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D4 Get up and Dance 9 May 2016 Written Episode

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D4 Get up and Dance
D4 Get up and Dance 9 May 2016 Written Episode

Around evening time, Baby sat outside the house when Sonam comes there. She whines to Baby on the off chance that she pledged to keep them out both at evenings and early mornings. Infant cheered the moons and stars, Sonam argues Baby to give them a chance to rest, and there is nothing unique with the sky. Infant says it’s the sky of the night she became acquainted with the most vital thing in her life. In the event that she has a thought why she listens to everything Mikhail needs to say, she bears his reprimands, needs to move and walk; since she cherishes Mikhail. Sonam gets energized twirling her wheel seat. Amar affirms Baby on the off chance that she is certain. Sonam cheers she is enamored, he should not meddle between two mates. Child guarantees Amar she won’t let him know anything. Child inquires as to why? Child gets steamed that she isn’t sufficient for him, why might he cherish her? She couldn’t care less about him, he can’t prevent her from adoring him.

The following morning, Mikhail considers Baby in institute, hitting the dance floor with him; her indignation, when she got weak. He was certain Baby will move soon.

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Harry gets romantic with Dia, she scolds him for being late for class. Harry was excited about working for Soul Mates, he explains Dia Mikhail got Aneri as Aneri, she dance so well, with such grace and her chemistry matches with Mikhail’s. Dia was excited if this happens, all their problems would solve. Dia says Mikhail still has Baby as Aneri in mind, Harry suggests they won’t tell Mikhail about anything. When he will feel, then he will accept; they will show him how perfect this Aneri is for Rohan’s Aneri. Dia wasn’t convinced, Harry asks her to leave it to him.
Amar and Sonam come to room, they find Baby in bed and Sonam accuses Amar for degrading Baby. Amar says they don’t know if Mikhail even loves her or not. Sonam was determined to find out about it, she comes teasing Baby. Baby gives a breaking news, she has no feet. Sonam tells her doctors have assured if Baby tries she can walk again. Baby wonders what she would do if they weren’t in her life. Amar says she would have got boring. Sonam says she is here, no matter what. She won’t let Aneri snatch her Mikhail, Baby qualifies Mikhail isn’t hers. They convince Baby it isn’t yet proven Mikhail loves Aneri, right now she must show some care to Mikhail. Baby asks what she must do then, Sonam was ready to make a master plan.
Mikhail was practicing in academy with vigorous dance steps. Nehtra comes to Harry who sang in a room, she keeps her hands on his shoulders and asks if he still didn’t forget Soul Mates. She assures she only cares for Harry’s success. Harry suggest her to consult a psychiatrist. Nehtra gives him a cheques, as a gift; for the show. Harry asks her to leave, none of her show can touch Soul Mates. He clues her about change of a girl, and the show will take place. Nehtra leaves curtly, Harry smiles behind her.
Sonam asks Amar to go to academy, her mind is planning something. Amar claims each of her plan to be a disaster. The get to academy, Sonam tries to get in the room from window with the help of Mikhail, Mikhail enters the room, and she fell back over Amar. Mikhail takes the water bottle and leaves, Sonam gets in and goes to Aneri’s costume, stealing it and wrapping the dummy with a black shawl instead.
Kavita gives Baby her medicines, Baby demands to go to a physiotherapist. Kavita cheers at her decision and goes to call doctor………..

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