. Another companion tells about youth celebration, young ladies and all, I mean all school groups will come, its good times. She says Asad and his companions are same, take Asad in this celebration, it will be great. Asad comes there and she leaves. They tell about youth celebration. Swadheenta looks on. Asad says I m not intrigued. They persuade him and take along. She grins.

Swadheenta comes to office and asks Suhasini would I be able to help you. Suhasini says yes, however this case is intense, take a gander at this rundown, its for my child’s engagement arrangements, I think the day will go to purchase sarees. Swadheenta says I can help in purchasing sarees. Suhasini asks how. Swadheenta says my Mami purchases sarees by some vender who gets back home, he has huge assortment. Suhasini asks quality insightful? Swadheenta says best. Suhasini says then call him today. Swadheenta calls Mami………

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