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D4 Get up and Dance 6 May 2016 Written Episode

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D4 Get up and Dance
D4 Get up and Dance 6 May 2016 Written Episode

Mikhail inquires as to whether there is some issue, Sonam says no and drags Baby away.

The following morning, Sonam hurries to Amar and lets him know Baby isn’t the room, she has fled. Amar tosses pad over her to check well, she tosses it back saying Baby is no place. They look open air, yet Baby wasn’t there either. They come to Baby, she says she attempted to get lost, then recollected that she is debilitate, she understood its unrealistic for her to drag herself alongside her wheelchair. Amar approaches her to tend to herself. She cries needing to leave. Sonam embraces her.

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In the foundation Mikhail works out watching the time. Dia comes in, and inquires as to whether Baby doesn’t have a preparation. Mikhail says she is thirty minutes late, he has been sitting tight for her. Aneri comes there getting some information about Baby, Mikhail was furious at her for not notwithstanding picking her call. He wears a shirt, Aneri tags along guaranteeing she would be fine.
Baby was at the shaft, crying about Mikhail and Aneri’s closeness. Sonam eyes her and tells Amar Baby is sad for Mikhail, she is upset since Mikhail danced with Aneri.
Aneri and Mikhail comes to Baby’s home, he asks about Baby. Kavita tells him Baby left for academy, she must be coming. Aneri stops Mikhail from shouting, and qualifies they came to take her phone’s charger. Kavita reminds her medicines as well, she advices Mikhail to give her medicines in time. Aneri introduces herself to be Aneri, Baby’s friend. On the bike, Aneri calms Mikhail down. Mikhail wonders why she didn’t call him, she is so careless.
Sonam tries to cheer Baby by asking her opinion on a dress. Amar comes with mp3 player, but Baby was in no mood to listen. They leave. Amar suggests about taking Baby to academy, till when she would hide from Mikhail. Kavita called that Mikhail came home looking for Baby, they were afraid of Mikhail’s anger. He comes there asking about Baby. Amar says she isn’t here, Mikhail forbids him to lie. He goes inside and finds Baby. Baby wipes her tears, Mikhail asks where she was, he leaves all his classes to train her and she doenst bother call him once to inform if she is dead or alive. He turns her wheel chair to him, he forbids her to come to him if she accepts his loss; he hates them. If she wants to spend time like this, she must not waste his time. Amar forbids him talk to Baby like this, his sister is a fighter and not a loser. Mikhail says it’s visible. Aneri calms Mikhail down, he must give her some time. She would be regular from tomorrow, she qualifies Mikhail is really understanding. Mikhail jerks her hand away saying he doesn’t want to understand anything, if she doesn’t come to academy 9 am tomorrow, she should never show him her face. Aneri apologizes from Mikhail’s side, she knows him to be selfless but never shows. He is doing everything to help and protect Baby. She hands her medicine and charger to Baby and leave.
In the academy, Aneri takes Mikhail’s permission for a question, what he feels for Baby. Mikhail asks what question this is. Mikhail was enraged at her, if she wasn’t in this condition he might have held his hand on her. Aneri explains her question, who is Baby for him, what her place in his life. She insists there is something, it seems he considers a right over her. Mikhail tells Aneri she was just a fan, who came looking for him here. Aneri insists there is something. Mikhail says a lot was possible, she could be his show’s main lead and his academy’s star; but she lost all the chances. But today he wish he had thrown her out of his life a long time ago. Aneri calms him down, and apologizes for making him angry. She tries to cheer him. He apologizes for being angry. He asks to go out for some time, and advices her to take care of her.
Sonam brings Baby to beach side, she goes to get drink for Baby. Baby thinks about Mikhail’s determination to make him stand on her feet. She looks towards the sea to find Mikhail there with gifts for children. She was shocked watching him play with the children there, cheerfully………

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