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D4 Get up and Dance 22 June 2016 Written Episode

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D4 Get up and Dance
D4 Get up and Dance 22 June 2016 Written Episode

Tarun demonstrates the dress he brought for Baby. He shares he was truly anxious as he never looked for anybody however Payal. He demonstrates her a jewelry, and inquires as to whether it would coordinate. Child dryly calls it pleasant. Tarun advises her there is another amazement. Infant goes towards the window, Tarun affirms Amar in the event that she is fine, she didn’t get energized. Amar says he is super energized, so can’t watch hers. He takes Tarun outside. Child feels upset while pondering Mikhail’s proposition.

There, Mikhail comes to institute, damned. Harry comes behind and thumps at the entryway, he requests him to open the entryway else he will never take off. Closing himself in the room isn’t an answer. Mikhail considers Baby then plays noisy music inside to keep away from Harry’s thump. He get on the floor, Baby’s words annoying him. Harry continues thumping the entryway, Mikhail close his ears tight.

Amar was terse at Tarun when he comes to think about the love seat in Baby’s room. He grumbles about Tarun and say he will disallow Dilip wed her with him. Infant had been crying in her bed. Amar goes to her and inquires as to why she is disturbed, if Dilip said something. Infant guarantees she is simply drained, Amar demands her to sit up. She cries while informing Amar regarding Mikhail’s adoration admission. Amar requests his accurate words, Baby rehashes. Amar cheers he was certain he adores her. Child cries she couldn’t let him know what her Papa did to her. She was disturbed what was transpiring. Amar requests that her quit crying, they will discover an answer. Child was certain nothing is conceivable now, and set down crying.

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The following morning, Baby comes to foundation. Mikhail turns out and inquires as to why she didn’t begin the standard, they have no opportunity to squander. Infant says kindly just four days left; she wouldn’t like to spend them in battle. Mikhail requests that start from begin. Child tells Mikhail it is difficult for her to hit the dance floor with him. Mikhail tells Baby whatever happened yesterday was a slip-up, ineptitude. Tarun comes there, he tells Mikhail he wanted an essential errand today. He keeps his arm around Baby’s shoulder and lets him know about their engagement this evening, Mikhail is likewise welcomed there. It’s a little gathering on the pole. Tarun gripes Mikhail didn’t praise him about this. Mikhail tersely says congrats to him and leave….
Mikhail sat in his room when someone keep a hand on his shoulder. He turns around to see Nehtra. Nehtra qualifies there is a hell of difference between her and Baby, he must never compare them. Nehtra asks if insulting her would get him Baby back. He must accept the truth, it would be better for him. this is life, we always don’t get what he want; and what can he see in Baby. He needs someone special. Mikhail tells Nehtra to go away, he doesn’t need her advice. Nehtra tells Mikhail she wish he gives her another chance, comes to his front and complain he is ignoring the love just in front of him. She insists they are made for each other and are perfect for one another. He must forget her, its over. Mikhail says it can’t be over until he wills.
On the shaft, Tarun sits beside Baby. Baby excuses herself, Amar goes behind her. Amar asks Baby if she can’t deny? Baby says yes, this is important as her Papa wish so. Amar tells Baby this is her engagement, her life; if he forbids what at max he would do. Baby tells Amar he won’t say a no, end of discussion. Dia and Harry arrive, Dia congratulates Baby and hugs her. Harry hugs her too. Tarun comes to thank them they came here, they must be busy and he is fine if Mikhail couldn’t make up to it. Mikhail calls from behind is it possible he miss Baby’s engagement. Dia and Harry go to get drink for themselves, Tarun gets back to some guests. Mikhail comes to Baby and hold her hand, she demands what this is about. Mikhail says he need to speak to her and drag her along. Tarun shouts at them to stop and confront Mikhail not to take his fiancé away……

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