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Amma serial Zee TV story cast timings images promo pictures wiki characters real name

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Amma serial Zee TV story cast timings images promo pictures wiki characters real name
Zee TV Show Amma serial star cast Amma story HD Images Photos
Serial Show Name Amma
Channel Zee TV
Production Farfn P Zamma
Star Cast
Start Date Launch Date 25th June 2016
Telecast Timings 10 30 PM
Telecast Days Saturday Sunday
Repeat Timings to be updated soon

About Amma serial on Zee TV

Amma” is up and coming show on Zee TV in view of the life of who was a significant powerful identity in the Mumbai underworld.

Amma Story will investigate the trip of the ascent of this female wear through five decades after her better half abandons her. Simultaneously, she gets into unlawful exercises and meets individuals like Haji Mastan , Dawood Ibrahim . The characters have been given anecdotal names yet one will see the characters of south Indian wear Muniswami Mudaliar, Mastan and Dawood being depicted onscreen.

Bollywood performer Urvashi Sharma will assume the lead part of Amma, the female wear.

Well known TV on-screen character and host Aman Verma (last seen in Bigg Boss 9) will play a south Indian wear. He will article the part of Shekharan Shetty.

The demonstrate that is set in Mumbai catches the adventure of a mother (played by the Urvashi Sharma) to a guardian more than five decades. The city has been reproduced on the arrangement of Ramoji Rao Filmcity in Hyderabad….
Urvashi Sharma who as featured in ‘Naqaab’ with Akshaye Khanna and Bobby Deol and producer and actor Sachiin Joshi’s wife, will make her TV debut in ‘Amma’.

Talking about if the show is based on Jenabai or not producer Farhn P Zamma shared, “Being a producer, I can say that it’s going to be more of a fiction show. But then, her story had so many sides. We have sought inspiration, but then it could be the story of any other woman who’s trying to survive with her child….
About Jenabai Daaruwala

Jenabai was a peddler and a police witness. She resembled a sister to Haji Mastan, the prominent hoodlum and bootlegger amid 1970s and 1980s, she had attached rakhi to previous PM and had fraternized with an effective Maratha Chief Minister. Her story from ‘clothes to newfound wealth is no not exactly a blockbuster flick.

Conceived in the mid 1920s, to a lower-class Muslim halai family, Zainab assumed name Jenabai was an inhabitant of Dongri,Mumbai. Today, the range is basically ruled by Muslims.

Until the mid-1990s, this spot was known for all the wrong reasons – interminable gangwars and carnage. Yet, in mid 1920s and 30s this spot was amongst the center points for autonomy development. Jenabai was one of the dynamic member in the opportunity development. She didn’t go to class rather invested most her energy taking part in ‘dharnas’.

The young lady was 14 when she got hitched and even after marriage she kept on taking an interest in the opportunity battle. She was frequently beaten by her significant other for securing Hindus amid the collective uproars….
Even after Indo-Pak partition in 1947, she refused to leave Mumbai and her husband left her with 5 children. At that time, due to shortage of food grains in Mumbai, the government had initiated a ration system for the poor. The scarcity however, forced Muslims to buy smuggled grains.

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To sustain herself and her kids, Jenabai started working as a broker for smuggled grain. The police raided her house several times, but never got evidence to convict her. Jenabhai was charged under MISA(Maintenance of Internal Security Act), however the charges could never be proved against her.

In 1946, after the Nazi’s were defeated, the Congress government imposed the liquor prohibition in Mumbai. Soon, the bootlegging became the most lucrative business.
Jenabai remarried a muslim. The lady was dealing in illegal smuggling of grains which were fetching her miniscule profits.Then she met the Tamilian don Muniswami Mudaliar.
Mudaliar offered her an entry into the liquor business. With his help she got into liquor business in early 1960s and from thereon, started minting lakhs. Then, Mudaliar introduced her to Mastan.Her business grew manifold and she amassed enormous wealth. People would often approach her for advices and help in settling disputes.
She had developed friendly relations with the police and had developed kinship with Dawood Ibrahim’s family. In 1962, she was finally caught red-handed and busted one of the biggest liquor mafia scams of that time. Sources claim that she had approached the then Chief Minister Yashwantrao Chavan, after which she turned into a police informer. At that time, informants were offered 10% of the total goods seized. However, Jenabai continued with her grain and bootlegging business.
Her youngest son was murdered by some gangs. However, after much coaxing and religious, she pardoned her son’s killers. Dawood at that time was a young man in his 20s. Jenabai’s hidden slogan was invoke the name of religion and the truce will follow.
She finally made two gangs united in the name of religion which was a historic peace pact in the history of muslim underworld and Jenabai was the chief architect of this underworld peace treaty.
Later, her power was destroyed by the Hindu-Muslim riots due to the demolition of Babri-Masjid in 1993.
Powerful, fearless and abusive; Jenabai breathed her last 15 years ago. She dies a painless and silent death. However, her overwhelming influence over the kings of Mumbai underworld has been embedded in the history of Mumbai’s underworld…..
Amma Images Amma HD Pics Amma Photos Amma Latest Pictures
Amma Images Amma HD Pics Amma Photos Amma Latest Pictures
Urvashi Sharma in Zee TV serial Amma
Urvashi Sharma with kids image

Urvashi Sharma with kids image

Urvashi Sharma with kids image

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