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Balika Vadhu 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Jay Bhanushali Irritated with wifey Mahhi show Balika Vadhu
Balika Vadhu 1 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Nandini promising Dadisaa’s spirit that she will confront all inconveniences boldly. Dadisaa embraces her. Nandini opens her eyes and it ends up being her creative energy. She says it was not a fantasy, but rather you truly came to give me you’re instructing. She says I haven’t overlooked my mum’s teachings. Krish says you can converse with me. Nandini hurries to him, thanks and says I cherish you. Krish says I cherish you as well, and is caught for seven births. He says I will be with you generally. She turns out and hears Abhayram conversing with Premal and advising that he just conversed with Sudha and persuaded her. He requests that Premal converse with him before arranging anything and says right trick must be take after to break relations.

Nandini gets furious and goes to him. She requests that he have disgrace. She says you have attempted

to break my nearby connection, yet it will get to be by shield and will come up short your awful expectations. Abhayram gets irate. Nandini requests that he tally in reverse numbers and says I will battle to make you lose till my final gasp. She says you have made my sister against me, however I won’t give you a chance to ruin my different relations and says rain and tempest is observer of her colloquialisms. Abhayram grins and says bindni… .goodness my better half… .I appreciate this diversion when you talk this way. He says this kalyug diversion is between a remarkable a couple. He says you can utilize goodness banner, however the cooperative attitude twist down infront of malice. He says I won’t stay calm. He says I have promise to destroy every one of the snippets of your life. He looks furiously.

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Sudha is leaving from the doctor’s facility. Nandini says you are powerless and ought to be in the healing facility for perception. Premal’s mum says what would you like to do? Would you like to slaughter her. Premal says I am taking my significant other home. Nandini requests that her not run with them. She says I won’t release you with them. She says I know you are irate with me, yet trust me I will deal with you. She says I won’t release you to that damnation once more. Sudha requests that her stop it, and says I needn’t bother with any more supports from you. She says that is my home, and you don’t have the privilege to discuss them. Sudha leaves with her inlaws and Premal…..
Premal brings Sudha to his house and makes her sit. Premal’s mum says I will bring water for you. Premal says Nandini would had stopped you from coming with us. Premal’s mum says she is relieved after doing a big crime and says I will never let her enter our house. Premal says I will not forgive her and says she should be punished. Sudha agrees with him. Nandini is in her house and cries thinking she couldn’t stop Sudha from leaving. Karuna comes and calls her. Nandini asks do you have any work. Karuna says no. She holds her hand and says few things are not in our hand, but that doesn’t mean that we are responsible. She asks Nandini to give sometime and says everything will be happy. Nandini thanks her and says I hope Sudha understands me also.

Sudha says Nandini acts sweets and wins everyone as she do the job. Premal asks Sudha to do something, so that everyone praises her. Sudha says I am nothing infront of her and couldn’t study because of her. Premal says I am not asking you to become doctor and asks her to make a name in some other field. He says whenever you have faced hardships in the house, you have cried nicely. He asks her to become crying lady and make her tears as her strength. He says I am not asking you to earn money through it, but just asking you to take revenge from Nandini. He says Nandini has snatched our baby, will you let her go free after doing a big crime. Sudha nods no. Premal asks her to wear some clothes and asks her to show Nandini that she can become Rajastani’s best Rootaali…Sudha takes the clothes in her hand and looks on.

Nandini tells Karuna that Sudha’s inlaws are bad. Karuna says it was her decision to go back, what you could do. She says Sudha wants to get burned in that fire, and you can’t see her burning. Abhayram comes. Nandini looks at him. Abhayram says you will not jump in fire to save your sister. Nandini wipes her tears and says I can’t jump, but I will blow it off before anybody else increases it. He says it was my duty to tell you, that troubles shouldn’t reach our home because of her. Karuna leaves her hand and asks Nandini to listen to Abhayram. She changes her tone and says you are bahu of this house fast. It is our duty to make you understand what is right or wrong. She says I hope you also support your inlaws like Sudha, and asks her to rest. Nandini thinks I know your intentions are right, how to tell you that your husband is behind ruining my relation with my sister. She says I will save you and kill him in this mahabharat…….

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